Friday, May 21, 2010

8 Arranging with Anthro Goods

The day before mother's day, as a special little gift from my uber fantastic man, he took me to a place I have been longing to see.  A place that seemed like a myth because it is one that I have only seen in online photos and read about on blogs, yet had never seen with my own two eyes.

Eiffel tower?  Nope.  The Pyramids of Egypt?  Still No.  House of Chanel.  Not quite.

An Anthropologie shop is located approximately one hour and two minutes from my humble abode and was artwork to my eyes from the outside, and as we walked from the car to the front doors, I got giddier by the step.

Once inside I was on sensory overload, but my man told me to take my time and browse until I covered every inch of store floor.  I had a small agenda and as much as I could have spent hours browsing through all of the fabulous apparel, I went straight for the home good items.

After wondering around in bliss, I left with only three things in hand, since I had to have some moola restraint...

I know it's been seen before, but IHeart being a copy cat when I benefit from it!  So now next to the pillow in which I rest my head each night, my nightstand now boasts a pretty ceramic egg crate to cradle my jewels.

The sky color is the perfect precious touch to my bedside, I just heart it so!

And so does my jewelry!  It used to be torn between an ice cube tray in my closet and a small dish that was previously bedside, but now it's living life in luxury!

Next was a super quick and easy way to give my bathroom some added bliss.  And that was via this gorgeous sparkling glass, in which I splurged on because it also doubled as a new toothbrush holder.  If purchased as a set, this glass would be spendy, but when it does double duty as a glass and toothbrush holder, and only one was needed, I was able to justify!

My last edition was to the family room media cabinet, in the form of a monogrammed mug.

I am slightly monogrammed obsessed.  I have them lingering here and there, and I couldn't be cheekier about the new accessory.  And I know it can't wait to get to work holding all sorts of cute blooms down the road, since that will be it's sole purpose going forward instead of my typical kitchen mug that had been doing the job previously!

It was such a treat to have a moment to myself to enjoy the store.  There was so much inspiration to be found.  Being a mom of three little joyful boys keeps me super busy day and night, and when I live in small community with a minimum of an hour drive to any good shops, it's rare that I get to find my way to somewhere beyond Target {which is why I am a frequent Target shopper!}  It is definitely a goal of mine this year to find more local businesses with inspiring home finds, if only I was better at taking some alone away from home time!

What about you all?  Where is your favorite place to venture to find little bits of treasure for your home?  Anyone have a new home accessory that was added, that completely brought new life to your space?  One that brings a smile to your face every time you enter the room?  Accessorize the comment button with stories of your favorite home accessory and why, I would heart to know!


  1. I love Anthro too and only get there if we're in the city. I could spend the day there looking at everything. Luckily my older daughter loves it as much as I do (maybe more) so we're happy to spend hours just looking around (and around).

    You did well on your purchases! I love my egg crate and use it for..I know it's crazy...EGGS! :)


  2. Ohhh, I love Anthro. Some of their stuff more than others. It's a little pricey for me, but this past weekend I did some shopping there, too, and scored something that totally transforms the kitchen there on the cheap! LOVE it. I'll be blogging about the loot from that trip soon (we also scored several other uh-mazing items for our humble home!).

    PS - there's nothing wrong with being a copycat. It's the best form of flattery, right?... yeah, we also totally soaked up some YHL advice and bought those mugs, filled them with chocolates, and gave them out as little Christmas gifts this past season. Those mugs are just too cute!


  3. I have an Anthro blue egg crate too! I love it! I get so many compliments on it (including the Anthro sales associate who asked me what I was using it for and then ran out to floor to get her own). I also love those cups... I'm totally get one next time I'm there!

  4. I have never been there....looks like I'm missing out! I love the sparkly cup!! I really like your lamp too. I have been on the hunt for some cool, but affordable lamps.

  5. Were getting an Antropology lamp in my local mall. Cool! Even if I don't buy from there (the cost!!) I love to browse them when I find the store at other malls. I'm a great window shopper. The store I love to find stuff from is Home Goods. We have one locally and it's my friends and my favorite store. I got my cushions for the backyard there. The cushions are blue, green, yellow and white striped. I'm repainting an old wicker set that I found by the neighbors curb. I bought really cool fabric, to make pillows, that has a beach hut and old row boats on it. It makes me feel like I'm in the Bahamas (even though I've only seen pictures).

    I collect flamingos so I'm always looking for those. I finally found a plaque for my front porch. This I got on eBAY.

  6. I just love TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Homegoods. They are affordable and have tons of selection! I never ever walk out empty handed. Matter of fact, just yesterday I was shopping for a bit of organization/decoration for my desk at work. I share a small office and needed to "mark my territory" so to speak. I browsed Office Max but everything lacked personality and was too pricey. I ended up at Marshalls and found a few colorful items to spruce up my space and most of it was on clearance!!

  7. There is a small shop in my town called, The Next Best Thing, and I love it. They take old items and give them new life. They give new meaning to the word (recycle). Their prices are great, too. It is so hard to walk out of there and not buy a truck load.


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