Wednesday, May 12, 2010

8 Coat Closet Revamp

Sing with me, "Along, long time ago..."  OK, or not.  But really, awhile back now I revealed to you a major kitchen project that had us switching things around.  That's right, we gave ourselves a new pantry space, while also adding a coat closet!  


Now, that spring is here, and there is {thankfully} no more reason to sport a winter jacket, those puppies were moved to a coat cabinet we have tucked away in the garage.  Wahoo for no coat clutter and newly found extra closet space!

This also gave me an opportunity to rethink the space.  Although cute, the photo boxes for each kiddo, that I originally had placed under the shoe rack, really never got used.  So out they went to be used at a later date for something else.  The good thing was, I was out nothing since they were already something I had owned and just gave a try.  And the realistic part of it all is that I often revisit projects to analyze what's working and what's not.  I change things around our house more the Octomom changes diapers!

So, with the springtime updates, came a larger wicker basket for corralling family sandles to avoid taking up precious shoe rack real estate.  And as I mentioned, the coats went bye bye!

After removing the photo boxes from the bottom shelf, I found myself constantly stashing items there that didn't have a home.  And since I am a strong believer in giving EVERYTHING a home to avoid crazy piles from building, it was time to take some notice.

The main items that were being stashed were our battery charger and laptop/camera cords.  Under shoes definitely isn't the best place for these items to be living.  And I really really heart the two baskets that are on the left side of the closet, however, their openness would only allow for cords and items to fall through, so I was hoping to minic something similar on the opposite side, only with a no hole option.

So off to Target I went where I re-found a little item you might find familiar from a recent blog giveaway?

That's right.  This mail sorter bin would find it's way back into my home.  And as much as I heart giving things away, this one was for keeps.  In fact, I came home with two of these beauties for a whopping total of ten clams.  Along with some $1/package chipboard alphabet pieces!


Who sees where I am going with this?

Out came the hot glue gun, to attach the letters to the front of the bins, to spell out what soon would be the bin contents.

And within a few short minutes, both bins were sporting a fabulous new look!

And then they were filled with some goods!


And hung up on the other side of the closet, far enough away from the coat rail to ensure they wouldn't get in the way once winter rolls around again!

SO EASY!  And SO FUNCTIONAL, which, say it with me, "I totally HEART!"


Here is some side by side action of all the storage we have added on the cheap and easy, in what could just function solely as a coat closet, but now functions as so much more!


So what do you think?  Anyone else switch things up when a new season hits?  Do you change out your homes decor come spring and fall?  How about revamp and organize tired or non-functioning spaces?  Spill your seasonal change secrets!


  1. You just give me so much inspiration!!! Thanks for all the great ideas! I'm off to run errands, and one thing on my 'to do' list is to drop some more 'stuff' off at the thrift store! Just maybe, some day I'll have everything organized too:)

  2. Looks great- I love the chipboard labels! One question- where do you store coats during the off season? Right now we keep all of our coats in the coat closet year-round, and there is never any space for guests' coats/jackets when they visit! I would love to know your system.

  3. Great idea! You have me thinking about our own entryway system, and how it definitely needs a little revamping. Right now there's just a very small space (right where the door opens) that's tile, and guests (and us) usually stand and take off our shoes. The Problem is there's nowhere to sit to more easily take off shoes, and then all the shoes get piled up on the small tiled area, which prevents the door from closing. I've got some plans that might work... like a couple storage ottomans for both storage and sitting (pushed underneath a new entry table), along with... maybe a basket on the floor for shoes? Great post (as usual!), and I'm pretty sure this organization thing is totally catching!

  4. We use our coat closet for out of season-wear and storage. We have two bench storage units in our front room. I'll have to post about them some time.

    Loved reading about your kitchen and pantry.....lots of great ideas. I keep my reusuable shopping bags in the car, otherwise I'd never remember them!


  5. I just did all our cords and chargers I used mini sticky labels on the back of the chargers this was a big help,since we have DS,Psp,and cell phones,cameras,etc.,so I labled each charger. A hidden box like yours would be perfect for this

  6. Hi Brooke!

    We actually store our off season jackets in a ClosetMaid Wardrobe {} that we keep in our garage. We also use the lower section to store extra boots/shoes. We also have some extra room in our spare bedroom closet for coats if necessary, but it's more out of the way which is why we chose to get the wardrobe for the garage.

    I hope that helps!


  7. Awesome idea Jen, so doable!! So speaking of garages, is tis part of your outdoor feature month. I would so LOVE to see how you organize your garage. Mine (which is my husbands responsibility) gives me heart palpitations please do this as a feature one month

  8. Can you tell me where you got your shoe rack at? I know you can get them anywhere, but I really like the one you have. Thanks!


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