Thursday, September 23, 2010

57 IHeart Giveaway: Style Tile

 **  Attention:  This Giveaway has since ended.  Thanks everyone for participating!!  **  

Another giveaway today?  Oh yes, I am feeling generous!

Here is what's up!

One of the things I have done a couple of times now, it offer some online assistance in the form of a "Style Tile".  Since I am a huge believer that organizing is more enjoyable and better kept up when paired with some flair or design, I typically combine the two!  One transformation I shared with you all already, in the form of updating my BFF's bedroom!

Please see, my very first Style Tile ever!

{Click to Enlarge}
You can read all about how it turned out here along with some great before and after shots, but here are a couple of reminders of the final product:

{Click to Enlarge}

Then something WAY cool happened.  I received the following email:

Lisha wrote:

Hello Jen,

I want to first say that I love your blog and since you seem so knowledgeable with painting and decorating, I was wondering if you have any advice on my situation....  We are getting a new couch set for the den and it's one my husband picked out, btw but I am trying to accept it and find a color scheme for this darn couch!  I don't like the pillows and will get new pillows to replace the ones that come with it but I have no clue as to what color scheme would go.  I want to paint the walls and everything, do you have any advice?  Here is a pic of the sofa:


I really need help with this one and any advice would be greatly appreciated...I SO love your home and got a lot of great ideas from you, I think you can give Martha Stewart a run for her money:)

Aww, Lisha, you are too kind and I was blushing with awe over the fact she was coming to me for some design advice!  It's like my biggest dream come true right!?  However, I needed a little more before I felt comfortable answering, so after some back and forth, I squeezed some room pics out of her, along with more information, such as room tones, current inspiration, other pieces she was keeping in the space, etc... She also shared some organizing dilemma's with me and had let me know what rug she was leaning towards to gain a color pallet from!

And here are Lisha's pictures:

{Click to Enlarge}

So I took this opportunity to create a Style Tile for Lisha, for her entire space, offering pretty storage solutions to her dilemmas, and making it work with her new couch set!  Here is what I came up with! 

{Click to Enlarge}

1.  The color scheme was chosen to be based on the gray couches along with colors pulled from the rug that you had selected.  A gray blue color on the walls would look fresh yet create some calm in a room that is sure to get lots of gaming and family action!  Pops of dark brown in furniture and in a lighting pendant would add balance and the additional turquoise touches through accessorizing would be a fantastic way to add a fun dimension to the space!

2.  The curtains I found come in at an amazing $10 for a pair, making them a super affordable window treatment option!  These will add softness to the space.

3.  How absolutely gorgeous is this plate?  It would be an amazing centerpiece on the coffee table, and if you are worried about kid's getting to it and it not being safe their, it could be mounted on a wall as art or displayed on the mantle.

4.  Adding a drum hanging pendant in a deep brown tone would bring together the brown tones in the rug and the brown tones in the furniture, giving a focally giving the eye balance between the floors, ceiling and walls.  Keeping things like the pendant lamp, rug and furniture coordinated brings a very cohesive feeling to the room.

5.  Time to talk about STORAGE!  Solution number 1 would be to focus on all of those cd's and movies!  Two bookcases {in either a wider or skinnier version based on room dimensions} flanking each side of the fireplace would be an amazing balance and offer LOADS of storage.  The movies and cd's could just be stacked, or, if looking for an option to conceal them, these cheapo yet cute media boxes would look fantastic as well!  And some magazine files would be perfect for any loose catalogs or extra magazines that you have floating around!  A mixture of the neutrals and white would again tie into the overall room color scheme.

6.  Another way to tie ALL of the colors together is through a set of amazing artwork prints!  I just heart how the colors and patterns mimic the rug, but not exactly which would give the space a lot of visual interest!  And using classic square frames to house the prints in would be a great finishing touch!

7.  When it comes to the mantle, I thought these adorable candle holders would be that perfect pop of turquoise accent.  And, although not sure if you would be willing to, or what the material of the mirror frame is, I think it would look amazing if painted a crisp white.

