Tuesday, March 23, 2010

2 BFF Bedroom Redo - Part 2: Shopping Day!

Remember when I introduced you to my bestest all time friend, Erin?  Well, her and I were in shopping day heaven two Sunday's ago now, when we went and loaded up the carts to get moving along on her Master Bedroom makeover!

We started the day equipped with a print out of the room Style Tile, room measurements and a pillow case from her new bedding set {click to enlarge}.

The Style Tile was all we needed as our list for the day, we knew exactly the stops we wanted to make!  However, lesson learned number one, shopping on a Sunday means much more time restraints.  We had to be back by a specific time, so we headed out early, but shops didn't open early.  So that meant some time was wasted which put us in a more rushed position the remainder of the trip. Some more things to take into consideration, is that Erin and I live an hour apart, and I live another hour from the "big shopping city", which is the reason for trying to jam all of this crazyness into one day!

Our first stop was Ikea.  We had quite a few items on the old Style Tile to obtain, so we zoomed through the showroom for some last minute inspiration, and stopped at the CD case that was picked out for the room.  We took a quick measurement to make sure the door we picked out would actually fit:

Yeppers, we would be good to go.  It was here that we also realized that we could save $10 by going with the white option over the espresso brown one listed online.  Score!  Especially because white would be perfect with all of the other white we are bringing into the space.  So we wrote down the isle and bin numbers and kept on walking.

As we walked, we stumbled across this pretty lady:

We decided not to pass up the opportunity to snag one of these beauties, for a couple of reasons.  We had originally thought of doing a DIY option, but we were getting more limited on time for scouring thrift stores.  And we had seen some options online and on eBay for similar types, but they were up in the $60-$70 range.  This one was coming in at $40 smackaroos, so again, we were sold on checking this off on the list.

The cart was filling itself up nicely, until we stumbled across a little snafoo in the mirror section, when the one we wanted to grab for $8 to update with some pretty molding and vases, was nowhere to be found.  Nope, they were O U T.  Which isn't music to our ears considering we are rarely in the vicinity of an Ikea!  With any makeover, there are bumps in the road, and at least this one wasn't going to be too costly.  Target and Walmart often sell wardrobe mirrors on the cheap, and they are super accessible, so fingers are crossed that we can come across another option.

Here is my princess with our cart-o-goodness!
With all of our items in tow, it was time to find out the overall damage!  And yep, it was a little steep, but, we did get just about every single thing on the list, with the exception of some minor accessories, so we were pretty satisfied with the total cost:

Yep, that price includes a new light fixture {$30 under planned}, throw pillow {$10 under planned!}, a pair of curtain panels, two bedside lamps, a double stock of light bulbs for all of the new fixtures, some plant pots for our grass project and a CD cabinet with glass door {$10 under planned}. Could we have done better?  Maybe... Are we happy though?  Absolutely!  Pretty good trip, saved 50 bucks!  Here is a visual of all the goods we snagged for the price {click to enlarge}:

 After Ikea, we ran over to one of my fav home stores, Crate & Barrel, and snagged Erin the cutest little bowls to store her rings and hair ties in at her bedside: 

I also was reminded of what I have learned multiple times before, things online appear different than in real life.  The absolutely perfect vase that I had seen online, was completely the wrong color when we got to the store.  Good thing we were all about checking things out in person!  Which is why we went with the now absolutely perfect bowl vs the originally white floral bowls I had originally selected.  Now we can still inject some more of the bedding color throughout the room, since there will already be plenty of white.

Once time was up at Crate & Barrel, we headed to my happy place, The Container Store.  As you may recall, I pre-ordered a kid's clothes folding board ahead of time and went there to pick it up, amongst a few other amazing finds!  But this isn't about me or my fetishes, it's about getting Erin's room done!  And it was there that we scored some amazing wrapping paper, on clearance, for the tops of the nightstands!  Another score! 

Do I look at home?  Because I felt like I was!

Our last stop was Target, where we didn't get anything but a drink decanter on clearance, for the nightstand {since she is a big water drinker at night}  Then our time was up, like, the buzzer went off and we had to drop everything and be done.

Was it a successful day?  I would say yes!  We saved some moola on quite a few things, which is always reason to sing a little song!  We had a typical fantastic time, since we were together!  Lessons Learned?  I would say I wish we would have hit up some thrift stores first, before going new all the way.  That would have been possible if we would have chosen to go on a Saturday when shops open earlier, which in turn would have given us much more browsing time.  We also didn't get to hit all the shops we had in mind, which may call for another shopping day, but what girly girl would ever complain about that?!

We have also set a day to get started on the fun DIY stuff, which is the first weekend in April, so stay tuned for the REALLY fun posts coming up in the near future!


  1. Looks like fun! I can't wait until the big reveal! :)

  2. Oooh I can't wait to see how this all comes together! Good luck girlies!


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