Thursday, August 17, 2017

12 Do It Yourself: Planked Ceiling

Our son's bathroom project is falling into our typical snowball trap. I prefer to blame it on our climate and location... I mean, snowballs are inevitable up here in the Midwest, right?. The original plan was just to swap a few fixtures and maybe paint the walls to take the room from a feminine guest bath to tween boy bath. But one idea led to another and now we are making some bigger changes than we initially planned (which I totally love). The first being a fantastic planked ceiling!

Many of our rooms have textured walls and textured ceilings. Womp womp. I am over them. Our son's bathroom is basically an 8 ft x 8 ft box with a notch for plumbing and storage. It was the ideal candidate for a ceiling treatment that would make a wow factor, be easy on the budget, and wouldn't take up multiple days and weekends that we don't have.

We did a small shiplap treatment in our laundry room some time ago and learned a few things from that installation that swayed us to do things a little differently here.

S T E P  O N E 

Measure! We measured the ceiling lines and set off to our local home improvement store to source material.

S T E P  T W O 

Consider your options. There are quite a few options when it comes to ceiling plank treatments. You can do individual tongue and groove boards, standard wood boards, or a sheet of material that you cut down on your own. We opted for the final option because of cost. We looked at individual boards in a variety of sizes and the cost was about 3-4 times as much, and the boards were also quite thick. Cutting our own brought the cost down, and also offered us the flexibility of determining the plank width. The one downside to cutting your own boards is ensuring that your lines are nice and straight over a long distance.

We purchased two sheets of 4 ft x 8 ft x 1/4 in smooth plywood.

S T E P  T H R E E 

Source wall moulding. I knew that capping our edges around the room would be that final touch to the project to really take it up a notch.

We purchased four 1 in x 2 in x 8 ft primed trim boards.

S T E P  F O U R 

Gather materials. We found the following tools to be helpful with this project:

  • Tape Measure
  • Saw Horses
  • Straight Edge
  • Clamps
  • Circular Saw
  • Sanding Blocks
  • Mini Rollers
  • Primer and Paint
  • Chalk Line
  • Caulk Gun for Construction Adhesive and White Paintable Caulk
  • Miter Saw
  • Brad Nailer

S T E P  F I V E 

Cut the planks!

Once again, we used a thin, sanded plywood which cuts nicely and is easy to prime and paint. Last time we experienced a small amount of chipping, but this time we were working with a newer saw blade which we figured would help clean up the cuts. We decided we wanted our planks 6" wide which was a total of 16 planks across the ceiling. Instead of attempting to cut 16 boards exactly the same and perfectly straight, we clamped together four boards and ran the saw less.

This worked out beautifully! We clamped our straight edge on each end of the boards and ran our circular saw down the entire 8 ft length with ease. The good blade ensured very little fraying occurred.

S T E P  S I X


We used a sanding block to sand down all of the board tops and edges prior to painting.

S T E P  S E V E N

Prime and paint.

Last time we installed the boards first and painted second. It wasn't ideal and working to keep paint out of all of the grooves was also pretty time-consuming. This time I wanted to try painting everything first and installing the boards second. We waited until there was zero rain in the forecast, and spread out all sixteen boards on saw horses and our outdoor tables. We rolled on a coat of primer, and then two coats of white paint and primer semi-gloss bathroom paint. A quality microfiber roller will help with achieving good, smooth coverage. We used a brush on all of the edges for the primer to be sure everything was nice and sealed and then were able to speed up the process by using a roller on the edges for both coats of the paint.

S T E P  E I G H T

Locate and mark ceiling joists.

We wanted the planks to be as secure as possible so we determined the location of the ceiling joists and marked them accordingly by snapping a chalk line.

S T E P  N I N E

Measure and cut!

We measured for each board just in case our walls weren't perfectly square. Then cut them to length with our miter saw.

S T E P  T E N

Glue and Nail

To be sure there was no sagging, we added a few rows of construction adhesive to the backside of the board prior to affixing it to the ceiling.

We used tile spacers along the edge of the board, knocked it into place and nailed along the chalk line, as well as a few areas between.

Repeat all the way across the ceiling.

S T E P  E L E V E N

Measure, cut and install trim pieces.

For this project, I selected a very clean trim board vs. a typical crown moulding. We did basic 45-degree miters around the entire perimeter of the room.

S T E P  T W E L V E 

Caulk and touch up paint.

With all of the nailing and installation, the boards became dinged up in a few spots and of course, we had fresh nail holes that needed to be caulked. Once the caulk dried, I used a brush to touch up paint the boards.


