Thursday, May 27, 2010

11 May Featured Space: Outdoors - Project Pets

I am back my final garage zone before I reveal the total transformation including some great before and after pics!

As I mentioned, I broke the garage into specific zones.  Monday I chatted about the auto zone, Tuesday I posted about outdoor toy and sporting good storage, Wednesday was devoted to tools and today I am going to focus on our important furry friends!

We have two lovely pooches that we consider to be our kid's as well, giving us a total of five kids really!  It is always busy in the Jones' residence!

Meet Bella:

and Bentley:

They really are the best of friends, and such an enjoyable pair!

As any of you pet owners may know, pets certainly come with a lot of supplies to keep them playful, healthy, sparkling clean, fresh breathed and able to hear.  Plus, they need to eat and go on walks too!  So, to ensure that nothing gets in the way of us taking good care of our favorite friends, and that we don't misplace something that is crucial to their survival, I created a zone, just for them in the garage.  And it is very conveniently located just outside our kitchen to garage door!

Their "zone" really has everything we need, all in one spot!

Starting up high, an old coat hook rack was mounted to hold all of their leashes, harnesses, collars, etc...

And just below that, is a giant food bin, to hold a couple of days {chuckle} worth of food for our good little eaters!

We really heart the food bin because it keeps the food fresh, but more importantly, keeps little itty bitty creepy critters from getting inside.  Plus, it's so easy to just open the top and scoop some scrumptious goods into their bowls for their feeding times.  

And next to their feeding bin, is their straight feeder for those times when we will be away a little longer and we want to ensure our friends still have a full belly while we are gone.

And lastly, just as I did with our pool drawer/bin on the kid's shelves, I added a label for the pup's drawer.

And inside, every little goody that we need to keep them beautiful and happy, from vitamins to jackets to clippers to ear cleaner, this drawer holds it all!

{And yes, I do put my dogs in jackets in the winter, it gets REALLY cold here!}

And that really is about it!  Such an easy zone to create, making taking care of our furry friends a breeze and giving us more time for walking and playing!

Oh, and wondering where their toys are?  Those get to stay inside in a basket, plus, they have loads more floating around the backyard!

Now it's your turn!  How do you stay organized in the pet department?  Any fun pet stories to share?  Feel free to upload adorable pet photos to my facebook fan page!  I would heart to see your furry family members as well!


  1. Wow, your entire garage is great! You make me hate myself, but in a very inspiring, motivational way :)

  2. This series really makes me miss having a garage! One sweet day we'll have one again though and I look oh so forward to it. I keep all our little dachshund Calvin's accessories binned in our hall linen closet. His leash, a flashlight and umbrella (for dark or rainy potty times) and small towel for wiping dirty paws in a basket by our door. He's a lowrider so that towel comes in handy when it's been raining and he's picked every speck of mud in the yard.

    Really loving your garage so far and can't wait to see it all together!

  3. What a nice little spot for them! Beautiful doggies too - I love Bella's spots! :) For our little furball, we keep all his stuff - clothes, extra canned food supply, special leashes, flea meds, pedi-paws, brush, etc - in a storage bench in the living room. We call it's "Barley's Bench". His toys are kept in a basket, too, and his leashes are either in a sidetable drawer or hanging on a coat rack. I really like your idea of putting everything in the garage, though - we gotta clear out ours, first though! :)


  4. You so totally rule. I'm making over our pet feeding station TOMORROW. This is just in the nick of time!

  5. Since my fiance and I have "joint custody" of our puppy, we each have a cereal keeper of her food and a basket of her toys at our homes. Then, we have what I call her diaper bag--a tote bag of her necessities (i.e. leash, harness, ear cleanser, etc.).

    And don't worry, Jen, I put a jacket on my dog, too. Although, she is only five pounds!

  6. I have an adorable little Beagle who, unfortunately, has sever separation anxiety and thus, likes to tear up the carpet. Because of this, she has to stay in a kennel when we are not at home. Do you do this with your dogs? And if so, do you have any suggestions on how to make it look nicer? We live in a one bedroom apartment, so her kennel is in our bedroom, and not only does it take up a lot of space, it is really unattractive. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  7. Hi Jess!

    What about putting it under some sort of side table and placing it next to your bed as a nightstand? Could you even place fabric around the table to hide it?

    Our pooch has separation anxiety as well, we like to let him run in our fenced backyard but occasionally have to kennel him in our garage. We use a heater in the winter if necessary...


  8. I love your ideas on this site! I wanted to share what I did to organize our dog items. I used a plastic, pocketed over-the-door shoe organizer to store treats, sweaters, leashes, bath items, etc. in our hall pantry. I found a rolling dog food storage bin that slips under the bottom shelf, making it easy to get the food out and tucked away quickly again.

  9. You have so many great ideas. I a picture on pinterest and clicked on it. It brought me right to ur sight. I love everything here, its hard to leave lol. Im such a neat freak, and these ideas you have make me want to start over. Especially with a pet spot. I have 3 cats though, but the idea is similar. Thank u so much. Love ur page. :)

  10. Awe, I didn't know you had dogs. One of my dogs is named Bella too. Love your blog, Jen. I enjoyed reading through some of your old posts.

  11. Can you come organize my whole house please?


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