Wednesday, January 27, 2010

15 Office Makeover: Part 3 - Are you Bored?

Yes, that is a pun plainly stated in the title.  So, are you?  Bored that is?  I have a quick and easy project or two that you can tackle in some bored spare time.  And what will you be doing when you are bored?  Why, making a board!

As part of my current Office Makeover, I decided to create a Memo Board.  Then I decided, like most things in life, two are better than one!  So, then there were two.  First of all, if I were Richy Rich, I would run right out to The Container Store to snag this memo board that I featured in this post.  But, unfortunately, I am not the offspring of an uber wealthy entrepreneur, so, I decided to go with some lower cost DIY ideas I had storming.  And although one was totally not originally on my radar at the beginning of the project, thanks to Ikea's low prices, it wasn't too hard on the pocketbook.  The two boards I am referring to are one cork memo board and one magnetic memo board.  Why two?  I will explain further down.

First I started with this VAGGIS Notice Board from Ikea to the tune of $4.99:
I also had ordered a half of yard of fabric that was listed for $4.98/yard (doing the math, that means it cost approximately 249 pennies) from my new amigos at 

Then, I looked at the hub.  I gave him those eyes.  I begged and pleaded from some project time.  Some help.  And he looked at me like, "Really honey?  It's playoff Sunday!", but he said nothing, and let me know that all the tools we needed were located at his pa's casa.  So, on went the coats and off we went.  I got there and decided that this ultra girly project was very needing of some male attention.  And what a better way for a father and son to bond, than over some floral fabric and a cork board.  You can imagine their excitement.

Now, I did ask if I could watch.  Because power tools are involved, and I, up until recently, have been deathly afraid of them.  However, if you recall, I did resolute to EDUCATE this year, and that means, by the end of the year I am hoping that I can call a sander, nailer, table saw and cordless drill, my new bff family.

So off to work we, and as in we, I mean they, and me being their personal gopher.  And even that was pushing it, but hey, I say that makes me the most important one right?  We started by me arriving into the workshop a tad too late, they had already measured and cut all of the trim for the frame of the board (the trim was scrap wood we wrangled up from our garage):
The second step was to spray both the cork board and the fabric with some spray glue adhesive, and then rubbing out any wrinkles as we placed the fabric over the face of the cork board.

 From there, the men got all studly with their tools and snagged the nail gun.  Using a teeny bit of wood glue at the corners for some extra reinforcement, the cork board now had a beefier frame.  Yes.  I just said beefier.

 At this point, between the busier than I expected fabric and the ugly trim wood, I was shakin' in my boots a little bit.  "Oh man, I wanted to blog about this, but this might go down in the blog-o-shame?!"  
Once the frame was all in tact, some clamps held it together while the glue dried.

While the glue was drying, I was watching football with my mother-in-law.  More like gabbing while football was on in the background.  And then, we just kept gabbing, and gabbing, and gabbing some more.  I have a tendency to go off and talk for hours when in contact with other adults, so sorry Deb, I am sure your ears were ringing the next day.  During all my chatty time, the boys were back to work on the bulletin board, sealing up the corners with some wood putty, and putting on a coat of white primer.  Then, it was sitting in front of me saying, "Take me home mama", and that is what I did next.

The next evening I threw a coat of paint on it, and it was ready for the fun part.  Dressing it up!

So there is the finished product!  IHeart it!  What is on there you ask?  Well, on the left side, you will find a clipping of my dream house... something to strive for I guess?  And a card from my bestest friend in the whole world.  It has some special words that I love to read over and over.  And then a "J" that I made using some WordArt with Microsoft Word.  For Jen or Jones, either way, Monograms rock.

The pretty flowers give the board a little extra dimension.
The right side is a little idea I completely stole from my favorite blog couple over at Young House Love.  Yes, they are the smarties behind the project, some of my best ideas are ones I snagged from someone else!  First, I nabbed a map of North America off of google.  And then, I printed it out, and matted it with some scrapbook paper.  I proceeded to laminate it (since I am a laminating freakoid), and added some cute scrapbook letters that spell out "vacation".  I printed out my absolute favorite pictures from our travels, in a mini size, that I placed around the outside of the map.  And then, using some pushpins, I marked all of the places that we have traveled together.  All materials were found around the house, although, I may invest in some smaller pins since I plan on filling up that map over the next 70 years!

I was really happy with how it turned out, it was exactly as I imagined it would be.  (Sigh of relief, now I can sleep at night!)

The next project was all me, and super duper easy!  No help from my man needed.  And I know the bulletin board probably could be made by a lot of you handy ladies out there, and I think you are all amazing for that!

