Tuesday, May 4, 2010

5 May Featured Space: Outdoors

I am beyond giddy about the arrival of spring.  It brings so much brightness and freshness to what has been months of cold and gloomy {in these parts of the country anyway}.  The birds sing to me daily, the sun shines in from early to late and the outdoor color pallet of greens and blues are among my all time favorites!  Plus, sitting out in my cozy adirondack chair for hours while the sun shines down, listening to the giggles of my kids and watching bubbles fly by.... doesn't really get better than that!

And as they say, April showers bring May flowers!  And that it did here at the Jones' dwelling!

Our flowers are giving me some daily smiles, and our grass is getting quite green indeed!

Our purple rhododendron shrubs are also enough to make anyone's heart skip a happy beat!

So much so, I had to clip a few to bring inside to my girly office space {with it's fresh pops of pink}!

And my other outdoor fav is a mother's day gift I received from my mini me's about 5 years ago, my flowering crab apple tree.  It get's prettier each and every year it grows older with us and our home!

And I get SO excited about the super green grass on the outside, that it really inspired me to bring the outdoors in, literally!  So I planted some wheat grass in a pretty bowl, and gave it a home center stage of our kitchen table!

Pretty darling right?

Although, I must admit, it's a little high maintenance, it screams for a haircut daily!

So with this enormous love for all things spring, I thought it would be the perfect time to feature The Great Outdoors, as this months featured space, right here on the blog!  That's right, time to get on those mud boots and head on outside, for there is all sorts of fun to be had, and you get to come along for the ride!  From planting wild flowers to staining the deck to starting up a veggie garden to cleaning out the garage {and even getting ready for a garage sale!} to washing cars and thinking up some outdoor decor on the cheap!  Not to mention, getting the car kid friendly for travel and sports season!  So much to do, so much to enjoy, so much to share!

We started off this weekend by taking a ride through the woods to gain some outdoor inspiration!

It's pretty amazing what our earth blesses us with....

How are you gearing up to get your outdoor spaces ready for summer living?  Anyone taking on any major projects for the first time?  How about major garage or shed organization projects {which I would so heart to see!} What's your favorite way to enjoy mother nature during the most wonderful time of the year?


  1. Aw, I'm loving all your beautiful landscaping and flowers that are all in bloom! Gorgeous. :) On our list for this Spring: clean out garage, have garage sale, powerwash/finish resurrecting the buried patio, paint the house, and landscaping! We need some pretty pops of color around our blah-blah-bland house.


  2. Jen, your photos are beautiful! I'm adding you to my blog roll!!
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my milestone yesterday!
    I really love the grass on your kitchen table. A-dorable!
    I took some pix and blogged about my blooms last week.
    As for spring projects: the outside needs constant maintenance and I'm sure I'll be planting more perennials. We are planning a major project maybe for next spring, redoing our deck and utilizing more of our woodsy backyard.
    I love to sit out while my daughter is playing and just soak up the sun (and shade).


  3. I love the wheatgrass idea. What a nice and inexpensive way to bring in some green. I am planting fresh herbs, spinach and lettuce and veggies! I am so impatient, though, I want them to be ready now! :) Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. what I have planned right now is....to try and get all the annoying weeds out of the yard!! We are also planning on painting the outside of our house and maybe attempt some landscaping! maybe! :)

  5. Your photos are so great! You really have an eye for color and all things pretty :) Love your blog, I check back daily. My fiance and I bought our first home and move in next month. Our backyard and deck area are going to get a lot of use this summer. Check it out here: http://heavenintheburbs.blogspot.com/
    Can't wait to see what you've got planned!


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