Thursday, October 21, 2010

2 IHeart Giveaway: Safety First Winner

A huge THANK YOU to SafetyBook for partnering with IHeart Organizing to offer a free annual subscription to their website, to two lucky readers!

Using, Heather {#2} and Elizabeth {#17} were selected as this week's giveaway winners!  Now, they will be able to sleep with ease, because SafetyBook will keep them notified if any of their automobiles, household and children items are recalled.  Gotta heart a site that keeps track of all of your items, clutter free, and takes on the worry for you! 

CONGRATULATIONS Heather and Elizabeth, I am so excited for you!  And THANKS again to everyone who participated this week!


  1. Yeah yeah yeah!!! I am sooooo excited! Thank you, Jen! :-)

  2. funny, cause my stroller was just recalled....AGAIN.


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