Tuesday, June 1, 2010

13 May Featured Space: Outdoors - Deck the Yard

My quickie weekend project really had me wanting to sing Deck the Halls!  I know it's only June, but this project was all about my backyard deck, and the outcome was like Christmas morning!

This project actually wraps up May's featured space of the great Outdoors, however, as I keep hanging around in our yard, which I will do until snowfall, I will be sure to share any simple or cheap projects that I come up with and try... I still have a couple up my sleeve!

As I mentioned, I did a little deck upgrading this weekend.  It was actually a super easy project that I am sure most of you have completed at some time or another... the results though, were just too good not to share.

Our deck is a cozy one, at only 144 square feet, it typically only functions as a holding zone to our little patio table or kid's swimming pool, but never both at the same time.

The thing I heart most about the deck, was the investment in the PVC railing... so maintenance free and always looks amazing!  The wood planks however, have seen MUCH better days... sigh....

It seems as though we stain our deck every two years or so.  Between kids, dogs and harsh climates, it doesn't take much to destroy a pretty stain job.  So this time I invested in some higher quality Behr Premium Solid Color Deck, Fence & Siding Weatherproofing Wood Stain.  It has a 10 year warranty, so if we even get 5 years out of this stuff, we are happy kids!

This project was a pretty speedy one, start to finish was about 3 and a half hours, with two people plugging away at it.  It started with a good sanding with a palm sander.

This was to ensure that we had a nice and even start, removing any flaking previous stain, and providing a good grip for the new stain.

Then I just used a simple brush to stain down in-between each wooden plank, and my hunky man stained around the outer base.  Then, I grabbed a broom handle that I screwed into a handy paint pad, to use for the top of the remainder of the deck.

The paint pad provided excellent and quick stain coverage, it really cut the overall staining time in half!

And before I knew it, sleigh bells were ringing and I was singing!

We actually let the deck sit for two days before putting anything back on it, ensuring that it was completely dry first.

Once it was all put back together, the difference was amazing.  It looked so much more new and clean, yet still had some cracks in the wood for a slightly aged and lived in look, which fits my style to a T.  Simply breathtaking!


It makes the perfect setting for a little afternoon snack!

Oh, and I just need to take a moment to call out an item I truly heart!  It's just the most adorable drink carafe I have ever seen, I could just stare at it all day and not get anything else accomplished... 

Now that I spilled my weekend project, I would love to hear about what you all were up to this past long weekend?  Anyone get anything small or major accomplished?  Anyone want to share their projects with me to share back with all of you?  Anyone just decide to play all weekend instead?  Do share!


  1. Looks great Jen!What shade is the stain?

  2. Oh, wow! Your deck (and furniture, to boot!) is simply stunning! I love everything (right down to your 10-year stain and table runner! If you don't mind my asking: where did you get the runner, btw?).

    This weekend (in between celebrating our 2 year anniversary and hosting a bbq party) we painted the hallway, wired in a light for the master closet, drywalled and painted. Not exactly what we had planned to do with the space, but coming home last week to a broken closet rod and clothes scattered about prompted a spur-of-the-moment closet makeover! :) When life gives you lemons, make lemonade, right?


  3. Very nice. Where did you get the drink carafe - that is so cute!

  4. Thanks Kelly! The shade is Behr's Stonehedge.

    And Thank you Chelsea! I actually made the runner out of leftover kitchen chair fabric by using no sew hem tape {here is the fabric I used: https://www.fabric.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=c24abde0-8aea-4ca9-a8fa-9ec0d15212b7}. The furniture is actually an old green patio table with a couple of coats of white spray paint over it, and the chairs are just cheapo gray plastic chairs that I updated with some cute chair cushions! :) Gotta love when budget items come together to create a fresh new look!

    And Jen, I picked up the Drink carafe last fall from Pottery Barn, I can't find it online at the moment, not sure if an outlet would have one? http://www.bobbyberkhome.com/show_product/9142/?utm_source=froogle&utm_medium=datafeed&utm_term=9142 {This one is comparably adorable!}


  5. Hey Jen--Where did you find your cushions for the chairs? I need to replace ours, but don't want to spend a fortune.


  6. Jen that came out great! What a smarty pants to have PVC railings!! Your patio looks so inviting. I hope you took some time to enjoy it. We were lazy this weekend and just relaxed and enjoyed the weather and each other.


  7. Ugh, what didn't I attempt this long weekend, in between of taking care of a sick toddler. Fun days. I did complete a small chair project that ended up differently than I thought it would! http://onejunkdrawer.blogspot.com/2010/06/have-seat.html

  8. Hi Anya!

    I found the cushions on clearance from Pottery Barn about two years ago at the end of the summer. They can get pricey so often times there is a lot of benefit in waiting until end of season to pick up outdoor patio accessories. I would check Target or Home Depot as well, they tend to have some pretty cute things!


  9. Jen, Perfect as always. I guess you take spring cleaning to heart. Even in Southern California our weather changes a bit. Especially in the valley we get lower lows and higher highs than near the ocean. The evenings are lovely when it's warm. That is why we're having my mom's 80th, on June 5th, in my backyard. My sister has been helping get the yard ready for the party. She has made it a million times nicer with little or no money. We decided to get little plants and put them in tins and holders for the tables. Then when the party is over I can just put them in the garden. Already my husband helped put in extra perenials (butterfly bedelia, star jasmine, and geraniums in the yard). Out front we put some red white and blue flowers and in the back we put pink,purple,white, yellow and a bit of orange. I found, at Lowes, gorgeous Dahlias and got 2 for the party. I'm going to let my mom take that and one of the pink geraniums home. The dahlias are orange and I know my mom willwant it cause it's one of her favorite flowers. Anne, my sister, is getting her 2 andorack chairs that she's painting. We're going to pretend they are part of my fixed up backyard and surprise her later on, during the party. I promise to take photos.

    In the meantime Anne has helped paint the whole house and her boyfriend has put in laminate floors all over. I had horrible linoleum in half the house and gross carpets in the rest. It looks so big and clean now. I'm a very happy camper. Plus it will help with the health issues I have.

  10. It turned out great! we wish we had a big yard and patio to have such a gorgeous set! We went shopping this weekend and got our bed for a steal! gotta love holiday sales!

  11. I could read a new post every day from you and never be bored! Love your ideas!!!

  12. Kat, sounds like you have been getting a lot accomplished on a low budget! Enjoy the party and thanks for sharing!



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