Thursday, April 8, 2010

5 BFF Bedroom Redo - Part 3: Prime Time

My BFF and I reunited this past Friday to continue on with her Master Bedroom makeover.  Catch up on Part 1 and Part 2 of the process to see current progress to date, where we created a plan and started to do some shopping.

And a quick reminder of the bedroom plan:

Friday was all about getting started on a big project, which was completely overhauling the nightstands.  If you recall, they look like this:

Do you hear that sound?  It's the nightstand, screaming for some love.  And that's just what it is getting.  The plan for these babies is the following:

Prime and Paint White
Remove Top Drawer to Create Storage Shelf
Add Decorative Paper to the Top & Inside Shelf
Add Decorative Drawer Pulls to Bottom Drawers

Yep, hopefully they won't even be recognizable when they are 100% complete... and today, unfortunately, all you get is a little teaser!!  

I arrived to Erin's house around 9:30 a.m. and the first hour of my visit was spent doing BFF things, gabbing, playing with her little bundle of joy, putting on makeup.... but then it was time to get down and dirty! 

Oh yes, but first I snuck upstairs to take a peek at the current state of their love nest, to see how far they had come along on their "homework", which was to prime and paint the trim and doors white.  I was smiling, trim was down!

And when I got out to the garage, I spotted the trim and doors, all primed and ready for their fresh coats of white paint:

Makes my heart melt!

I also spotted a little secret weapon I haven't shared yet, and it is going to be the icing on the cake of this project.... here is a little clue:

Any guesses?  Guess you will have to keep checking in to find out if you are right!!

Back to the nightstands.  These babies aren't really even wood finished, more like high gloss veneer type stuff... not really even sure what to make of it.  But we decided that wasn't going to stop us from getting these done and making them sing again.  So I put Erin right to work with the power sander, sanding the tops, sides, bottoms, fronts and drawers, she sure was a pro!!

And while she was working, I was enjoying an ice cold beverage and supervising.... or I wish!  I am not that mean, come on!  I went to work on the drawers... removing the rail the drawer glides on:

And then I wiped down the nightstands that were freshly sanded:

And vacuumed all of the cracks and crevices, so it was all dust free:

Once they were ready to be primed, we took a quick break {yep, already!} and ran to the local hardware store, to snag some paint ready caulk and cheapo priming brushes:

And then it was Hi Ho Hi Ho, back to work we go:

When we returned, we quickly filled the screw holes with the paintable caulk:

Erin must not have been working hard enough, her nails look to pretty for this project... 
For priming, we just snagged two little touch up paint one time use brushes {super cheap and can just be tossed when done}:

Priming went quick:

Once the primer was dry, about 30 minutes later, we put our first coat of white paint on right away.

While the first coat of white paint dried, we took another break, this time a much longer one that entailed a 30 minute drive, a movie, some shopping, more gabbing, dinner and another drive back to E's house.  During the shopping trip, we picked up the Modge Podge for the nightstand project, some flowers for the vase project, some wheat grass for the other planter project and the curtain rod to hang her new curtains.  Talk about being productive and having fun at the same time!

We ended the evening at about 9:30 p.m. putting on the second coat of white paint, in the garage with mediocre lighting.  And no picture to share, but again, it's all about the suspense and build up, let's just say they were looking pretty fantastic, like a whole new piece of furniture, and we could have called it quits on just the white paint part!  But we will keep plugging away at the remaining steps when I head back for our final makeover day.

I am scheduled to return to visit Josh and Miley, I mean Erin {inside joke to those confused at this moment} next Saturday, when we are hoping to finish up all the projects and put the room together!  While I am away, they are going to finish up the trim and doors, hang the mirror and trim and install the chandelier!  Miley promises to send me pictures!

As I always say, it get's worse before it gets better, and right now, it's all in a ton of pieces, but the end is near!  And Josh & Erin have been mega troopers, getting things done in the little spare time they have.  It's sure to be an amazing before and after story!


  1. Oo, I can't wait to see the big reveal on her room! It's going to be a good one. :) And I love that you're giving the old furniture new life - it saves cash and is green to boot!

  2. I love it!
    I just purchased a dining table that has a ton of potential. My sister and I are picking it up today and I hope to begin the refurbishing project. I will take pics and send them in. Crossing my fingers it goes well and I can prove my skills to the hubby! (He is soooo not seeing it right now!)

  3. Sara, I totally know where you are coming from! That is our story EVERY project I think up, my husband can't visualize it and thinks I am nuts, but he is always as pleased with them as I am when I am done! :) Can't wait to see your pics!


  4. I have a question maybe you or someone you know can answer from experience. I am lightly sanding my newly purchased dining table with the plan of painting the legs and chairs a dark, expresso brown. I found a color of Behr paint with the primer and paint in one. Do you think I would still need to prime it first, before applying the paint? I'm hoping the Behr paint will save me that step and do what it claims!

  5. Wow,can't wait to see how it all comes together!


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