8.  Lets talk even more STORAGE!  Solution number 2 would be to add a sofa table behind either the couch of the love seat.  The option I am throwing out there provides 4 lower shelves that are the perfect size for some baskets that could be used to hold all of your video game equipment, and the upper shelves could be used to hold family board games!

9.  Another way to introduce that incredible turquoise accent color would be with these gorgeous vases!  Between the candle holders and the vases spread out between the mantle, bookshelves and sofa table, the room would be given a high end pulled together look!

10.  This rug is one of the most important pieces in the space, which completely keeps the room grounded, and in this case, was the inspiration for the spaces color scheme! 

11.  How about one or two of these preciously pretty lamps in the space?  They are a beautiful shade of blue gray, and would look fantastic set atop of the sofa table!

12.  Lastly I thought that these throw pillows, in shades of Turquoise and a Gray Blue ruffle, would be the perfect icing on the cake.  Both simple and playful for a young and fun family, again, tying all of the colors together.

I am so excited about all the inspiration that Lisha can grab from the board, and since I offered up the solution a couple of months ago, here is to hopin' that we hear back from Lisha with some sweet "After" pics in the near future!

I haven't just been putting together these Style Tiles for others, I needed one for myself as well!  See, with the recent flooding, we decided the first room to tackle downstairs, would be the new play room!  So, to get my husband on board with my ideas, I threw together a quickie Style Tile for none other than, us!

{Click to Enlarge}

Stay tuned for more details on that, in the very near future!

Where am I going with ALL of this info?!  Well, now that you have seen a couple of my Style Tiles, I want to GIVE YOU ONE!!

That's right!  One lucky reader will receive a free organization/design Style Tile from yours truly, which will also be shared right here on the blog!  Here is how to enter:

1} Anyone is eligible to enter.  Only one entry per person, duplicate entries will be disqualified.
2} Leave your email or blog address so I have a way to contact you if you win.
3} Leave a comment on the giveaway post stating "IHeart Style Tiles" and describe what space you would have Style Tiled if you win!

Giveaway is open from Thursday, 9/23 through 9 p.m. central time Monday, 9/27.  One winner will be selected using, and announced via the blog on Tuesday, 9/28.

Thanks everyone and good luck! 


  1. IHeart Style Tiles!!!!!

    I just bought a duplex and I'm having a hard time deciding what to do with my master bedroom. I have a 5 pound black chihuahua and black fur duvet to match her :) I have way too much black in my bedroom for my liking and I'm in desperate need for pops of color! I need help! You can email me at or visit my blog

  2. IHeart Style Tiles!

    I really need help with our living room. It's the first room people see when they walk in and it's lacking style in a major way. :)

  3. IHeart Style Tiles

    I really need help with our living room and family room. Both have recently been remodeled but need some style help!

  4. IHeart Style Tiles.....ooh how exciting...

    Our family room needs help...I want corral toys, books and entertainment in a stylish way and I'm stumped.

  5. I heart Style Tiles!!! YAY!

    We have an upstairs bedroom that has many names - "The Man Cave", "The Room of Requirement", etc, etc. It is a guest room/media room/library/storage/video gamin' room. Yea, LOTS going on in there. I have some good ideas, but would love to really polish the whole thing off.

  6. LOVE your blog. I look forward to seeing it every day. Even if I don't win, I would love to see some mantle ideas. Not holiday but everyday type of thing. I have always struggled with our living room. We have three walls (the forth is open to the kitchen) one is a bay window, another has 2 doors (garage and basement) and the other has a fireplace. I love our leather furniture and 3 amazing canvases of my sons which I would like above or on the mantle. There is also a flat screen TV with a corner cabinet. Everything else is open! Thanks so much! You can contact me at

  7. IHeart Style Tiles!

    I absolutely love your blog and have used several of your ideas in my home. I haven't done a thing to our master bedroom since we got married, and am desperately looking for some help with it!

  8. I'd love to have a style tile for my bedroom. I've already painted the walls and I have the furniture. I need help organizing and putting it all together.

  9. I heart style tiles!

    I would love to organize our office/craft room. It's been recently painted and has new curtains but I'm stuck on the shelving and storage...