First, here is the WHY, behind my madness of project number 2.  I was really planning long term here, using these tips that I had previously shared.  When I started doing the office makeover, I thought about what I really wanted the space to be used for.  That entailed not just office work for business and personal use, it also included gift wrapping and crafts/scrapbooking.  Which is where the spice containers come in.  I was hoping to use them as additional storage for all of my small scrapbook items, that are currently corralled here, but are quickly outgrowing their space.

Again, thanks to Ikea, I started out with these two items, the SPONTAN Magnetic Board and GRUNDTAL Containers (9 total):

So, to beautify things up a bit, since my crazy self can't just leave well enough alone, I came up with a plan to use some of the left over desk wallpaper, and to use scrapbook paper inside the canister lids.

To get the scrapbook paper to fit perfectly inside the lid, I used the paper that came inside the canister as a template, and traced it 9 times on the backside of one 12x12 sheet of scrapbook paper.

I did trace on the back, just to ensure lines weren't visible on the front.  I also traced the small tab, to remove it later on if I change my mind on the color.  After that, all 9 were cut out with some scissors, and popped inside the lids of the canisters.

Next, using the same spray glue that I used on the bulletin board, I sprayed the front of the magnetic board and the back of the wallpaper, which I had cut to size, and placed the paper onto the board.  Once dried, it was finished!  Such a quick and easy project!  With a really cute result!  And, I had only purchased 9 canisters, so that gave me plenty of room at the bottom for pics and notes and reminders!  Once I fill the canisters, I will use my handy dandy label maker to put some labels on the fronts, since you can't see the goods hidden inside.

I just love when projects are complete!  It feels good!  And these two items are really going to shine above the newly made over desk

Remember to keep checking back for the final reveal!  Is it just like waiting for the season finale of your favorite show!?  Do I have you on edge yet, biting your finger nails or losing sleep!?  Hopefully it's as good as all this hype makes it out to be!


  1. How cute! What wonderful projects for the office. I especially like the spice jar/magnetic board idea! :)

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by Chelsea! And for the sweet words! I took a peak at your blog! I am loving what I am seeing, have fun with your renovations! xoxo, Jen

  3. Thanks, Jen! I am really loving your blog, too. I've actually been stalking it for a little while - and just had to say something about this post. Those jars are so cute! Keep up with all the great organizational ideas - I need to stockpile them for my own office makeover (when we get around to it, that is!). :)

  4. Hi Jen! I just found your blog today through Young House Love. I love your bulletin board and magnetic board makeovers! I am putting the finishing touches on my office as well and just bought the same IKEA bulletin board and was trying to figure out how to make it more interesting. Did you use the IKEA hardware to hang it or did you buy some?

  5. Hi Lauren!

    So glad you found the blog! I didn't use the Ikea hardware, we actually used some hardware off of a different piece of artwork that we were no longer using {picture hanging wire}.

    Best wishes with your office makeover! I would heart to see how it turns out!


  6. I wanted to tell you how much I love love love your amazingly awesome blog and to tell you that I am so hooked. You made me a chore chart for my daughter which we love and I impatiently await your new posts everyday and love all your projects and tips. I love the colors you use and I am totally so addicted. I love your blog!

  7. Awesome tutorial! I love the vacation memory board! I would be thrilled for you to link this post up to my Family Memory Board Link Party I'm having right now. This would be such a creative addition I know would benefit Family Brings Joy's readers. I hope you will consider it. You have a wonderful sight with inspiring ideas. :D

  8. How question .... how did you make the J on the first board? We actually sell decorative magnetic boards in our ETSY shop and I would love to offer the letters as an option for our customers. Love your blog. You are so talented.

    - Dianne

  9. I created it in Microsoft Excel. It's WordArt filled in with a decorative background.


  10. That board is way too cute!! I love all of your projects! Definitely going to have to try this at my new place. :)

  11. Just a question, did you remove the trim from the board that came on it? I am making 3 of these this weekend and that is one thing I am not sure about in the making process. Love the idea!

    1. Hi Kimberly!

      We actually attached a thicker wood frame to the existing one.


  12. Hi Jen,
    My name is Alex and I am typing from cold and rainy Norwich, in the UK. I only just found you a couple of days ago and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. I have already ordered a couple of printables, and, I really need to keep reading the Organising Office but as I am definitely in need of some space saving ideas, preferably ones that include pretty flowery patterns.
    Keep in touch :))

  13. Where are the flowers from? I am so glad I found your blog through Pinterest. SUPER cute ideas! XO

    1. Thank you! I purchased them on Amazon:


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