Monday, July 19, 2010

4 July Featured Space: Bathroom - Weekend Update Part 1

As I mentioned this morning, I decided to update our main bathroom this weekend.

It all started with inspiration from the new shower curtain.  I found one at Target strolling through the isles, that had a great color and texture to it.  It didn't match the current green, but that was definitely OK.  I love painting.  And I love the feeling after a room is painted.  It's AMAZING what one gallon of paint can do.  As they always say, paint is the cheapest way to make a major wow transformation!

So I brought the new shower curtain to my local Home Depot, where I picked through some swatches until I found that perfect color.  I went with something a few shades lighter than the shower curtain.  It was also a color that I felt would be much more calming and versatile than the present Grape Leaves Green and Brown.

The color I went with was Behr's Premium Primer & Paint in Verdigris.  IHeart the Premium Paint & Primer in one, I have a busy family, I don't have tons of times to put on multiple coats of paint!

So as of now, I had a total bathroom investment of $24.99 for a shower curtain, $2.98 for shower curtain hooks and $32.98 for paint {yikes on the paint, but totally worth it!}

The first thing I did was take a couple of "before" pictures, just to remember and compare.

Then I went right to work priming the bathroom cabinet:

I took the cabinet door and drawers to the garage to prime.  I let it all sit for a couple of hours and then started painting the cabinet the same day.  I went with Behr's Navajo White, which I already had on hand as it is the same color that we have on our kitchen cabinets.  I was so excited to have the cabinets the same color to create more unity between the two spaces!

At the same time as I painted the cabinets, I started painting the walls.  One coat of paint later, it was done!!

And my favorite part is pulling all the tape {while the paint is still wet}:

The new color was just what the space needed!  It was instantly bright and fresh and felt so much cleaner!  And I really love having just one color on the walls now vs. the two toned.  It's absolutely fantastic!

But I did so much more on day 2.  Installed hardware, updated the artwork and added boatloads of storage, so keep checking back for those details this week!

Anyone else tackling their bathroom this month?  What types of things you got going on in there? {Keep it pc please, haha}  Little storage additions or major overhauls?  Am I the only one that would take the opportunity to redo a whole room because I couldn't find a new shower curtain that matched the existing decor?  What is the craziest reason you updated one of your spaces?


  1. Wow, that's a huge change for a nice light price tag!

  2. Fantastic change already! I'm loving the brighter, lighter feel in there! (and I think that not being able to find matching decor is a perfect idea to update the paint in a room!)


  3. It *is* amazing what one gallon of paint can do! It wasn't recent, but I redid our bathroom a few months back and it was also a super cheap makeover! Check it out!

    Keep up the good work!!


  4. Yes I love painting! Its always soooo hard for me to commit to a color though b/c like you I don't have time for coats and coats of paint (and I also only use the Behr + primer mix and love it!) I have a green bathroom redo also, not totally perfect yet but getting there...


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