Friday, September 9, 2016


Just Three Things - 09|09|16

Happy Friday! These short weeks really throw me off my game; I woke up thinking today was Thursday. And I am probably the last person on the planet to be the tiniest bit bummed that it is already the weekend again, but bam, I'm just not ready.

The boys started school this week and that has been a whole separate adjustment for all of us. I am sure I will begin appreciating the few hours of quiet time I will have during the day, but I am also missing those summer snuggles and playing at the park. And I can barely believe that the leaves are already changing here! I guess that means it is time to start prepping for winter hibernation. #seeyanextspring

In other news, we are knee deep in small projects all over our house. It was like my creative bubble finally burst and I became really excited to start making little updates in quite a few rooms, but I am also having trouble staying focused on any one space (and living in the chaos I am creating all around me). We recently had a few special order pieces arrive for our laundry room and the boy's den, so it will be good to finally move forward with those spaces, my office received a coat of paint (more on that in a moment), and our youngest is moving into the old guest room. So many good and fun things!

Now, just three things....


I have some news. HUGE, amazing, jaw-dropping, dance party inducing news. Earlier this year I was invited to join Redbook's Team Red! As in Redbook Magazine! I am so ridiculously honored to be gracing the pages of their magazine each month, sharing my organizational ideas, tips and hacks. They have been a dream team to work with, there is so much that goes in to every single page from the brainstorming to the photography. I really couldn't be more thrilled. You can find me in the front of each issue for the next year! September was my first article, and it is on newsstands now.

I don't want to make this into an speech similar to those given at the Grammy's or Oscars, although, that is how this feels to me. Like I just won an incredible award, my breath is taken away, and I am left with very little ability to find the right words. Just tears and huge amounts of gratitude. For all of you. For my family. And for the folks at Redbook for seeing something in me. Champagne (with a side of cheese) for everyone!


Can we talk about these fantastic Chippendale style chairs for a moment? I can't even handle how much love I have for this type of chair. And this love has been going strong for YEARS! And after I spotted a grouping of them at a local home furniture store, where I proceeded to participate in the sport of chair petting, I couldn't get them off of my brain.

The problem was that I was having a really hard time tracking down this type of chair at a reasonable price. The chairs above were over $200/chair. And after more searching, I found out that is actually a GREAT deal. Yikes.

But the look of these chairs stayed on my brain and heart and I continued to fall for the idea of adding them to my office. I mean, look at how gorgeous they are! Here are a few spaces that I find to be quite inspirational.

sources: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

They just add a level of detail and sophistication to a space, not to mention, they are classic. The Chippendale chair "trend" has been holding strong for awhile now, and I don't see it going away anytime soon. And even if it did, I would still be a fan.

Well, my consistent searching of Craigslist ultimately paid off. The moment I spotted a set of two matching chairs for a total of $100, I acted fast. Lighting fast. And finally I had my chairs.

And they are in amazing shape. I later looked up their specific details online and found the same chairs listed on another site for $800, so I felt like I really won the lottery. I also love that they are black and will be a really nice contrast to my very feminine aqua hutch.

But after using them for a few weeks, I have to know. How practical are these chairs for a desk? It breaks my heart to ask, but they really aren't the most comfortable chair I have sat in. The one positive is I am forced to get up and stretch more frequently, vs. letting hours and hours go by with little movement. But now I am looking to update them to be sure they are something that will work for me in this space and for the long haul. After quite a bit of online image digging, I found a few images of the chairs with some added seat padding and even back padding.

sources: 1 | 2

So now I am wondering if I have the skills to take on this upholstery project on my own, or if I should give my upholsterer a call. And although the original seat fabric wouldn't have been my first choice, I might decide to turn it into a throw pillow or two because it actually has a really fantastic texture. In any case, I refuse to give up on these beauties just yet, and promise to keep y'all updated on their outcome.

After I removed the birch tree stencil, I gave my office a coat of Sherwin William's Alabaster White to get it back to a blank slate, and I have really been liking the airy feeling. I never thought I would be one to love white walls, but they are sure to be the perfect backdrop to my colorful style. The white is one that changes with the daylight, which is always a little challenging to work with, but I will try and get the room photographed and share some updated photos of the nice and subtle change it made to the space.


I had the honor of meeting Sarah Dorsey a few years ago at a Better Homes and Garden's event, and again on a HGTV cruise last year. She is one of the sweetest gals I know, not to mention endlessly creative and talented. Every last project she churns out leaves me more in awe than the last, and that is saying something! This girl needs her own show!

Sarah recently revealed a bathroom makeover that is breathtakingly beautiful. Perfect tile choices, simple yet stunning finishes and DIY counters that look like a million bucks. Definitely my must see this week!


My Craigslist furniture hunting hasn't ended, in fact, I just found a piece for Parker's new room that I am off to check out. Persistence really pays off sometimes! Do you have any good Craigslist stories to share?

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Omg I adore those chairs!!

    Her Heartland Soul

  2. Thank you so much Mariya! That is so sweet of you!!! ❤️ #bestreadersever

  3. Huge congrats on Redbook! I'm bummed I can't go check it out (I'm in London) but so happy for you - it's well deserved!
    And those chairs are so pretty! I'm not sure I could upholster the backs but good luck if you do go for it.

  4. Do you usually find good deals on Craigslist in your area or do you have to drive quite a ways?

    1. I usually drive to the nearest big city, maybe further if the price is right. And usually list a bigger city in my selling description as well, so I can sell faster and for safety.

  5. Another Chinese Chippendale Chair lover!!! Congrats on the craigslist find girl! Such classic chairs that will stand the test of time- I agree. I vote to use a throw pillow for added cushion. You wouldn't want to cover the classic lines of the chair back!! :) Thanks for the link!

  6. Ahhhh, congratulations on the amazing Redbook gig!! So excited for you, sweet friend! xo

  7. Congratulations on your Redbook articles!
    I too have lusted after those Chippendale chairs and researched prices, finally buying a set of bar stools for our new house ( still under construction). The chairs are in huge boxes in my current house, awaiting our move.

    1. Congrats on the new house and the chairs! That is so exciting, I bet the stools will be beautiful in the new space. :)

  8. Congrats on joining the Redbook team! So excited for you!

  9. Awesome news Miss Jen! Congratulations! Oh, and yes the chairs are beautiful!

  10. Congratulations on the Redbook partnership! I will buy the next issue I see, so I can read your article. You were featured BHG Special Edition on organizing a few years back; I hunted it down and finally found it-and I'm pretty sure I still have it!

    1. That melts my heart Kristine! Thank you for your continuous support, means the world to this gal!

  11. Not sure if you have already done this but a post on how your find items on Craiglist would be greatly appreciated!

  12. So cool to be in Redbook! Please don't cover the backs of those beautiful chairs. Definitely do a thicker cushion on the seat and just add a pillow if needed for the back.

  13. Jen! You are so sweet! Thank you SO much for sharing!! Also, I love my Chippendale chairs, I don't think I can ever let them go! :)


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