  10. I heart style tiles!!! I'd need help with my spare room!

  11. This is an awesome give-a-way!

    I'm having a hard time just picking ONE room, but would have to say my living/family room. It lacks style. We moved in 2 1/2yrs ago and still have no drapery. We have blinds, couch, love seat, ottoman that stuffed w/kid toys, and a TV. Oh, and 2 end tables. Very boring. I want some pizazz!

  12. IHeart Style Tiles!!

    Our office has never truly become the office! It houses desks and bookcases, but also houses so many other things that we have no other place for in the house. I need help creating efficient work spaces for me and my husband while utilizing the rest of the room and closet for storage. We have been at battle with this room for about 2
    years -- we would LOVE your help!


  13. Iheart Style Tiles!

    EIther my dining room or our master bedroom. Both need some help these days :)

    Love your blog!

  14. iHeart Style Tiles!

    I would have to say my family room, I'm currently renting and so every idea has to be removable. I'm having a hard time designing my space (and staying under a budget) to cover the ugly brown shag (yuck!) carpet, white walls, wood framed windows and doors. The space opens up to my kitchen and dining room, so I would like to be able to divide the space so someone knows where the dining room stops and the family room starts. I could really really use some ideas and help!

    -Meredith @ meredith and maggie

    P.S. I love your blog!

  15. IHeat Style Tiles!!

    I would definitely have the master bedroom styled. It was a really dark color when I moved in, so I repainted with a not-so-great color, but that's another story... Really it lacks style and personality, it needs a little kick! :)

  16. What a wonderful idea! And I love the fact that you used inexpensive items to come up with a fabulous look!

    My living room is in need of a makeover! It's the room we spend all of our free time in. We have a 3.5 year old, which means we have a toy problem. A big toy problem.

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. IHeart Style Tiles!!
    Our new house is so much bigger and I feel overwhelmed trying to decorate and keep the cost down. When you first enter our home you see the comb living room dining room. It's more of a formal space but we don't want it to feel that way. I would love any help I could get!

  19. IHeart Style Tiles

    I would really love do to something with our Master Bedroom, the rest of the house my husband wants to leave as is because he is waiting for the kids to destroy things before we replace, but I would love for our bedroom to become a sanctuary and place that is just ours and will always look pretty. We don't have tons of money to spend so I am scared to make choices that won't work and then not have the money to redo it.

  20. IHeart Style Tiles (especially ones prepared by you! Fabulous!)

    I've just moved into my first big girl apartment, so my fiance and I are still struggling to make things work. If I'm lucky enough to win this style tile giveaway, I'd choose my bedroom as the room to receive your expert opinion! We have a definite color scheme right now, but the room needs to be pulled together. We want it to be mature and classy and obviously comfortable. Right now we only have one dresser so we're looking for more storage. And our television is large and hulking and I hate how it looks on our dresser, so some sort of TV stand/storage would be great!


  21. Beautiful designs! My whole house could use your touch! I have a playroom/media room for my 3 kiddos, ranging from 3-14, that really needs help. It is overrun with toys and activities for all their varied interests, and they need this space to do a little bit of everything. I also want to add a desk/office area for me so I can work close by.

  22. Awesome! I NEED this for our new master bedroom...I'm stuck! Thanks!

  23. IHeart Style Tiles!

    I would love some help with our living/family/play room! It is such a weird shape and has so many purposes! PLUS, we can't paint! UGH! Super high ceilings, too. (The joys of military housing!)

  24. I heart style tiles!

    I would definitely have you help come up with a new master bedroom for us. We'd literally be starting from scratch (only our new king mattress would stay!). I have a duvet that I love, and that'd be the inspiration for the room. I'm getting better at this whole "design" thing, but I REALLY want to get our bedroom right--and uber organized!

  25. I heart Style tiles!

    Who wouldn't?? I would be very pleased and grateful to win! We need some help in our living room/family room/parlor/entertainment/reading room (you get the idea...)

  26. I heart Style tiles!
    My Master Bedroom needs major help! I would love love to win!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  27. I Heart Style tiles!
    we have been trying to convert our "living room" into a playroom/home office and are so stuck! thanks so much - I would love your help!

