2016 IHeart Organizing Planner FAQ's

It's baaaaaack!  And I couldn't be more excited that the IHeart Organizing 2016 Daily Planner Printables are now available in my Etsy shop!

First, I want to thank you all for being patient and holding out for the later release date this year.  This planner is such a labor of love for me and I appreciated the extra time to think about changes I wanted to make as I enhanced last year's version.  My planner is always designed with my customers in mind, however, a lot of my personal routine is also considered when laying out the content of the pages.  I have a lot of big ideas and dreams for the year to come, which was the driving factor behind this year's mantra, "A plan in your heart will set you apart".  Not only do these pages serve me on a daily basis for staying on task and getting my family from point A to point B on time, but they also keep my goals, ideas and dreams in check.

Of course, technology is wonderful for setting important alarms and reminders, but nothing really compares to having a beautiful planner to write down everything from appointments to cleaning tasks to meal ideas and random thoughts.  Utilizing my planner feels much more personal and allows me to really get an idea of our life plans at a glance.  Plus, can we all agree that there is just something so satisfying about grabbing a pen and crossing off an item on that task list?  Not much compares, but bright colors and graphics definitely help make that process even sweeter!  I really couldn't be more excited to finally share it with all of you!

This is the fourth edition of the iHeart Planner and I am over-the-moon happy with how far it has come!  It contains many of the same great features and layout as previous versions, however, it has evolved with a modified color scheme, new pages with mini surprises and another new size option!

I receive a slew of specific planner requests each year, and an A5 size tends to land at the top of the list.  And who knew?!  I loved it so much that it is the one I opted to go with personally this year!  So thank you for continuing to help me evolve the products I offer, you are all a crucial piece of the planner creating process.

Just like past versions, you will have the option to select pages that contain a meal planning portion at the bottom of each daily page.  Planning our daily meals is much easier when I can work around our schedule and having it built into the planner has been such a time and money saver!

The two smaller versions are perfect for portability!  Great for the mom always on the go or a student trying to juggle a busy social life!

All three sizes can be printed at home or at a local printing company, and can be utilized in an endless variety of binding options.  Most commonly the pages are enjoyed within a discbound notebook, three ring binder or spiral bound at your local office supply store.

Each of the sizes are designed with the same colors, layout  and options.  Shall we take a look inside?

The coversheets have been completely revamped this year, many boast vibrant patterns and colors (these are sold separately).  And you all know I wouldn't have it any other way!

The instant download PDF will welcome you with a fresh new introduction sheet!

Followed up by a 2016 year-at-a-glance page and a place to jot down your important contacts and details!

Each month begins with a vibrant two page portrait calendar.  The calendar is pre-dated and each month contains a special area to jot down a few important goals.

The entire planner is filled with 2016 dates and calendars throughout.

Each week is spread across two colorful, portrait pages.  This year, with your purchase you will receive both the standard planner file along with the meal planning file, allowing you to select from the layout that best fits your lifestyle and planner needs.

And for those who love to set goals for the week, there is a spot for that, and another for miscellaneous notes and reminders.

It is important to keep track of the important holidays, birthdays and anniversaries that come around year after year and the 'Special Dates' printable is a great help with that task!  The lined 'Notes' pages at the back of the planner provide a place to jot down details from phone calls, meetings or even all of those random ideas that come up during a busy day.  Both of these printables are again bundled within the entire 2016 planner kit!

And now for the surprise addition that I find myself using on a daily basis to stay on track with my tasks for everything family, home and life.

Just like last year, you can snag all of these planner pages as an instant download PDF file!  Wahoo!  No more waiting game!


FULL SIZE (8.5"x 11") PAGES


A5 SIZE (5.83"x 8.27") PAGES

Here are some 2016 planner FAQ's:

  • I love the Martha Stewart Discbound Cover that I purchased it at Staples a few year ago, unfortunately it has since been discontinued.  However, an alternate discbound option is the ARC System by Staples.  To use this system, I did invest in a special Discbound paper punch, which allows me to remove and replace pages as I wish (although I haven't personally tried it, a few readers have mentioned that this punch is less expensive).  I love the versatility and flexibility that the system allows, as I can remove pages I no longer need, and punch in papers with important dates, such as travel itineraries and schedules for my boy's sporting events.  This is my third year using the cover and it has held up great to my daily use and love.  Other great options for binding include three ring binders (both large and small, I personally love binders from Target and Russell & Hazel) as well as having the pages spiral bound at a local office / printing shop.

  • I get asked frequently about the personal planner I opt to carry and use each day, and this year I decided to tote around the Kikki-K Personal Planner (A5).  I love everything about the size, color, pockets and overall quality.  I paired it with this A5 paper, this punch and these tabs and it really has been a match made in iHeart Planner heaven.  The binder rings took some time to get use to (when it comes to writing near the bulkier center), however, I love that I can quickly remove/insert new pages with ease.  I am also working on a new Blog Planner for 2016 and have been utilizing this ARC system for those pages as I love seeing my personalized coversheet shine through combined with the flexibility of the discbound system.  This size has been working quite well paired with the Kikki-K size on my desk and in my tote.

    • The large planner is formatted to be printed on standard, letter sized 8 1/2" x 11" paper.  The intro page ensures that the printable is easily printed duplex style (front and back).  The junior planner pages are formatted to be printed on 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" paper (half size of standard letter sheet).  The A5 planner pages are formatted to be printed on 5.83" x 8.27" A5 paper

    • I prefer to use 100 bright, 32 lb paper from Amazon, which doesn't allow "show through" of the printer ink or my pens and really allows the color to pop off of the pages.  I have found that this paper is less expensive, yet comparable to last year's favorite of 98 bright, 32 lb paper from Staples.

        • Because each and every printer is different, with different properties and functionality, it is nearly impossible for me to troubleshoot printer issues.  However, these pages print best when opened in Adobe Reader and printed to their actual size.  The file also comes with a Print Release to allow you to take the file to any local print shop, it also includes a few general tips for printing the pages as well. (Also, be sure to support locally owned print companies and public libraries, you may be surprised at their competitive pricing).  I have also ordered a few planners directly from Best Value Copy and have found their prices to be some of the best available for color printing.  Please note, the images found here and in my shop best represent my printed planner pages, but all computer screen resolutions will vary and printer types and paper quality will also impact the final result of the product.

          • I print my planners with my HP Laserjet printer.  I am an HP gal for life, and always recommend their printers.

          • I currently do not offer these planners printed, bound and packaged; all sales are for digital PDF files only.   

          • At this time, planner pages can not be customized for specific needs, however, I always take your requests for general page updates to heart as the planner is being designed each year.

          Do you have additional questions regarding the iHeart Organizing Planner?  Please contact me directly through my Etsy shop for the fastest response.  This FAQ will continuously be updated based on the questions I receive there.