Monday, July 26, 2010

7 July Featured Space: Bathroom - Shower Storage

One of the main reasons for a bathroom is bathing.  Oh, what the world would be like without bathing... pew.

Anyways, for some, keeping clean comes with a lot of supplies.  Shampoo, Conditioner, Face Cleanser, Body Wash, Soap, Scrubbers, Shavers, Shaving Cream... and the list goes on!

The most common way to keep these goods in organized order, is through a handy shower caddy.  And oh how IHeart a good shower caddy.  In fact, we use 'em in all three of our showers to corral all of the goods.

Why IHeart it?  Because you get snag this multi-functional caddies almost anywhere, and on the cheap.  Like this one from Walmart for under twelve clams!  And they come in so many shapes and sizes and can hold as much or little as you wish.  It also allows all of the shower goods to get off of the shower ledges and shelves, which is safer for little kids so that bottles don't slip and fall into the tub, and is also great when benches and shelves are at a prime in smaller bath/shower stalls.

Shower numero uno.  Our main bathroom shower which is typically used by our three little boys:

The caddy holds their multi-purpose body/hair wash, their scrubbers and soap.  Soap?  Where is the soap?  Well, the caddy had some extra unused bars so I snagged a $1 plastic container from Ikea that looped onto the shower caddy perfectly, to hold the soap!

Or whatever else would want to live in their shower...

Bathroom numero dos.  This bathroom is typically only used by the occasional house guest:

Just the essentials reside here.  Body wash, shampoo, conditioner and a wash cloth.  And using the caddy stuck on the shower wall, saves a ton of necessary space.  The guest shower is so small, that keeping only necessities within a caddy, allows for the benches and shelves to be used by the person within the shower, vs being hogged by the shampoo bottle.

And finally, bathroom numero tres.  Oh this is where all the action happens.  I mean that in a very clean way...

Adults probably come with the most maintenance as we strive to look and smell our best.  And with all those bathroom beauty needs, a lot of clutter and chaos can happen in a jif.

We also use a bathroom caddy in this shower, which is great for holding our scrubbers, soap, special face scrubs and razor.  But it's usefulness stops there.  Because I also use a daily face cleanser, shampoo and conditioner, shaving cream and body wash.

I found that by placing all of our shower goodies into similar looking travel bottles worked best for us.  Why?  Well, because I am crazy OCD about everything looking unified.  But besides my little crazy antics, it's also pretty functional.  First of all, you all may know by now that I am a huge believer in clear storage, which always allows for a quick inventory check.  Second, keeping everything stored in these handy little bottles, makes packing up for a trip, uber speedy, since they can all just simply be tossed into our travel toiletry tote!  And lastly, I find that these little bottles are far easier to manage and use than all of the large bulky bottles {which at times can even be too big to fit on a shower shelf without falling onto to the floor of three times before the shower is over, or too large for my hand to comfortably wrap around and squeeze},  especially because I typically buy shampoo and conditioner in bulk/large bottles. 

And of course by now I know which bottle is which, but for starting out and for the hubs, a simple label with a sharpie marker on the bottom did the trick!

By now, you are all probably uber curious as to where the bigger, heftier bathroom bottles reside in-between fillings {which only happens all at once, every couple of weeks}...

I store all extra items in a drawer in the bathroom, it's a deep drawer, so everything just stands up nicely inside!

And because I typically buy my bathroom products when I find a sale or in a larger sized bottle, having this drawer to store all of the excess products and lotions, couldn't work out better!

Who's with me on the unified OCD thing?  Someone please tell me I am not the only one who puts my toiletries into matching bottles... Anyone have any other crazy OCD traits they are willing to share with us?  I would love to know I am not alone!


  1. Do you have problems with the sticky ones falling off the wall? Everything I try to stick to the shower wall seems to fall off.

  2. Hi Lisa!

    I actually don't have any trouble with the suction cups. But I can see how frustrating it would be...

    I just make sure I start out with a clean/dry surface. Then I just use a little spit, stick 'em to the shower wall and flatted out the suction cup to the point of no air under it. I wait a little while and make sure it's stuck good before putting the caddy back up.

    Hope that helps!


  3. I absolutely LOVE the idea of storing shampoo and conditioner and things like that in the clear travel bottles! That is such a great idea. Awesome job organizing!

  4. Hi Jen! I'm not even sure if you'll see this comment, as I am aware that this is a VERY old post! I have been going backwards through your blog since finding it a month ago, and though it's taking me a while, I'm loving every minute of it!
    I just had to comment on this post because I am also a HUGE fan of decanting anything in liquid form, to a prettier vessel! I plan on doing a post about it in my new little blog
    I hope you get the chance to check it out, because you have been a huge inspiration in many ways, including starting a blog in the first place!
    I plan to hang around on here alot, so I'm sure we'll get the chance to chat soon!
    Love everything you;re doing! xo Cassie

  5. I have never thought of the matching bottles, but I am going to do it now!! That is AWESOME!! I heart it!! I am just found your blog and I have been doing one small space at a time, but it sure does make me smile to look at the places I have organized!! Thanks for your blog! It makes me very happy!!

  6. Never thought about this idea. How awesome:) I travel now often for my job and have those handy little bottles all filled and always ready to go but it is one more thing to manage in the bathroom as I still have all those bulky bottles etc, in the shower. Awhhh, I will be adding this to the "To Do List" and making the switch to having them in the shower and store the bulky ones. You have so inspired me to get back on track,Thank You so very much!!!!

  7. We've been reducing our plastic consumption, and just have two bars of soap on our shelf-a shampoo bar, and an olive oil body soap. Coconut oil for de-frizzer and lotion. It has been so freeing minimizing the products we have in the bathroom.


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