  28. IHeart Style Tiles!

    Thank you so much for offering this gift to us, Jen! I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog since I connected to it via YHL:-)

    I would love to have every one of my rooms designed, lol:-) I would probably choose the living room or kitchen/breakfast nook. I need your help!


  29. "IHeart Style Tiles"......So exciting!

    I have two rooms that need some help so i will have to decide which one needs it the most if i win (crossing my fingers)

    So I have a newly finished basement that is pretty much a gi-normous playroom. I need a media center and toy storage that is cute and functional and window treatments, etc, etc

    Other room is the Family room. Also needs some toy storage and window treatments some accesseries, etc.

    I love your blog. I have 3 little boys too, so its fun to see how you handle your everyday activites!!


  30. IHeart style tiles!! yay

    I am about 3 months pregnant and have a guest bedroom that must also double as a nursery!! I currently have neutral bedding and the bed is all that has to stay, it is a fairly good size room with a nice walk in closet!! We have sliding doors that go out to a patio, so covering those is a goal (currently vertical blinds...ewwie). I'm not looking to anything matchy, matchy or too babyish!! Something sophisticated and modern, but still classic (we have to sell or rent our house in 1.5 years)

    Nina Lee

  31. IHeart Style Tiles!

    We have a cozy living room that I love, but it is lacking in color. I just can't seem to find an inspiration for those perfect "pops of color."

    I look forward to seeing future style tiles!

  32. IHeart Style Tiles!
    I would love to have your help with my family room! Right now there is a big entertainment center a L shape couch (the one with the big pillows that are ALWAYS on the floor because of the kids) and in a corner I have a few containers with toys (I don't have a play room and they don't want to stay up in their rooms where there are MORE toys!). The fire place is also here, so it is a room with lots of potential but don't know where to start from.

    Thank's for the giveaway!

  33. I Heart Style Tiles!
    Hi Jen and thanks for the chance to win. Your tiles are amazing. You've got a great eye for style. If I win, I'd love for you to create a tile for my master bedroom. I bought a blue gray botanical comforter but I'm stuck beyond that. Please help!

  34. IHeart Style Tiles!

    Hi Jen! Thank you for the chance to win this give away. You are amazing and inspiring. I am struggling with our downstairs basement family room. It is large and functions as a family room, exercise room and computer area. Help!!!!

  35. I Heart Style Tiles!

    I would love to see what you can come up with for my dining room. It's small and dark and has cream carpet..really...who would put cream carpet where you eat???? Anyway..thanks for the chance to win!

  36. iHeart Style Tiles!

    Oh my! What to choose? I would be thrilled to see what you could come up with for our master bedroom. With 3 boys, it becomes a dumping ground for laundry, the occasional toy and well, stuff. It is the most neglected room in the house.

    amyjefferies at gmail dot com

  37. so happy i stumbled upon your blog. i heart this idea :) i could use a style tile for our living/family/great room ...

  38. IHeart Style Tiles
    I would LOVE if you helped out with our main living room. It's a fairly large room and I like our furniture, only problem there is NO color in it. Like none. I've been to scared to choose a color scheme. HELP!

  39. IHeart Style Tiles!!

    I would love to get some advice on our office. I have some great pieces...just not sure how to arrange everything in such a small space!

  40. IHeart Style Tiles....Would love to makeover our Master Bedroom with something more updated....

    jdrankin@numail dot org

  41. IHeart Style Tiles... Just as much as I heart my home!

    However it sadly needs some organizing & style tips and I'd particularly live you to cast your organized eye over my lounge room, which is in a state of chaos.This is partly because my boyfriend just moved in and partly because well... I'm chaotic!

  42. I Heart Style Tiles
    I would Heart to have a style tile for our living room. It's coming along, but needs a bit of help.

  43. IHeart Style Tiles

    We have a cozy sitting room off our master bedroom, it is the smallest "room" in the house (outside of the bathrooms) and yet it's the room we spend the most time in. We snuggle up and watch tv in there more than the family room, but I've always had a hard time making it work. It's a long narrow room with the two long walls consisting of a wall of windows and a wall of double french pocket doors leading into the master, plus one of the short walls has the door leading into the room and another window. We currently have an oversized couch (had a smaller one but swapped it with the great-room couch during a mini remodel) and a corner tv unit in the room, one small side table with a lamp and a floor lamp. Did I mention the carpet is a dark green! I would love to see what your vision would be for this space.


