Thursday, October 1, 2009

3 It's in the Bag, or should I say Jar?!

This one is easy!  Place an empty jar above your Washer/Dryer, for a quick place to dump all that loose change you find when emptying your pockets, or switching your laundry.

I dressed mine up a little, because I am a little nuts about making things pretty.  I just used some ribbon, made a label and voila!  We found another great way to stash away a little extra dough!


  1. Great idea, I am doing this one today! Probably minus the pretty parts since I'm time crunched, but maybe later we can get the nice label too...

  2. I love this idea, Jen! My husband constantly leaves change in his pockets and it usually ends up laying around on top of the dryer forever (and eventually falls behind or beside). Thanks for another great idea! :)


  3. Great idea. We have one, too. But ours has a narrow-ish opening, so that it's tough to access the coins/money once deposited. This way, it doubles as a "savings" jar as well.


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