Wednesday, September 30, 2009

3 The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you'll go!

This week I started reading a book called, How to Start a Home-Based Professional Organizing Business. 

Chapter 1: So You Think You Want to Be a Professional Organizer?  Um, yes, I think I do!  :)  Yippee, we can move along to chapter 2!

However, I did learn some things in Chapter 1.  That I feel comfortable working in many aspects of the field, such as, Home (Attics, Basements, Kitchens, Playrooms, Bedrooms, Garages and Closets), Filing/Office spaces, Downsizing (Need help listing items on Ebay?  How about planning a Garage Sale? Or just disposing of some of that unused stuff piling in the garage?), Space Planning, Interior Design (Yes, I would love to help you paint!  I find it quite enjoyable actually!), and I can utilize my handy man hubby to assist with installation projects!  I also pride myself on some work that I do in Microsoft Excel, therefore, would be able to create spreadsheets that can be used for budgets to meal plans!

I also learned about starting rates, creating a quick business plan, the stresses involved, start-up costs, etc.... Very informative, and I am just as excited to get started as ever!!

Thank you again for voting in the polls!!  It looks like Logo 1 is in the lead!  My absolutely amazing techy husband built me a server tonight to host my new website (that we still have to build), and we registered a domain!  YAY!

If you have any advice for someone looking to start up their own business (i.e. ME!), then PLEASE leave me a comment to this post!  It would be most appreciated!

Lastly, you will see a link on the left sidebar to my Organizing Tips & Tricks page.  I am hoping to add ideas frequently, and the first one has been posted so check it out!  Let me know what tips or tricks would be helpful for you to be more organized in any specific area, and I will see what I can come up with!


  1. What happened to your .com page?? How come you never went with it?

  2. @Erica,

    We actually didn't use it in time and it expired on us and we couldn't get it back :(


  3. Oh no! I clicked on it and it just brought up a bunch of domain links. That's a total bummer you can't get it back!


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