Friday, June 18, 2010

8 June Featured Space: Laundry Room - The Little Things

When it comes to our personal laundry space, a lot of little things began to pile up.  Like mini spools of thread.

We also have a lot of visible washer/dryer hookup chaos going on.

Adding different types of storage to the tops of the washer and dryer was not only great for just that {putting everything at an easy organized reach}, it also concealed the eye sore hookup mess.

Well, somewhat.  Until we come up with a more long term permanent solution anyway!

So let's chat about those "little things" that we keep in our laundry room.  I am talking extra buttons, sewing supplies {for a gal that doesn't have a clue how to sew} and laundry care items.  Until recently, none of the above had a posh place to call home, they were strewed around in various locations and bins.

So now let's chat about those green boxes.  They instantly caught my eye as I strolled past the office supply isle at Walmart one day.  And then I got closer and couldn't resist taking a peak inside, and what I saw really had my heart.  And into the cart they went.

As you can see, although they are typically meant for an office space, I found use for them in my laundry room.

For all those "little things".

You see, these aren't your typical photo/media office boxes.  Nope, these sweet things have two layers on the inside.  And the top layer is what makes these babies ideal for my little laundry room things.

That's right, the top section is actually a divided tray!  The four section tray is perfect for holding all sorts of little goods from buttons to safety pins and everything itty bitty in-between!

And to make things easy, they have a little loop handle, to quickly pull the top section off to get to the open space below!

The lower space actually is fairly good sized, making the area a perfect candidate for those bigger little laundry items, such as our dry cleaning sack, fabric scrubbers and sweater pill remover.

Don't you heart when little containers can hold so much and add so much style and function to your personal space?  How do you stash your little things in the laundry room?  Jars?  Bowls?  Drawers?  Share your clean little secrets! 


  1. yes yes i do!
    i love organizing containers and it's a double bonus when they're good looking too. oh man, do i ever need this in my cluster of a laundry room.

  2. Ohhh, I have eyed these same boxes at Wal-mart! I am in love with that green color right now, especially when paired with white. I put my baking soda in a cute glass cookie jar with a metal scoop inside for adding to my laundry. I just love how cute it looks! I am going to have to brainstorm and come up with an excuse to get those boxes. LOL

  3. Fabulous boxes! I already planned to stop by Walmart this weekend, so hopefully you got these recently and they'll still have them! Happy Friday!

  4. Those are SWEET organizing boxes! My mouth seriously dropped when you said "two layers inside". Time for a trip to Walmart, I suppose! Those are just too cute, too. The pattern inside is uber-adorable, and I love the two layers. Although perhaps not for our laundry room... currently, we are stashing items in un-matched fabric bins and cheap plastic organizers - with a few old spaghetti jar glasses thrown in for good measure, too. Of course, the plan is to have all these hidden at some point in time... if we ever get to our laundry room makeover, that is!


  5. I reaaalllly like those boxes!!! thanks for sharing :) :)

  6. Ooooo Jen, I really like those boxes, I may have to take a trip to Walmart this afternoon, to take a look. Also is that a candy jar you have detergent in? I've been using liquid, but just bought a huge box of powder and that looks like a perfect solution to hold it in.


  7. Hi- I am using the diaper caddy I used for my youngest ---

    I have the blue one and it works great to hold dryer sheets, detergent, etc. It does not look like a diaper caddy anymore!

  8. Oh boy this laundry room is a dream! I live in southern cal and our washer and driers are in the garage.....Constantly trying to keep it clean from the dust!! Wish I could come up with a plan!!


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