Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1 IHeart a Coffee Talk Link Party!

One of my new favorite blogs is having a link party!  It's all the rage you know... these link parties!  I just can't get enough!

Emily Clark has a design business {which she totally rocks at!} and an adorable home as well!  Check out her recent coffee table find on Craigslist for $30!!!

Seriously STUNNING!!  You have to go and check her out, and take your shoes off and stay for the party she's got going on!  Everyone is invited!

Emily wants to know:
What kind of statement does your coffee table make?  Do you use something besides an actual table?  How is it styled?

Right now, our coffee table says, "I am comfortable and resilient in my surroundings, able to hold lots of feet, provide a cushy place for a child to take a nap and able to have wine juice spilled upon me, and still look fabulous minutes later!"

Yep, we are typical cushy leather ottoman folks at the moment.  And as I have had and will again sport a glass coffee table {I just can't get enough of the open and airy feeling they lend!}, with all the little tykes we have running the joint, we just can't go wrong with the leather piece!

I tried to style the ottoman simply, since our living space isn't very large, I didn't want to create too much eye clutter.

The large tray offers some texture, breaking up all that leather look.

It's also great for corralling things, like pretty flowers and good reads.... however, it's also complete perfection for holding a beverage and popcorn bowl!

Yet when it's time to put those tootsies up and call it a day.... the tray is easily moved and we now have a jumbo sized place for the perfect family slumber party!

Now it's your turn!  Make sure to head on over to Emily's site and share your story!  Because I will be stalking the post for more inspiration!  And while your here, fill me in on how you organize your coffee table/ottoman/footstool....

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  1. I've been following your blog for some time now but am in the process of reading it all.. Came across this post and am inspired to "make over" my coffee table this weekend.. It's too late to do it now.. Will email before and after pics.. :). Thnx for the inspiration!


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