Tuesday, December 8, 2009

7 Office Makeover: Part 1

I am so ecstatic to be getting started on yet another project (I have multiple going at the moment, but I am always up for a good challenge!)  As part of my original plan to start a Professional Organizing Business, I realized that I needed an office space far and away from "distractions".  Therefore, we decided to begin an in home switch-a-roo!  We moved our beautiful and huge desk that was built by my fabulous hub and father-in-law, from our Ex-Office/Game Room, into the Sitting Nook in our master bedroom.

Here are some Before pics of the Ex-Office/Game Room:

And a Before of the Sitting Nook:

We literally just switched the furniture with one another.... The desk moved where the old chase chair was and the chaise chair moved to where the desk was.  We are going to start saving some pennies to get that old chase recovered since it's a family hand-me-down, and has seen better days.  For now, it's is cozied up with blankets and pillows to hide what an eye sore it is....

And an After of the new "Relax" Room (where a reading nook has now been created):

Notice a small "Milk Crate" basket is located next to the chair to hold books and magazines for a lazy afternoon:

We plan to add a floor lamp nearby to complete the area, which will provide some focal light for reading.

And.... here are the current Afters of the new Office Space:



The desk currently fits along the whole back wall, and hold's all of our office items.  However, I would like to find an old dresser on Craigslist, which I would plan to refinish to hold the printer, and additional office supplies and papers.  Currently, I have file totes, baskets of inspiration magazines/photos, and electronics (not pictured), that are still in need of a home.

There is also a small white cabinet that I stole from one of our bathrooms, that I am using to house our small book collection.

The Chandelier was a newer addition to the room, which is something I believe all gals should have in their personal spaces, it totally glams things up!  And for anyone who knows me, I am a total girly girl!!

So, that's where we are at for now!  We are planning a trip to Ikea in the near future to grab some additional organizational supplies to move forward with the makeover.

Here is the plan (click to enlarge):

1.  This 5 cubed storage unit will be mounted horizontally above the desk to hold the paper file boxes.  I am also imagining that we will add some decorative white molding around the top, to give it a more built in feeling.

2.  These paper file boxes have an amazing amount of space inside, and will be a great place for me to store away all of our statements, magazines, etc.... I am also excited for a little label project I have in store for these boxes as well!

3, 4 & 5.  The rod will be used to hold the caddy's pictured.  We have the same rod and caddies in our laundry room, and they are a stylish yet inexpensive way to corral all sorts of items... in this case, office supplies such as Colored Pencils, Scissors and other Crafting objects.

6.  These clip frames are simple square glass frames, that will display my precious family!

7 & 8.  The bulletin board is going to get it's own make over before making an appearance above the desk.  It will be covered with a decorative fabric, and then framed out with white molding, to add substance and style.

Total Estimated Budget:

KASSETT Magazine box with lid:  $11.99 for a 2 Pack (x2) 
BYGEL Rail:  $1.99 (x2)
ASKER Container: $5.99 (x3)
9" x 9" CLIPS Frames: $2.99 for 2 (x2)
Primed Molding:  $1.59 per linear foot

So that's the plan!  And of course, I will continue to blog about it along the way!  Including step by steps of some of the DIY projects that come up!



  1. Comments are working now! I'm gonna keep an eye out for a milk crate now.

  2. Love the chandelier...where did you get!! Elegant, but subtle

  3. Hi Nicole!

    I actually had gotten mine awhile ago at Home Depot. However, I don't see it online there anymore, I did however find it here also: http://www.lightinguniverse.com/NA1/4950-1h-crystal-teardrop-pendant_819910.html

    You are right, it is elegant, I was so happy what it did for our space, it is the perfect size!


  4. Saw the redo on Young House Love, I really like the finished look! One question - where did you find that lovely desk?

  5. Yes, where did you get that beautiful desk?

  6. To answer everyone's question regarding the desk, it truly is an amazing desk, I am not gonna lie. My husband and his dad took a vision I had of a large workspace with a tons of storage space and a smidge of style, and built the desk custom. They used mdf to build two base cabinets along with a separate piece as the top. I then painted it white, later adding the wallpaper for additional pizzazz. It was actually built a couple of years ago, however, the budget was small, we saved a ton building it custom for us vs buying something new. It has been in multiple places in our abode as our spaces evolved, however, it couldn't feel more at home and fit more perfectly in the new home office nook.

    I hope that helps, let me know if you are looking for any additional information!!


  7. Love the ideas and thank you so much. I am nowhere near as crafty as you but the magnetic dry erase boards with magnet holders for "stuff", the ikea basket and rods, the small bowl for storage - loved it and used your ideas. Here is our office organization at my blog: http://michellan-michele.blogspot.com/2012/02/office-organization.html


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