Friday, May 7, 2010

7 BFF Bedroom Redo - Part 5: Easy Arts & Crafts

I am back with a final BFF Bedroom redo update, before the FINAL BIG REVEAL!  Hooray!

To refresh your memory, I was asked by my very bestest honey, Erin, to help her with her Master Bedroom makeover.  On a limited budget, we set out to completely give the room a makeover from top to bottom, leaving nothing to be untouched or un-thought of.  We started things out by planning, then doing some shopping, then working on the nightstands, twice.

Now it is time to share some super cheap, quick and easy accessory updates we made to the space.

You may actually have seen a little somethin' someting in the nightstand reveal, that I never touched on. 

That little "E" monogram above the nightstand, is a mini little touch to the space that identifies who's personal space is who's.  That's right, the hubs got one also!

This project was so super quick and easy... starting out by using Microsoft Excel {I know I still owe you all a tutorial on making labels/art within Excel!  In time lovely readers, I haven't forgotten!} In Excel, I created two large decorative monograms, using a fill pattern that complimented the colors in their room.

Then it was as easy as printing it out on some cardstock.

And then cutting it to size.

And then gluing it down to another piece of colored cardstock, to give a matted effect.

And then tossing them into some little white frames.  Craft project number 1, complete!

From there we decided to take on some more Young House Love inspiration for another test drive, this time making a faux sheepskin throw from a rug.

Here are some pics from the inspiration space:

{Images courtesy of}

So following their tutorial, we drew an outline on the back of the rug, and Erin got right to the cutting process.

And when she was done it looked as such.

The nice part about this project is that it totally can be shaped in any whimsical pattern since it is ultimately going to be thrown over a woven ottoman.  IHeart abstract no fuss art projects.

Sure we had plans to top a woven rush ottoman with the fake sheepskin rug {made from a $10 Ikea rug}, but we thought it needed to be crowned with more than just the rug... so we wandered around the house looking for some ottoman/rug topping ideas...

That's when I thought of stacking some pretty paper covered books, with a ceramic white bird.  So we covered some hardcover books, old school like, with left over wrapping paper from the nightstand project.

Remembering how to make the book covers from paper was just like riding a bike, once you get going, you never actually forgot it!

So once the books were beautified, they were stacked.

Giving an end ottoman result of....

Pretty cute!  Again, showing that inspiration found can always be redone in your own home!

So there you have it!  Three quick and splendidly easy projects that when all put together, added a ton of character and personality to the space!  And for a total cost of about $10 for the rug, $10 for two white frames for the monogram project and $26 {totally on sale!} for the woven ottoman.  As Erin would say, "Pretty Sharp!"

Excited to see the big reveal?  I am waiting for a little gift I got for my bff to show up on my doorstep, to put it in the room and then the final reveal shots along with an amazing story of whole process will be posted, so stay tuned!


  1. That came out great!! I remember seeing the Youngsters make their faux sheepskin. Yours looks cozy too! I know what you mean about covering books. I help my kids sometimes, I just have the knack, from all those years of doing it myself.
    And thanks for mentioning the WM rush cubes and that they're on sale. Last time I looked they were out of stock. I just ordered two!! Yipee!!

    Happy Mother's Day with your lil' guys!


  2. Lookin' fab! I keep meaning to get around to making some faux sheepskin rugs myself, using the youngters' tutorial (I feel silly calling them youngsters, when they're actually about 4 years older than me, haha!), but I haven't gotten around to it yet. But it's definitely on the list! Good to see someone else do it with great results, too. :) I love those monograms! Computer-printed art is so easy and fun... and cheap! All good qualities. Great post (as usual!), Jen! :)

  3. Looks awesome!
    Can't wait to see the reveal!!

  4. Looks so pretty so far! Cant wait to see the big reveal!!

  5. Was cutting the faux sheepskin rug as simple as YHL made it seem??

    I love how this is turning out!

  6. so i found your blog on yhl and i cant get enough! consider me sold! love the faux sheepskin!


  7. Hi Ashley!

    Cutting it was a little bit time consuming, but really not too bad! It probably all depends on the quality of the scissors being used! Only took about 10 minutes tops to get it done!



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