Saturday, February 20, 2010

9 February Featured Space: Kitchen - Hooked on Hooks!

I am hooked!  Literally.  I had a couple of 3M Command Hooks staring at me, begging to be put to good use.  And since I am such a big fan of using ALL real estate in an small area, like I did here, when I used the inside of my spice cabinet door to store my spices, I got to thinkin', where else can I use the same thought process?  Inside cabinet doors and hooks.  BINGO!

This Tip & Trick is the easiest of the easy.  And IHeart 3M Command Hooks because they are simple to install, and remove, leaving no permanent effect to any wall or surface that they lived on.

So, I put my Command Hooks right to work on the insides of two of my kitchen cabinets:

First, my kiddy cabinet.  It is filled with kid cuisine utensils, and it's my quick one stop shop for all things kid's in the kitchen.  And that is no exception to their bibs.  Which now hang right on the inside of the cabinet door as such:

Right?  Convenience in it's simplest form right there:

But the easiness doesn't stop there.  The other hook went right to work in one of my baking cabinets.  Instead of digging through a drawer full of baking utensils for the most often used measuring spoons, they stayed on their original ring and now reside on the inside of a cabinet door:


Yeppers, easy to find, easy to grab:


Like I said, this is probably one of the easiest ways to use valuable kitchen space.  But it doesn't have to stop at Bibs and Measuring Cups.  Oh no.  The ways you could use hooks on the insides of your cabinet doors is practically endless.  Think cleaning rags under the sink.  Or other cooking utensils near the stove.  Or potholders, dishtowels, etc...  Anything with any type of hook, is begging to be hooked!  And it really only takes seconds, but could save you uber amounts of time in the long run, which is a HUGE return on your investment!

Now it's your turn to get hooked!  And then share the goods with me, please!


  1. Guess I need to buy some new measuring cups and measuring spoons that are on a ring so I can use those 3M Command Hooks. We bought some two days ago to hang my husband's military picture..they are still sitting in his room leaning against the armoire..

    Anybody else have a favorite use of these 3M Command Hooks, please share.

    1. I use them to keep my keys and purse by the door. This cuts 5 minutes off my morning routine.

    2. I use them inside of a cabinet near the stove to hang my oven mitts....I also use them for bibs like Jen does....You can also use them for the inside of the coat closet to hang the coat that you use the most....

  2. @Betty - They are great for just about anything - depends on the amount of weight yours can hold, but think towels in the kitchen or bath, art, bags, jewelry, etc...


  3. I LOVE 3M Command Hooks. I also LOVE your blog. My husband and I just bought our first house and I've been on the look out for a blog with lots of good design and organization tips and tricks and yours is BY FAR the best I've found!! :D

  4. Oh, and I almost forgot...the BEST use is the heavy-duty (I use the Brushed Nickel) one for your front door!!!
    Yes! Use it to hang your door wreath!! So you no longer have to use those over the door hooks...Talk about clean looking!

  5. I use a Command Hook for my door, too. It holds all of the themed wreaths I do for holidays!!


  6. I use them to hang my children's hooded bath towels since the towel rack is too high for my little ones to reach and be able to hang up their own towels.

  7. I use them to plan my outfits in the morning. Hang two vertically on the wall and place my pants on the bottom and shirt on the top. Optional third hook for bra/accessories


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