Thursday, December 3, 2009

0 Makeup Makeover!

Because I posted my first big "away from home" organization project, I thought I would stick with the Bathroom/Linen theme this week.  Specifically, a gals good friend, Makeup!

One of the guidelines I shared with my mom, was from one of my most favorite books, Real Simple: the Organized Home. It walked through the process of sorting through that makeup bag, or drawer or caddy.

Here is what we learned:

"When editing the contents of the medicine cabinet and/or makeup drawer, consider the age and the condition of your makeup and applicators.  You'll probably end up tossing more than you think - and not feeling guilty about it."

I put together a little reference grid below (click to enlarge):

"It is also important to keep makeup tubes and bottles and makeup applicators in top shape.

Makeup Wands: If needed, clean them with tissue paper, not facial tissue, which will leave lint behind.
Cotton Swabs: Dip them into makeup remover to clean around the necks of makeup tubes; use nail-polish remover to do the same with bottles of nail polish.
Makeup Brushes: Use baby shampoo to wash them, then let them air dry before returning them to the cabinet or drawer.

Some pretty great tips, gotta love Real Simple!  For me personally?  I love to tote around my makeup in this little Acrylic Vanity Tote from The Container Store.  Everything is sorted and visible and mobile, making my mornings a breeze.  Anything that can help me out in the mornings, is worth hearting!



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