Monday, April 26, 2010

9 April Featured Space: Living Room - Family Game Night!

It's no big secret that IHeart my family.  It's as true of a statement as it would be to say, "water is wet".  And one way we try to keep the love alive is to have a TON of fun together!  I personally find, that no matter how crazy busy our schedules become, from soccer to baseball to boyscouts to working side jobs and never ending dentist and doctor appointments, it's most important that we take at least one night a week, that's special just for us.  Of course, we try to find ways to be cheap and creative this one night per week, whether it's going to the park or staying home and playing board games, which is typically how we tend to bond!

Which got me thinking!  Board games come in many shapes and sizes and can be a storage and organizing challenge.  So I thought I would reach out to you for some creative ideas on storing Apple to Apples, Monopoly and Mad Gab.

What's been working for us and our insanely growing collection of board games, are actually a few different solutions.  First, as you may recall from a couple of different posts, we have this super fantastic storage shelving unit in our lower level family room:

Behind those doors wearing adorable frosted flowers, is a plethora of games!

It is a perfect way to tuck away a ton of games, I am quite happy with the amount of space to be had!

However, as our love for one another grew, so did our bonding board game collection.  Yet, I typically am always thinking organization and storage in some manner or another, so when we purchased our way too comfortable sectional and ottoman for our family space, I also ensured that our ottoman wouldn't just be for putting up our tootsies, it would also double as additional storage!

 Which is another fantastically fun way to store more board games!  Wahoo!

They are pretty happy in their home, and there is still more room to grow, which it another huge plus for me!!

It still doesn't stop there.  The kiddos are game fanatics, and also spend a lot of brotherly bonding time playing games for younger ages.  Those are conveniently stored in their play room on open shelving, making it easy to take out and put back when finished!

I tend to believe that keeping all games in central locations where we play as a family, vs. in individual bedrooms and all around the house, ensures that pieces rarely go missing and everyone always knows right where to look!

Oh yeah!  And to make things even more convenient, we added a smaller sized kitchen table to our living area making it extra perfect for family fun night! 

Nothing is more enjoyable than gathering around that table with a big ol' bucket of popcorn and a stack of games and loads of laughter with the ones IHeart.

So there you have it!  A ton of ways to have a blast keeping games neat and tidy and ready for boatloads of family fun!

Did I get you all in the mood to challenge someone to a mean game of scrabble?  How do you and your significant other, friends, family & kiddos spend your time together, and on the cheap?  Any fun family traditions to share?  How about any creative ways to store your games - In baskets?  On bookshelves?  Concealed away or out in the open as an end table?  I would heart to know!

Update!  A fantastic reader had passed along a link that I absolutely had to share!  This is by far the most creative way I have seen yet to store board games!  

Beckie is the creative genius over at Infarrantly Creative, and she created these game board frames, which are so amazingly functional because not only do her games become art, but they double as storage!  OMG she is melting my heart!

Here is how the game art is displayed when not in use!

And where are the game pieces you ask?  Well, no one would ever know it but they are tucked right behind the board!

For all the details check out her blog!  And another thanks to reader Sarah for passing this along!!!


  1. I am also going to get a storage ottoman like the one you have as we have an ever growing collection of board games too. Most are in a cupboard in the kids games room but I like the idea of some being stored in a more central place for our Family Games Night. I just love your house and your blog, Katrina xx

  2. Great post and ideas. I am LOVING your flower decor on the door. Did you create that look? If so, awesome and please share your know how

  3. LOVE the Ottoman and the wicker/seagrass looking tray! Where did you find them??

  4. Hi Nicole! I didn't actually create the frosted look, however, I wish I could take credit! :) Someday I will actually learn how to do something so amazing myself to save some moola!

    And Thank you Lacy and Katrina!

    The ottoman was actually purchased at an Ashley furniture store, we went leather for sanity and durability purposes when it comes to the kiddos! I totally heart that large seagrass tray, I had picked it up last year at Pottery Barn and it looks like they brought it back again!!|4|1||10|tray||1&cm_src=SCH It's a tad pricey {as Pottery Barn tends to be}, and I believe after the fact I had found something similar at a Home Goods for much less!

    Thanks again everyone!


  5. Have you ever heard of Game Savers? I put our games in those as they attack perfectly. The outside size is the same. The insides differ. Love them. The ContIner Store!

  6. Hi! I love your ideas - thanks for posting them.
    The links you put up for the board games brings you to the generic website and it was near impossible to find, but I found it! Thought I would share it in case anyone was looking for it.

  7. Holy freaking awesome I love that board game art! I love your blog Jen for all the great ideas I'm getting. I'm working my way to a tiny house (probably around 200sq feet for me and two children) so I'm downsizing and coming up with cool ideas for storing the stuff we're keeping. Here is what I have done with my board games so they now fit into two easy square boxes. Thanks for all your awesome posts Jen! :)

  8. Hi. I would like to know where the table set was purchased from. Thanks.

    1. Target! I believe they still have similar sets online as well.



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