Monday, June 7, 2010

7 Item IHeart: Flower Measuring Cups!

I am probably not alone.  In fact, I am sure most of you have been at the same point as me, at one time or another.  You find something online that is just so freaking adorable/perfect/gotta have it and hover your finger over the mouse button, adding it to your personal magical online shopping cart.  And then you stare at it, and you stare at the price that goes with it.  And you stare some more.... and then you click that little "x" in the top right corner, close the screen and walk away, your gut filled with sadness, your mind knowing you probably did the right thing.

That happened to me, as I browsed the Anthropologie website and stumbled across the most adorable Florist Measuring Cups:

There was absolutely nothing I didn't heart about these little gals.  IHeart they are pretty enough to double as function and accessory.  IHeart that they are dishwasher and microwave safe.  IHeart that they make me want to bake instead of dread it.  IHeart these measuring cups so.... but I didn't heart the price.  Coming in at $36 for the set, I just couldn't do it.  And tempted time and time again, still couldn't...

And then I took my little shopping trip to the store, and I held them, carrassed them and gazed at them, and still didn't do it....  Kinda like leaving a pet shop with cute little puppies staring at you with their sad take me home eyes.

So imagine my excitement this fine weekend when I went for a stroll through Pier 1 and stumbled across a set of Floral Measuring cups, wrapped in a beautiful little bow.  My heart thumped as I turned them upside down to look at the price tag...  $15!!!!  And better yet, I had a nice little 20% off any single item coupon burning a hole in my wallet, I felt it was really meant to be, making the set a total of $12 vs. $36.  A savings of $24!  And even though I typically wouldn't spend $12 on measuring cups, it just felt so right.  I couldn't resist.

So, without further ado, my new adorable Flower Measuring Cups:

The colors are pretty perfect for keeping on display in my kitchen space!  And they nest so wonderfully, taking up very little room!

And notice, they done a little pouring spout, something that the Anthropologie set didn't offer!

And each one is tastefully labeled, in cute handwriting script!

All in all, I am happier with this find than if I would have clicked that "checkout" button the first ten times around on the Anthropologie site.  Goes to show as my wise mom always said, "Good things come to those who wait."

So who is with me?  Anyone been so tempted but waited and found something so much better and/or cheaper?  Did you jump up and down in the store, squealing like a little mouse, just like I did?  How about a fun shopping trip this weekend that had you blogging the second you returned home?  Please share the goods!!


  1. Those are adorable. I think they are even better than the Anthro ones! Good find!

  2. So cute! I just adore your website. You inspire me to make things organized AND beautiful--a great combo! Thanks! :)

  3. I recently had a very similar experience so I am totally thrilled for you! I had been wanting a Liberty of London black and white lampshade from Target for months. I saw it in a magazine and they had used it as a hanging light shade and I fell. In. LURVE. I looked in the store, no luck. I looked online, it was out of stock, but they had the check stock button and it said my local store had it. I drove alllll the way over there, no shade (believe me, I scoured that store!). I grieved and tried to move on. A few weeks later I checked the Target site and there it was "in stock in 2-4 weeks". My heart skipped a beat, I added it to my cart then had a mild heart attack at the $8 shipping bringing my $18 shade up to $26!! I looked at it in my cart for a week, and just couldn't bring myself to do it. FFWD to last week hubs and I were in the store and I spotted her, my love, on the END CLEARANCE AISLE. I rushed to her and squealed (out loud) in the store. My husband said he's never seen me smile so big. LOL And one of the beautiful things it was marked down to $9. I. Could. Have. DIED. She's beautiful hanging in our bedroom and I couldn't be happier that I hesitated over that purchase button.

    Sorry this was so long, but your post couldn't have come at a better time! I love the measure cups and so glad you found them. :)

  4. Oh was meant to be!! I was eyeing up the Anthro measuring cups myself, but held off. No great shopping trips to blog about from the weekend.


  5. Oh April, so glad I am not the only one! :) Congrats on your find! You have me smiling along with you!


  6. I am a fan of all things Anthro myself. However, I recently got a job at Pier 1 and about died when I saw this set along with this set:

    (also an Anthro copy). Actually, I'm not sure who copied who but I don't care! The Pier 1 sets are so much cheaper and just as well-made =)

  7. Hi Kristin!

    I have seen those ones too, they are also just adorable! Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing!



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