Thursday, April 1, 2010

3 April Flower Power: Part 2

This morning I shared some bouquet display solutions for breaking up one bouquet into many different ones that can be spread throughout the home, getting a lot more bang for your splurging buck.

But this time around, I decided I was REALLY going to get my $$ worth!

How you ask?!  Well easy of course.  What is one thing that makes buying flowers, so bittersweet?  Well, the fact they don't exactly last forever is sometimes hard to chew when handing over your dough.  So I thought, this month, I am going to make my investment last forever.

The magic of photography is a great thing!  And although I am far from being pro at taking pics of the things IHeart most, it's a fun hobby and digital camera's make it oh-so-great for this novice.  I can take photo after photo until I achieve exactly what I am going for, and I can just delete what I don't want and save what I do.  All for the cost of some battery power, that of course I recharge over and over....

Because I couldn't stop staring at my blooming flowers, I decided that a picture would last longer... creative right?

So I started snapping and thought I would share how I took my $10 bouquet investment even farther, into the form of art that will eventually get printed off into super cheapo prints to display in my living room.  I hope you enjoy as much as I do:

Totally gets my heart all up in a tizzy looking at what my little digital camera and the push of a button can create... I can't wait to figure out exactly where I want to hang them and get them printed out!  Of course I will share that process when I find the perfect way to display my pretty floral photos!  Suggestions welcome!


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