Tuesday, August 31, 2010

6 August Featured Space: Bedroom - Closet Inspiration

Now that I have completed the fun side of our closet update....

It's time to address the other side.....

We had already added floor to ceiling shelving cubbies to not only act as a divider between the closet and the "office" to the tune of about $30.  We also reused all of the wire shelving that was already in the closet, we just installed it at new heights to make room for two good rows of clothes storage.  I also tossed a shoe stand in there that I snagged from another closet.

Now it's time to fill up those shelves and hang up the clothes..... but before I get started, I thought that it would be fun to drool over some online closet candy I found as a little inspiration!

Courtesy of BHG.com

Courtesy of ContainerStore.com

Courtesy of MakingitLovely.com

Courtesy of BHG.com

Courtesy of RemodelingCenter.com

Each on of those closet spaces makes me uber eager to hop into my own closet organization project, like 10 minutes ago!  I can't be the only one wiping up slobber off of my keyboard?  Can I?  It's pictures like this that inspire me.  What inspires you?


  1. i am so glad to have found your blog. i love organizing; i'm just not always the best at it! it's fun to watch your step-by-step progress. thanks so much for sharing!

    (and yes, all those closet photos are giving me the urge to rip out our ugly "storage" systems and make it all pretty!)

  2. I posted my closet reorganization on my blog...before it was a mess, but now it's much better! I changed out hangers and colored coded the clothes.

  3. Hey..I was going to say what Toni said above. YOU!!! :)

  4. Aww! Thanks gals!

    xoxo times a bazillion!


  5. It might be worth investing in some huggable hangers or something similar. I thought they were silly and a waste of money, but my mom got me a huge set for christmas and I LOVE my closet it now. They really make it feel so clean and organized! Believe me you will feel extra proud of your closet. They used to sell them exclusively on hsn, but now they have them at target and other places too. if you can get a special 'deal' it's worth it to buy from hsn.


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