Monday, October 19, 2009

2 An Oil Decanter Can!

Want a quick way to make your kitchen sink area look a little more polished?  Ditch the dish soap bottle and fill up either an oil decanter or a soap pump with the dish soap.

Limited drawer space?  Keep dish cloths and dish towels at an easy reach by placing them in a small basket next to the sink.

And there you have it, a ship shape organized counter space!

What other ideas or things do you do to keep your counter tops looking streamlined and fabulous?  I would love to know what tricks you have!!


  1. A bright (or stainless steel) colander also works great for keeping kitchen towels at an arm's reach. I use the odd-ball red colander I got as a wedding gift to keep my bar-mop towels handy with my Caldrea lemon verbena countertop spray! I swear, that is aromatherapy for lazy cleaners... one whiff of that and I'm ready to tackle the whole house! Speaking of that... I should probably go wipe down my kitchen counters and then move on to the whole house, lol.

  2. what is an oil decanter?


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