Wednesday, March 31, 2010

7 March Featured Space: Kids - Study Zone

Every day my little boys come running off the bus and into the front door, arms open wide, hugs all around and bright and giggly faces that I adore and wait for all day long.  That my friends is an amazing moment in each and every day that I cherish like none other.

The fact that my kids are excited and passionate about going to and from school, is also a wonderful feeling as a mom!  And I do what I can to encourage that feeling to remain!

One of the things I do to try and get my kids excited about school, is to give them their own personal study space.  A place they can call their "own" and go to to have quiet study, reading or art time.  Away from mom and dad.  Away from TV and distractions.  Away from phones and kids and any other distractions.

And what makes it all even better, is we totally scored when we got their bunk beds at a discount furniture store:

Not only did we get a really amazing deal, the bed actually included multiple furniture pieces in one, from a dresser, storage shelving, two beds and a desk tucked around the back:

And that I was grateful for since the boy's bedroom isn't exactly the largest space in our dwelling.  So today, I am going to focus on why IHeart the desk that is tucked around the back, and how we make it functional for our important little guys.

The first thing I did was add this awesome little pegboard above the desk:

It allowed me to peg in a pencil and art supply cup:

Along with tons of clips to hang kids photos, award ribbons and special notes:

Another way we spruced up the space, was to add the second bookend {first one seen here}, and an electronic pencil sharpener:

This allowed my son's favorite book collection to be right on hand, and the pencil sharpener to keep them out of excuses when they are working on their studies!

One of the most important pieces to ANY desk space is task lighting!  This little red one just gets gets me all fired up with excitement because it's just so darn functional and cute!  IHeart it!

Of course they also have a cozy chair, and although it may not be exactly proportionate, I often times throw a pillow on the back for some added cushy comfort:

And finally, to give the desk a little personality that doubles as study guides, I did some online image searches for a world map, a multiplication table and the ABC's for my kindygartner:

 And of course I threw in a decorative "P" for my Peyton and Preston:

And really, that was it!  Some pretty simple ways to create a personal little study haven so they can get their smarts on.  Yeah, I just said that.....

So how do you adapt some of these ideas at home?  As my Peyton would say, "Easy Peasy Lemon Squeazy"  Bookends can be created by using anything that has some weight to it, a heavy picture frame, a decorative toy or a rock?  And the pegboard?  Well, I got mine on clearance from PB Kids, however, one could easily be made from some pegboard from your local home improvement store, and painted to match room decor... How about the task lighting?  I know for a fact that Walmart sells versions under ten clams!  The "art"?  Well, that was just printed off using pics from the series of tubes that is otherwise known as the "Internets".  The opportunities there are totally endless and can be customized for any little special lady or gentleman.

My biggest advice offering, is NOT to create paper storage at the kid's work zone...  I personally like to keep the kid's "In" boxes in the kitchen, where we spend our time looking through their folders, and holding on to important information regarding tests, concerts, sporting events, etc... The zone in their bedroom is meant to be a clutter, mess free zone where they can bring there homework to, get'er done and then bring it back to mom and dad to review.  That way, nothing get's lost and they don't get overwhelmed in their workspace!

Pretty lucky kids to have their own little home office right in their bedroom!  Any other fortunate kiddos out there with study spaces all their own?  Anyone have good advice for keeping it all together for those who heart to have their kid's work on their school goods at the kitchen table or counter?  Time to encourage cheating borrowing information from fellow readers!!


  1. I love the blue desk chair, can you tell me where you found it?


  2. Hey.. I will start by saying ABSOLUTELY love your blog.. Just wondering where yu got the pencil sharpener from as it is gorgeous..

  3. That was a Target find right around when all of their Back to School items were out.



  4. You're a genius. I discovered your blog a couple of days ago and I have spent WAY too much time reading it since then! :)

    On question, how did you attach the pencil cup to the pegboard, and the pegboard to the dresser?

  5. @Andrea - the pencil cup was actually a peg board attachment that pegs right into the board. And the board is attached with small wood screws into the end of the bed. We just puttied them up when we sold the bunk-beds on craigslist, you would never even know they were there.


  6. Can you please tell me where I can find the pegboard clips?

  7. Hi Sloane,

    The pegboard clips were part of the PBTeen collection when we purchased the pegboard.



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