That's it! The wood cost us $54 dollars and the paint and primer quarts were another $30. We had everything else on hand to complete the project, so for under $85 we created quite the statement in this itty bitty space.

This room still has a long way to go. We decided we would like to remove the fiberglass shower and install floor to ceiling tile and replace the shower fixtures. The walls have been painted Sherwin William's Nimbus and I absolutely love the warm greige color and how it pairs with the cool navy already in the space. The shower curtain is amazing and it is from here.

We have also removed the old built-in cabinets on the opposite wall from the sink and have to sheetrock that in and add some floating shelves.

Another small upgrade we made was swapping out his previous bathroom fan with a Bluetooth version. I found a 70 cfm option at Home Depot for under $100, but it doesn't look like they offer it online (they do have this one available). Our son thought the new planked ceiling was great, but this?! A fan that allows him to play his favorite music while he showers? Why didn't we do this ages ago? He loves to sing and this made showering and brushing teeth and all of those other daily "chores" so much more fun for him!

We are really excited to see how the rest of this project pulls together (especially with art and accessories). As a reader mentioned in the last update, it will be hard to top our favorite, mega-sweet guest bathroom. But we will certainly try!

Check out our son's most recent bedroom update here and the DIY wood framed mirror here.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

17 The 2018 IKEA Catalog: Items iHeart!

Some folks go gaga for the recent Nordstrom Anniversary sale, while others count the days to the release of the best home catalog of the year. #thatsme #IKEAcatalogcraze

I have been stalking my mailbox daily starting the first week in August with great anticipation of the colorful and idea filled pages. The annual IKEA catalog is a reliable page turner, filled to the brim with eye candy and small space storage solutions galore.

The moment the catalog touched my hands, I pulled out the page flags and post-it notes and flipped through all 326 pages. I marked everything that caught my eye and then went through all of the pages a second time. And then also checked out all of the new for 2018 inventory online as well. I receive a lot of home related catalogs throughout the year, many of which provide me with ideas and color inspiration, but none seem to be as exciting as this one? Come to think of it, I never know when any other catalog will just pop into my mail pile, so is it the once per year release that just builds and builds the anticipation? What about it generates so much internal excitement?! The prices? The storage ideas? The lived in styling? Whatever it is, I do these posts annually (you can check out last year's post here). And I am always questioned if they are sponsored but unfortunately for me, they are not. This is just me picking out my favorite new IKEA products and sharing a little bit about why each one made my list.

So much pretty, right? And that is just the beginning! Let's dive deeper and look at all 30 items that caught my attention. Oh! And after pulling everything from the IKEA site to put all of this together, I realized that I duplicated a few items from last year. There are definitely products that repeat from year to year in the catalog, and apparently, I reeeeaaaalllly liked a few specific things. Can you guess which ones they are? And hint, I purchased one of the items twice already for around our home, so there's that...

EKET CUBES // These would be really great nightstands in a boy's bedroom. Great storage/display space and I especially love the wooden leg detailing.

STOCKHOLM TRAY // Trays are great for organizing collections around the home and this walnut option comes in such a wonderful finish. I can picture it on the counter with cooking condiments or on a coffee table with remotes and greenery.

KLIPSK BED TRAY // I believe this is actually an old product, and I am wondering how I missed it. This tray could be so convenient in so many ways. From working from the sofa or in the car to eating breakfast in bed, it definitely could serve a variety of purposes... And it is especially fantastic that it includes a groove to hold techy gadgets.

STOCKHOLM CABINET // Woven storage that is sophisticated, modern and brings so much warmth into a space.

GODMORGON BOXES // Product repeat number one, these acrylic storage boxes work on shelves and in drawers and are ideal for toiletries and small household items. Simple, stylish and versatile always wins!

STOCKHOLM OTTOMAN // I have had the opportunity to see this item in stores, and I was shocked at how heavy and substantial it is. It is decorative and soft and a really great option for kids and resting tired feet.

STOCKHOLM VASE // Blue, beautiful and about as brilliant as can be. And what is that you say? It can also be flipped and act as a tealight holder? I'll take two!

FÄRLÖV SOFA // Can we talk about the single seat cushion for a minute? I am not sure I can pull together the words to describe how much admiration I have for this sofa. How nice to only have one seat cushion for lounging and snuggling! Plus, it is slip-covered, streamlined (those arms!) and a really great price.

RÅSKOG STOOL // These stools could work in just about any kitchen that is in need of a extra counter seating. They have great lines and the black color is perfect for adding just the right amount of drama that every kitchen desires.

GLATTIS COASTERS // A beautiful brass finish that would look chic on a counter, coffee table or desk! Yes, please!

