Tuesday, October 26, 2010

20 Paint Obsessed

The fact that I have an addiction isn't a surprise to most.  Especially those that have known me for quite awhile now.  I actually believe that I have quite a few addictions, like my family, and photography, organizing and bad reality television...

But one that I seem to be REALLY obsessed with is painting.  It's true.  If there is a support group for "Painters Anonymous", then sign me up. 

I know I have said it before, but we have been told we are shrinking our home, one coat of paint at a time.  Our living room as been 5 colors since we moved in 9 years ago.  Anything that can get a quick coat of spray paint, does.  Even the dog get's a coat here and there!

So many things could attribute to the addiction, but I am quite confident it's ultimately because of the huge gratification I get when I paint something, and see the beautiful transformations that are made.  The wow of the before and afters.  The sense of accomplishment....

Which brings me here: 

Anyone notice my latest desk accessory?

Because I am so paint obsessed, it should not come as a surprise, that a few week's ago I hopped on the ol' paint swatch bandwagon. 

That's right.  Someone call the paint swatch police, because I sat at my local HD and plucked every single Behr Ultra Paint/Primer Paint Swatch that they had.....

Ever since I caught wind of the Paint/Primer idea, I have been scooping up gallons left and right.  One coat coverage is this gal's best time saving friend.  And now, I don't have to drive 30 minutes to my closest Home Depot, snag some swatches, drive another 30 minutes back home to confirm a color, drive 30 more minutes to get the paint, and drive another 30 minutes back home.  Nope, I just saved an hour of driving every time I need to paint something in mi casa, by heading to my desk and picking the perfect paint color from the comfort of my home.  WA to the HOO my friends!

And of course, when I got them home, I ensured they were all in color swatch order.

Here is my favorite part though.  Just as soon as I was secretly stashing stacks of paint swatches in my jacket and purse and everywhere in-between.... I spotted this little guy... and had to laugh a little....

Hmmm... what's inside?

Mini Paint SWATCHES!

Maybe I am the last to know?  Maybe not?  Could have saved oodles of paint swatch plucking time...

Either way, I am still ok with the boatloads of jumbo sized swatches I have stacked upon my desk, because they are great for sliding under the door trim to view color choices.  Which I have already done in a couple of places around the abode....

And the smart little pamphlet is just the perfect size to keep tucked away in my purse for when I am out and about.  All I have to do is mark the colors I already have on the walls in my home, so when I am shoppin', I can match the perfect accessory or pillow or lamp, because I will have my handy paint swatches right in arms reach!

But the real question I have for you, because I know that I am not the only paint swatch klepto out there... Is how in the heck do you store these things?!? 

Anyone have any creative storage solutions for the paint obsessed paint swatch snatcher?


  1. You could hole punch them and put them on a giant ring?

  2. I suppose "crammed in a pocket in my purse" is not the idea you were going for?

    I think a pretty paper covered box would do. Or a clear acrylic box from The Container Store so you can still look at them.

  3. I usually throw them in my "scraps" portfolio with random fabrics and bits of colored paper but Emily's suggestion is a good one! Easy access and you could even hang it from the above hooks.

    Though the little display you have with the rock - super cute!

    Jenn L @ P & C

  4. You know those plain photo albums that are three-ring binders with pages of plastic envelope-y sleeves for photos? Maybe you could use one of them?

  5. I like the hole punch idea for loose swatches.

    On the other hand, I have a Sherwin Williams paint deck that came in a handy plastic case, that stores easily in any drawer, cubby, storage ottoman, etc.

  6. 1. I love your blog. It's my newest addiction. I think we'd get along fabulously.
    2. I think you need to help me pick paint colors for our new beach pad. Every room is a gross 20 year old [read: dirty] white. I just can't dicide: 1) where I want to start and 2) WHAT COLORS TO USE!!
    3. Have you seen what the YHL bloggers did to creatively display their paint swatches? Here's the link (I thought it was so cute an creative!): http://www.younghouselove.com/2010/09/switching-swatches/

  7. Omg, this made me laugh! lol I think you are my soulmate. Not only do I love organizing but I think I have more paint swatches than Lowes and Home Depot combined. But there are so many different brands/shapes that they are organized in a clear plastic envelope with dividers. (Sort of like one of those coupon organizers, but bigger.)

    I vote for the hole-punch with a binder ring. You'd need to probably do a couple of them with that stack. And I'll admit I had a pang of jealousy when I saw that photo of the swatches! lol

  8. I am absolutely obsessed with the way that you organized this space! SO JEALOUS... come do it to my space haha

  9. I hole punch them and put them on metal rings. Because I couldn't get a big enough ring, I separated them into three catergories - warm, nuetral, and cool colors. I have them hanging from tea cup hooks under a shelf.

  10. Well- I work at a school and made friends with the construction person and when they came in to re-model they had this fabulous already connected paint swatch thing- Very professional- and I raved over it and a few days later one appeared on my desk! Whoo hoo! Thank you construction planning person- So mine are already together, but I kind of like your tray with rock on top- it's stylish and zen! I loved this post.

  11. Why not use the punched-hole-on-a-ring idea, but sort them into colour families so it's easier to look at/swatch the colours on the wall; and that way you can also hold up complementary colours from another of the punched-hole-on-a-ring-colour-family?

  12. I'd go with hole punching them (by clamping the together and drilling a hole) then I'd use that ball-type-chain in a loop, not a ring, because it would make it easier to store.

    I really should paint more...

  13. I didn't steal all the paint swatches but I stole a few.. so it's not just you! :) I hole punched them and put them on a binder ring.

  14. I too am a paint swatch junkie. (Which is Ok, since I use them with my work) I have every paint sample from at least six brands of paint

    I divide the paint chips into color groups. Then I drill a hole and put a ring clip. Then I keep all my paint samples in a plastic storage box. It's much easier to pull the right color paint sample when you're looking for the specific color.

    I also have the complete color books which I keep in a three ring binder

    I love the idea of the ball-type chain though. I think I'll steal it :)

  15. I have yet to go to HD and pick out every single color (which I'm definitely not opposed to) but I do love my RH swatch book. Actually, to the point that I get annoyed if people 'mistreat' it. HA!

  16. If you do a lot of painting you might want to get a personal account with a paint store like Dunn Edwards. The paint quality is really great and you can get a gallon for anywhere from $16 depending on how much paint you buy and whether it is satin, matte, etc.

    They give you a free paint deck when you sign up! (Well, in Arizona they do). :) Love your tips! Great blog!

  17. I'm doing that! I can't wait for the looks. lol

  18. I have a few sets from various paint lines. I'm not sure why, I don't paint that often. I guess I just like the colors.

    While the mini-chips are nice, I'd rather have the larger paint chips. While not as good as painting a patch on the wall, it's better than a 1" square. And yes - hole punch or drill with a chain, string or ring to keep them together.

    I'd *love* to find the screws they use to keep the ready-made sets together.

  19. Oh my gosh! I am totally with you on this addiction. I feel so embarrassed going to lowes or home depot just to pick up some swatches, aren't they fun though? I think putting them on a ring is the perfect solution. I am so doing it!

  20. Oh my gosh! I am totally with you on this addiction. I feel so embarrassed going to lowes or home depot just to pick up some swatches, aren't they fun though? I think putting them on a ring is the perfect solution. I am so doing it!


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