Tuesday, December 14, 2010

14 You Asked: Clutter Cabinet

I have gotten the ol' question a couple of times... and when I opened up my "clutter cabinet" to prepare for some holiday displays, I knew it was time to share my little secret.

A home typically is filled with accessories throughout, it's our way of bringing rooms together, giving them our personal touch, and creating comfort that also tells our story.  The trouble is, that too many accessories can begin to turn in to clutter.  And accessories can also really begin to accumulate over time.

I always struggled with where to store accessories.  They were in miscellaneous random places throughout the home, and I could never seem to find exactly what I was looking for.

Until I the light bulb got brighter and I decided they all should be kept together, in one cabinet.  Pretty genius thinking right?  I know, you would think I was a Harvard graduate.

So, simple as that, I created my very own "clutter cabinet", right inside this kitchen buffet table:

The two end cabinet doors tuck away all my extra home accessories, keeping all of that extra clutter, out of site!

Nothing really too exciting going on in there.  It's just filled with extra candles, hurricanes, chargers/plates, mason jars, pebbles, a crate filled with faux decorative accessories, and vases.

The best part is always having a one stop shop for any home decor!  This is always the first place I go "shopping" when searching my home for storage ideas or when I am just simply switchin' things up around the home.

The challenging part is that the cabinet is full.  Bursting at the seams worse than I was at Thanksgiving.  So, if something new comes in, that means something must go.  Either to the most perfect spot in my home, or more likely, to be donated.  Same philosophy as with clothes and shoes.  New pair in, old pair out.  We only have so much storage in this itty bitty casa.

Where is your secret hiding space?  Any other storage tips for home accessory goddesses? 


  1. Hello, I am new to your blog but what I have read so far has really turned my thinking upside down. As you mentioned here, the great ideas are not always rocket science. Thanks for sharing your "V8" Moments. They are helping me tremendously.

  2. I think the key ingredient here is to get rid of one thing when you bring in another...that's how clutter mysteriously happens in my house...I forget to do that ;)

  3. I am no help with organizing all my home accessory stuff, as I am in a purging phase and have been de-cluttering and getting rid of stuff left and right, but I just have to say that your dining table buffet is the most amazing thing I have ever seen (with the wine glass holders and everything!), and I am begging my husband to build me something similiar. THanks for the inspiration!

  4. Such a great idea =) Your clutter looks so neat and pretty in that cabinet =) hehe

    Mine right now... other than being semi-all over the place, is supposed to be going in little green and blue plastic tubs with lids and getting stacked in the closet. Somehow the boxes grew legs and started walking around the place... bad boxes! bad.

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  5. Oh boy do I have one of those... Great post!

  6. Great post I love that your clutter cupboard still looks nice an organised to me.

  7. I have a hutch in my dining room that holds all my decorating goodies. I must agree with Jill, you can hardly call that clutter!

  8. I've got one too! I also like to have a couple places that are empty, just in case!

  9. Ok so you have probably been asked this before, but where did you get your buffet cabinet? I {heart} it!! And thanks for the clutter tip. I get so excited when i see you have a new post!!

  10. I want to keep and keep and keep and then get stuff for every season. Now I have seasonal stuff all over my garage. I have a big armoire in the living room that has the TV on top and China and decorative clutter below. I also have that kind of stuff, plus candles in a high cupboard in my kitchen (above the washer and dryer). There is plenty of storage but inconvienent for a shorty like me. lol

  11. A clutter cabinet is a must. Ours is downstairs in our laundry room. :)


  12. I have an armoire that was my Grandma's and I have to turn that into my "extra decor" hiding place. Love this idea soooo much.

  13. Hi, where did you get this cabinet?

    1. Hi Julie!

      We purchased the cabinet from Home Decorators many years ago.



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