Thursday, November 25, 2010

1 IHeart Giving Thanks: November Sponsors!

I’m SO excited to share that The Borrowed Abode  has continued to support IHeart Organizing as my sponsor this month!   Yep, still dancing around like a happy crazy person!  A grateful happy crazy person!

For those of you a litter newer to IHeart Organizing, The Borrowed Abode is the blog of a not-so-plain girl named Jane, who's on a quest to make her rented house a personalized home.  Whether she's busy creating landlord-friendly decor solutions, organizing closets, refashioning old clothes, or building her own furniture, she's having a blast and sharing her adventures in DIY-ing.  And she's doing it all while trying to make the world a better place, through simplifying, upcycling, and shopping for fair trade goods.

Jane shares the borrowed abode with her boyfriend {who occasionally takes over the blog to poke fun at the home design blogging world} as well as two cats and two dogs.

Having rented more than 11 spaces in only 9 years, she's had to adjust to make do with all sorts of quirky decorating solutions.  This blog was inspired by her search for affordable decorating and storage solutions that work, no matter how temporary the space called home is.

I’m so beyond thankful to have support from "The Borrowed Abode"!  Please take a moment to stop by the blog to check out all sorts of incredible inspiration and ideas, and while you are there, take off your shoes and take her tour!  IHeart it so!

Even if you aren't currently renting, there are oodles of great posts anyone can find useful!  I have definitely bookmarked a few, like this tutorial for creating stylish custom box storage on the mega cheap, and this one on cleaning a microwave without any smelly chemicals and one on getting yourself prepared for winter!  So much great information to be found, by such a great IHeart Organizing sponsor!

I have also gained my second sponsor, which is one of my blogging BFF's, Amanda from Our Humble A{Bowe}d.

You just have to check out her incredible blog, where this multi-talented gal will leave you insanely inspired with all sorts of crafty ideas.  Not to mention, you can take her fabulous home tour, which is sure to give you oodles of bliss!

Fortunately for us, Amanda runs one of my favorite shops on Etsy, where you can snag all sorts of goodies, from a trendy desktop calendar to gorgeous customized artwork to tweed bowls

I told you this girl had talent!  In fact, I am lucky enough to sport a couple of her art pieces in my own abode and they have definitely been great conversation pieces and have added mega amounts of customized personalization to our spaces.

As many of you who write blogs know, it's like a full time job!  It requires time to think up ideas, write up posts, edit pictures and reply to loads of comments and emails.  These gals are making this dream job of mine, possible for me by sponsoring this blog.  There are no words for how grateful I truly am.

P.S.  Interested in becoming a Sponsor of IHeart Organizing?  Check out my "Contact Me" page for additional details!  I would heart to partner up!

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