Thursday, February 11, 2010

3 Unpacking the Vacation Goodies

Posting about getting ready for travels got me all giddy to do a quick post on unwinding from travels as well!  So here is a quick run down of what happens with the goodies we bring home from our little vaca's away from home.

I am not much of a nick-nacky displaying collectibles kind of gal, I like to keep things a little on the simple side, which is also good for all the little fingers I have around the humble abode.  However, I occasionally make an exception when things have a lot of meaning, are pleasing to the eye, or can make a simple display. 

For example, although not always obtained during my travels, I recently started to collect my wine corks (ok, like months ago and haven't accumulated many, goes to show how much of a wino I really am...)  And I choose to display them in this adorable little glass dish that spills the words "VINO" on the front, doesn't get much cuter than that:

From there we head downstairs to our family room.  Yes, I do realize our mantle is still needing some major help, I am a little stumped on how to cover up the eye soar speakers hanging around the tv, without creating too much eye noise, but anywho... I thought that the many seashells we collected on the beach, would add a cozy accessory touch to the family area, which is done with a lot of bold colors, and then cream and white accents.  So, into a mini hurricane went all the shells, and onto the mantle they were placed.  Will they remain there?  Not sure yet, just testing things out a bit, and knowing I can't commit to much when it comes to keeping things in one place, they will probably have a variety of homes within our home:


I had also stumbled across this new sea friend of mine, while on this trip, and I just loved the colors, shape and texture that screamed for it to be placed atop of books/magazines in my new office space, so home with me it came:

And for all of the other items that we bring back with us, for reminders of all the fun we have had and places we have been, for now, they live inside a "Travels" box:

It's an old photo box with a travel motif that I picked up years ago, as a way to hold all of the miscellaneous travel reminders that I can't and won't ever part ways with.  This includes items such as vacation picture film (from the olden day cameras), brochures and postcards, ticket stubs and other different accessories that take me down memory lane each and every time I open the lid:

And last but not least, time to put another pushpin into another vacation destination on the map:

That's about it for this time!  How do you display your travel finds?  Got any ideas for me to borrow??  What's the coolest thing you have ever brought home from a getaway?  Do tell!


  1. Wow - you found such a lovely shell! It looks like it matches your pink-ish office area, too. How perfect! :) My most recent travel find was a sea sponge that I picked up in Tarpon Springs, Florida. It's lovely - not your average sponge, lol. It looks more like coral, I think.. but you know it's a sponge when you touch it. I have it displayed on our entryway table, and it really seems to add a special touch to our home. Trinkets are always fun to pick out on vacation, but I seem to usually have a difficult time finding the perfect spot to display them in our home. :)

  2. Hi. I love your blog. You've got some great tips for organizing. Love the pink J and the pink labels you have created. Can you tell me how you did this. I know you used excel but did you use a special package?

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    That is a great question about Microsoft Word/Excel. I actually use the latest version (I think 2007), however, many of the things I do, can be done in any version, no package required. I will try and post some tips and tricks on the process in an upcoming post, but basically it is just a lot of playing around to learn new things, I use the "Shapes" tool, use fill colors from background images that I have downloaded, and I also use a lot of WordArt. I hope that helps some!

    Thanks so much for following the blog!


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