BILLY BOOKCASE // This is product number two on the duplication list. I just love it that much! Navy is pretty much my favorite color on the planet, so to see such a stunning navy cabinet with glass doors? I can't help but picture these being built-in wall-to-wall somewhere with some dazzling hardware. Someone get on that and then send me the pictures, OK?

KUBBIS HOOKS // I absolutely adore the simplicity in this rail of hooks. It could easily be painted to match any room or decor, or left white because that works everywhere too! Garage for cleaning tools and yard supplies? Check. Bathroom for towels? Check. Entryway for jackets and backpacks? Check and check!

FLÅDIS BASKET // DING DING DING! Purchased two of these storage baskets last year and could go back for even more. They are light weight, fit on shelves or on the floor and can be decorated in endless darling ways. They really have become my favorite storage baskets for so many household items and purposes.

KARTOTEK HOOK // I am really into hooks that have attached labels! If you think about it, one single item allows you to conquer two organizing tasks at once!

PUDDA BASKET // I "felt" this was a good pick because it has special brass details!

TUVALIE THROW // Ikea's throw blanket game is generally pretty strong, and this striped and fringed version does not disappoint!

KORKEN JARS // Jars like this work great in bathrooms, craft rooms, and offices. But I sort of want to pick up a set and make some jelly and jam and yogurt parfaits for our weekly Sunday brunch.

TILLAGD FLATWARE // All I can say about this is, FINALLY! I don't think brass is going anywhere anytime soon, so it is great to see IKEA recognize this in the kitchen.

SKUGGIS HOOK // These don't look like traditional hooks which is 100% why they caught my eye. And I am guessing the wood finish would bring a wonderful natural element to any room.

FÄRGRIK DINNERWARE // This dinnerware is such a bold color and it would be a really fun mix with another dinnerware item I am about to talk about in 3...2...1...

FABRIKÖR CABINET // I picture this cute little cabinet in a bathroom stocked with towels and daily grooming essentials. It would definitely be a great way to elevate the items that generally just clutter up a small space.

ENERYDA CABINET PULL // Very PotteryBarn-esque, these beauties also come in a great polished nickel or black finish.

TILLSTÄLLNING NAPKIN // Did I really add $2 paper napkins to my list? Why yes I did! Think playdates, picnics, and parties; you can't beat the price and they have a way of taking the table up a notch with absolutely zero effort required.

INTAGANDE CARAFE // I love everything I picked for this round-up, but this carafe is really high on my list. Except, I have zero need for another carafe. I use these lovelies for bedtime water and sometimes as vases and on the table at breakfast and dinner and this particular option comes in a pretty pink! #sigh

BEHAGA BOWL // Now picture this bowl with the dinnerware I mentioned above. The combo would make for a talked-about tabletop. I absolutely love the organic patterns and swirls in each piece! And even better, there are also coordinating plates!

MYRHEDEN FRAME // My college-aged self would have done just about anything to sport something this cool on her walls. And now IKEA is here to make sure every dorm room and teenage bedroom is always on point.

DRAGAN BOXES // Although you think you are purchasing a set of two, the lids become trays so you get double the storage! And that wood tone pulls at my heart once again. Not only are these boxes good looking, they could work hard in the living room for tech and cords, in the office for bulky supplies, in the bathroom for toiletries and counter clutter or in a bedroom as a charging station or jewelry organizer.

GURLI PILLOW COVER // I believe that blush pink can be considered a neutral. Try and name a single color that it doesn't pair well with... Yep, I couldn't think of one either.

BAGGANÄS PULLS // I am BAGGANÄS for these pulls (see what I did there?). They have optional washers that really elevate the look and they also come in a few different finishes. My boys love black hardware and I can already think of a couple of pieces in their spaces that these would compliment nicely.

PAX WARDROBE // I know that the PAX system is far from new. In fact, we have one of the combinations in our home already. But what is newer is the fact that they now offer shorter frames which could fit the seven-foot ceiling height in our dressing room! And even better is that they also offer some really great new doors. And endless interior fittings and organizers. My organizing obsessed brain is in overdrive just thinking about how much this system would change our daily routines for the better. Pennies are officially being saved. Come to mama, PAX. I promise to give you a good home!


This is always such a fun post to write! But now for my very favorite part which is hearing all about your IKEA selections this year. Do you also spend a few hours of quiet happy time flipping through the pages over and over again? What did you flag, circle and star? Or have you already gone right to the store to snag something new and fabulous for your home? I would love to know if there is something else I should add to my love list!

Psssst! IKEA does not sponsor or pay me for these posts. It is just annual fun for me and you!

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