Monday, May 17, 2010

5 May Featured Space: Outdoors - Sandbox Shade

As Annie sang it, "The sun will come out tomorrow!"  And thank goodness because we heart the sun oh so very much!  However, the sun doesn't heart our skin.  Therefore, along with protecting my little ones with loads of sunscreen, I also invested in a little shade for their sandbox time.

I always dreamed of having one of those incredible covered sandboxes that either cost a small fortune or would take some extra DIY weekend time and potentially some sewing skills, which I have NONE of....

{image courtesy of}

So, I decided to go for a cheaper and easier alternative.  Enter this fantastic guy:

It's a beach umbrella.  If they are good enough for protecting us at the beach, then I figured they would be good enough to protect us in our sandbox in our backyard.

And SO very easy to install!  Just screw a base into the ground:

And stick the umbrella in!  I wish all projects were that easy!

And when the sun goes down or a storm comes around, then the umbrella comes down also.  It has an attached strap that wraps around it to keep it closed securely.

Why IHeart it:  Because of it's ease of use, ease of installation, cheap alternative to the expensive ones and it protects the ones IHeart.

Cons:  Completely out of any one person's control, the sun switches directions all day long, so there are periods of the day where the umbrella has to be altered to accommodate.  Typically the only time it's really a concern for our clan, is late in the evening {as pictured here at around 6:00 p.m.} when the sun is lower, however, the umbrella can always be tilted as needed!

This gets me dreaming of a day trip to the beach, and IHeart that the weather is finally getting to the point that we can start to talk about planning one!  Anyone else have a handy idea of covering the kiddos sandbox?  How about inspired ideas typically meant for places away from home, that are being used at your dwelling?  Spill the sandy beans!


  1. Hiya, Jen!

    I love your blog and this is certainly a cute (and functional) idea! I've had melanomas removed myself and I've never been a suntanner, so I am definitely diligent about keeping harmful rays off myself, including my fair share of hats, sun tan lotion, and the like!

    I would encourage you to do some research on your sun tan lotions out there. Sadly, American FDA regulations do not require sunscreens to have the "broad spectrum" coverage we should all have. This was a very discouraging thing I discovered last year and I was horrified when I realized it. Be sure you get a good "broad spectrum" sunscreen for when the kiddos don't make it under the umbrella. Neutrogena sells a good one that blocks both UVA and UVB rays, which is precisely what you want. Just my two cents!

    Hooray for the warm rays of summer!

    Tell'er All About It

  2. Make sure the umbrella won't fall down in a huge wind. My friend was permenantely disabled after having a table umbrella fall on her shoulder. Otherwise a great idea.

  3. HI Lindsay! Thank you so much for the thoughts I sunscreen, I will definitely remember that when I head out to restock my sunscreen supply! Anything for the safety of my little ones!!!

    And Kat, I am so sorry to hear about your friend! I am always trying to do things that are the safest for the ones IHeart most, I have had the umbrella up for nearly a year and it actually is stronger than the typical deck umbrella, since the base is so securely screwed into the ground, that umbrella isn't going anywhere! :)

    Thanks again!!


  4. hi jen,
    love the umbrella sandbox!! did you build your sandbox? also do you have to replace your sand from summer to summer?

  5. Hi! What do you mean by "screw a base into the ground?" Did you put a hole in the bottom of the sandbox? Or is the base sitting in the sandbox? Tried the hyperlink for the base, but it doesn't direct to an actual product. Thanks!


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