Monday, February 22, 2010

10 February Featured Space: Kitchen - Sew Easy Bag of Clips

Consider this a little bit of a sneak peak at a big pantry project we worked on this weekend.  I just have a couple of final finishing touches before I can reveal a gigantic kitchen organization project, that I am uber excited about!

In the meantime, I thought I would share a mini project that got me hopping around pogo stick style, because I couldn't believe how easy it was with such a fabulous end result!

You see, once upon a time, I stored all of my chip clips and bread clips in a storage bin, which was taking up far too much shelf space:


What to do, what to do?  They needed a new home that didn't take up much space, so it quickly dawned on me that a little sack that could hang from a hook, would be perfect.  So I ran down to my closet to see if I had any old handbags that would do the trick, or if something would spark an idea of what to use.  Nothin'.  Hmmmm.... when I don't have what I need/want, then I try to think how I can make it.  And that's just what I did.

Seriously folks.  This was SO easy, and took about 30 minutes from beginning to end, at the most.  Are you ready?  And before you turn away because it involves making a sack from fabric, this is a NO SEW project, because, I have no idea how to sew, sewing machines actually frighten me quite a lot.

First, I took some extra fabric I had laying around from when I recovered my kitchen chairs, so of course, it's even better for this project because it already matches something else in the kitchen!


Then, I cut it to what I thought would be an appropriate size for a little clip sack, and ironed down the edges to create a good hem line:

Next, I laid out some amazing NO SEW hem tape (found at any craft store for very little dinero), along the hem line I had just ironed:


And then, ironed the hem over the top of the tape, around all four sides of the fabric:


Making sure to hold the iron on the hem line long enough for the hem tape to really hold the fabric.  Once it was hemmed around the whole perimeter, it looked something like this:

And the other side:


Very nice and clean looking rectangle!
Then, I just folded it in half, and put down more NO SEW hem tape in-between the folds.  I also added some ribbon at the top to create a little handle:


I ironed the little sack shut, but the top didn't close very well due to the ribbon I had placed in the way.  Time for a quick solution, that involved a nail and a brad... yep, you read it right:

I stuck the small nail through all the layers of fabric, to create a quick and easy hole for the scrapbook brad I was about to use to hold the top part of the sack together, and add a little bit of flair as well:


And the finished product:

Then, I filled it with the clips:

And found the perfect spot inside the cabinet, actually hanging it over one of the shelf brackets:


Which is conveniently located next to our bread basket:

I honestly probably sound a little cuckoo, and I am OK with that, because that is me to a T.  But I really was so excited with how well the end product turned out.  It accomplishes exactly what I needed it too, was super simple and is cute to boot!

So excited, that I find myself opening the door, just to look at the sack, and easily pull out clips, and put them back.  No harm in a little self praise is there?


So, that's my first NO SEW project!  What do you think, amazingly do-able right? 


  1. Totally! Cute idea, cute bag, and I love the fabric you used!

  2. Do you remember where you found fabric like that? I really like the pattern and know you live in the midwest, too.


  3. Thanks Jess!

    I found the fabric right on, it's called Waverly Sun N Shade Lovely Lattice Citrine,

    It's actually gaining some popularity, I have seen it in DIY mag and on a Young House Love mood board! It's so darn fantastic!


  4. Hello! What an adorable bag! Somewhere I got the idea to put chip clips on a ribbon which hangs in our pantry. Works pretty well. Peace!

  5. Love it!! How much fabric does it take to make the bag??

  6. where can I get chip clips and bread clips from?

  7. Instead of buying chip clips I cut off the pant clips from store-given plastic hangers. Genius, free, re-usable!

  8. Do you know where you can find no sew hem tape online?


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