  44. IHeart Style Tiles!!!

    I need help with my office space/guest bedroom! I currently have a convertible sofa and some random office furniture that I more than willing to replace. I hope I win because I know you'll put together an amazing room!


  45. iheart style tiles!

    i would also choose my living room. i'm in the process of redoing it -on the (very!) cheap- and i think i'm headed in a good direction, but could always use extra help!

  46. IHeart Style Tiles. I would either do our living room or my boys room. I have 2 little boys, ages 2 1/2 and 4 1/2 and we are planning to put them together into one room, and turn the extra bedroom into an office. The office is currently in the living room, so I would like to know how to makeover that space -- maybe add a dining area to our long living room. But I would also like to know how to arrange the 2 boys together with all of their toys, books, clothes, etc. We can't use a bunkbed due to fan placement -- plus it gets too hot here in AZ in the summer to be near the top of the room. Thanks so much, LOVE your blog!
    Lisa Speck

  47. IHeart Style Tiles!

    IHeart your blog and look forward to reading it after the kiddies are in bed :) and the dust has settled after the daily pickup.

    I would love to have a style tile for my basement artsy/crafty corner or a bedroom retreat. What an awesome give away! Thanks!


  48. iHeart Stye Tiles! Like many others I would love to have a style tile for our master bedroom. Almost every other room in our house has been planned carefully and decorated (especially our nursery)! Our room, because we're the only ones who see it, has been sadly neglected. There is a bed, two nightstands, a dresser, and a chair. Nothing on the walls. We're ready to finally make the space a get away for us at the end of a busy day!

    So happy to have found your blog! Have a pantry project underway :o)

    powers.kristin at

  49. IHeart Style Tiles!
    Our "family room' which is now being used as a family room/ playroom for our 3 boys looks a hott mess! With vaulted ceilings and textured walls I just can't seem to get this room right. Please help me with a style tile.

  50. IHeart Style Tiles!!

    I love your blog too! I'd love to have a style tile done for my bedroom!

  51. I Heart Style Tiles!

    I need help with my living room! We have a ten month old little girl and her things are everywhere! We don't have a playroom so we have to keep all her little (and big) things in the living room.

    I love your blog!

  52. I heart Style Tiles
    I just this minute found your blog off another blogger's site!! O-M-G!!!! Your blog is awesome!!!!!!! Ok, so my main bathroom is the BANE of my existence!! WE have been peeling off the wallpaper (nightmare) for months to get rid of the major mold problems!! It is out of control!! The bathroom needs major organizational help - it is so tiny and all six of us shower in there every day!!
    I'm in a crisis - could you help??

  53. I heart Style Tiles!!

    This may seem like an odd one but my garage needs help! I love your work and your garage looks fantastic! We have an exactly 2 car garage and my husband is getting into woodworking so I'd love to be able to have a work bench he could work but we can still park the cars in at night. Plus we need some organization there since we have lost all room in the house to babies (one here and hopefully another soon). Pick us...we're out of ideas!

    Kristine (

  54. IHeart Style Tiles!

    I have managed to finalize every room in my house except for our dining room. It's a dining room table.....and nothing else. There's a beautiful fireplace as well but this room is also a major pass through area from the entrance & kitchen, so we are confused as to where to put what. Any help would be awesome! - Rachel

  55. iHeart style tiles!

    what a crazy, fun idea! i think i would have you help with our family room for sure. the ceilings are forever tall and we currently only have one bookshelf in there... but desperately need more!

    hugsandkissesdesigns [at] gmail [dot] com

  56. I heart Style Tiles!!

    Your style tiles are sooo cute!! i love them!!
    I would love one for my craft room! i need some help in there! I have a pillow i would love to design the room around but that's about as far as i got!!

  57. I heart style tiles!!

    Amazing work Jen, as always!! I think you shoud do this as a side job:-) Perfection!

    I would love help with my bedroom!


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