Tuesday, June 22, 2010

6 IHeart Answering: Delightful Detergent Storage

After I shared a picture of the tops of my washer/dryer, in a recent "Little Laundry Room Things" post, I received quite a few questions....

regarding that shiny topped candy canister, and the contents!

It is actually not my detergent, as most may think and be dying to believe.  However, if you recall from my cleaning post, I can't get enough of the new pump bottle detergent that Method has so smartly created...

And that gets conveniently stored in that pretty white lace basket on the shelf right above the washer....

So what is the mystery white powder?  Well, don't call the DEA team quite yet, it's innocent I tell ya!!

It's actually Borax.  And yeppers, that candy canister can hold an entire box, along with a handy scoop!

For those really tough laundry tasks, I give my detergent and washer an extra hand by adding a scoop of Borax to the mix.  And I also have it on hand as a great earth friendly alternative to making my own cleaning products. 

So, for those wondering if the canister is really worth it for detergent?  Well, I think it would be if you purchase a smaller sized box of it, and wanted to display it in a pretty and convenient way.  And for you big detergent box buyers, there are other cute canister options for you as well!

Like this darling jar, which can be conveniently found at either Walmart or Target, and comes in sizes big and small!

So there you have it.  I really do heart a glass or clear method to storing most everything that I need to replenish around the house.  It always gives me a super quick visual of my inventory when coming up with shopping lists.  And often times is a cute accessory to boot!


  1. I am also a huge fan of their new detergent. I use borax and think this jar approach is great.

    Thanks for another idea!

  2. i love the idea of using more eye appealing cannisters to hold stuff like this. very nice!

  3. I have been making my own laundry soap, and one of the ingredients is Borax. Looking good

  4. I use the second glass canister you posted to hold my baking soda, love it! That Method laundry detergent is just the best, I really hope that product sticks around.

  5. Your laundry room is so CUTE! Mine is in our unfinished basement, and I am trying to think of ways to make the area cute and functional.

  6. I put my liquid laundry detergent and vinegar (great for stains and smells!) in a dispensing glass jar (intended for beverages). Looks beautiful! Only drawback is that it dispenses slowly b/c of the thickness of the detergent. But the beauty is almost worth it. Put my Oxy-Clean powder in a tall glass cylinder vase. Again, gorgeous!


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