Tuesday, July 6, 2010

8 July Featured Space: Bathroom - That's Shelftacular!

Happy July!  I hope that you all had an absolutely wonderful and fun filled holiday weekend!  Any fun projects get accomplished?

Now that we have begun a new month, I am turning to a new Featured Space right here on the ol' blogaroo!

That's right, this month, I get to chat all about bathrooms!  And if I am awesome enough, I might even be able to chat my hubby into installing some much needed storage in our little itty bitty main bathroom.  So let's keep our fingers crossed for that!

I thought I would start out with a simple revamp that I had recently made to our master bathroom space.  It once looked liked this:

Now I don't know exactly what you are thinking, but if you were me, you would be wondering what is up with that over the toilet shelf?  I mean really, what purpose is providing to the space?

Well, it was great for holding a collected supply of gifted perfumes, received over the years as lovely gifts from dear ones.  They sat corralled upon a ceramic white tray which sat upon a set of glass shelves.  Above and beyond that, the shelves really provided no other service other than visual clutter.

Until the one fine day I was strolling through my 2nd home local Target, only to stumble across the cutest little floating shelf, which was ON SALE!  Love that!  And my most favorite part, was the curved edge detail and the holding rail across the front.

Pretty perfect bathroom solution right?  I mean, no worrying about the glass beauties taking a swim in the toilet below, the railing is holding them in a nice a safe place!

And the shelf is such a versatile storage option, since any day I could switch it out to hold Q-Tip containers or rolled washcloths or any bathroom necessity in between!

Plus, it's absolutely adorable and creates FAR less visual clutter than the previous option!

Here is that glorious side by side:

It's also fun to notice the difference that a new camera makes!  Since recently snagging a DSLR {due to the tragic loss of my previous photo snapper}, colors are so much more true and accurate! 

This total project was completed in less time than a normal person would spend in the space.  If you know what I mean...  And I love quick and easy storage updates that leave you wanting more after the fact.

So let's chat about you.  Any recent quick and easy updates that allowed you to gain more streamlined storage, and left you whistling Dixie?  Any good before and afters to share with this gal?  How about any major bathroom overhauls going on?  Hop up on that soap box, I would love to know!


  1. Love the new shelf! It makes the space feel so much larger. (And I love the photos your new camera takes, too!)


  2. I recently did a bathroom before and after post on my blog. I can't wait for your ingenious ideas!

  3. I was worried that the bathroom was pink for a sec! Great new camera, and that little shelf has a huge impact.

  4. I love organizing the bathroom. Can't wait to see all of your changes!

  5. Hey Jenn! I love your bathroom. You have inspired me to want to work on mine. I have a question though, what color and brand of paint did you use? THANK YOU!
    Jo Ann

  6. @Jo Ann,
    The paint color is Behr's Gulf Winds and it is a Kitchen and Bath paint so that we don't get any water marks around the sink or shower.


  7. Jen,

    I love what you did here! I've been wanting to do this in my bathroom and haven't found the perfect floating shelf yet. I know you said you got yours from Target, but I haven't been able to find it in their store or on their website. I know this was about two years ago, so they may no longer have it. Do you have a link or similar shelf that you can suggest?

    Thanks for your help!

    Best, Mallory

    1. Hi Mallory!

      I haven't seen anything I like equally as much anywhere, I have been looking around as well. I will let you know if I find anything during my searches.



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