Thursday, February 10, 2011

28 February Challenge: Project Photography {step 2 - organize equipment}

Some of you may question this as a "Step" in project photography, but I think it's actually a pretty crucial one.  Today, it's about camera storage.

Organizing and storing your camera equipment definitely is a "step", because this is how we strive to protect our equipment.  To protect the one device that can capture any moment and time, so it can be remembered and cherished for an eternity.  We invest so much in the camera itself, the least we can do is give it a place to call cozy home.

Now again, we are all in different situations.  Some cameras are a single piece, others, like DSLR's, come with attachments.  Some of us snag extra batteries and SD cords.  Some have chargers.  Some have cords for linking up to the PC.  And some of us take that pesky manual with us everywhere we go as well.  Let me tell you, I have tried it all when it comes to storing my camera.  Two things have worked for me really well.

I tend to group "like" items together in any organizing project.  And when it comes to my camera I am no different.  Before I had gotten my DSLR, I corralled all of my camera items {battery charger, camera {in pouch}, cords, cards, etc...} in a canvas bin.  I want to be very specific about the word "canvas" because I found that it offered the most protection for the belongings.  It is softer than wicker or metal or plastic... Perfect for delicate electronics.

Then my DSLR came along, and the canvas bin was working OK, however, I would transfer belongings from the canvas bin to the too small camera bag that I had gotten with the camera {too small because it didn't fit all my accessories, I had to pick and choose}.  Then, I started just taking my canvas bin with me places.  Not practical.  And probably not the best way to protect my large investment.

And that's when Santa visited.  And he had the best timing.  And resembled a lady.  Actually he looked a lot like my mom....

Now I don't mean to offend anyone reading this who has given me a gift in the past, however, my mom Santa gave me one of my most favorite gifts EVA!

This specific camera bag is from Jo Totes and was the perfect storage solution for me!

Here is why I totally heart a camera "Purse" bag:

This tote has a ton of pockets inside and out! Which means....

As you can see, it holds everything in one neat and tidy and protected place!  Because I was using my camera to take the photos, you can't see it in it's cozy nest, but it does heart it's home very much!

And just for fun, some other perks to using a bag to store equipment...

In fact, when I posted about Time Management and shared this picture, many of you asked about the "purse".  Yep, camera bag in disguise!

And that's why it was the perfect solution for this gal!

Of course I am not being paid or bribed to endorse this bag, I just heart it and thought I would share what is working for me!  But I really gotta know!  What other tips and tricks do you have when it comes to storing everything that is "photo equipment" related?  How do you store one of the most valuable investments we make?  I know some have mentioned actually making a camera "purse", has anyone done it yet?  What other bags do you heart and why?

I decided a little challenge would be fun! This month we are getting all those pictures in order!  Wanna join?  Take photos and blog about your awesomeness as you go!  I am hoping to do a giant, "We did it!" celebratory post where we can all link up our picture organizing success stories at the end of the month!

Step 1: Sort and purge those digital files!


  1. I love that bag! I want one sooooo badly! I have a Canon backpack and while it works fine it's not very pretty. I like pretty :)

  2. I have a camera purse too. This one:

    I'm in LOVE with it.

  3. I'm excited to learn more about camera purses.

  4. Love your bag! I wanted a nice bag for my camera too, so I could take it out anywhere and not feel like I was lugging a suitcase! So I made my own from a bag I found at Winners! Love it!
    Here it is!

  5. Just like Erin, I have a Canon backpack. I'm learning photography from my husband. He's taught me a lot, and I take all the photos for my blog on my own- but the equipment is his. Which means that the camera storage is his. So we have a very functional (and very manly) Canon backpack. Oooh, I like that Jo Totes bag!

  6. I LOVE that camera bag. I have an ugly canon bag for my DSLR. It doenst have nearly enough pockets for cords/battery charger, and I haven extra lens that doesnt fit. I need to shop around! And one that looks like a cute can't beat that!!

    ~Heather @

  7. I love that purse/ camera bag! I wish I bought one, they are all sold out and not making it anymore :( Hopefully they have some cute new styles this Spring!

  8. Hey Jen.. love the idea but I'm really interested in the handwriting font you used in this post. I have a stationery company and always on the lookout for new good fonts!

    love your blog,

  9. I spotted that in your prev post. I have a Jo Totes Rose bag in Teal & I love it. I store everything in mine always and just grab it and go. Works perfect and price is reasonable too.

  10. I love these bags. First I have to get the camera, then I will start thinking about the bag. I really love the one with a flower.

  11. Good girl, having your manual in there! I teach my Mommytographers that it's your cameras BFF and you need it with you! :) Cute bag!

  12. Jen, you always find the best stuff (or in this case, your mom does!)! I just graduated to my first DSLR, too, and am PETRIFIED of something happening to it (my 3-year-old threw my last camera, which is how I got the DSLR...but I want to hold on to this one!). I have never even heard of a camera purse before your post...what a beautiful way to handle all that stuff! Another thing from your blog going straight to my wish list. :)

  13. I have a handmade camera bag I found on Etsy and love it. It has lots of padding, several different ways to close (depending on if you're storing or using at the moment), and the interior lens pockets do double duty for me right now (since I don't have any extra lenses) to hold a pull up/wipe stash and water bottle so I don't have to carry 2 bags either. It fits all my camera stuff in it too, so I always have everything I could possibly need if I just grab the bag. I LOVE it!

  14. I am getting one for my b-day!

  15. where do you keep your tripod? i have the backpack style one that the tripod attaches on the bottom.

  16. I love Jo Totes...if I ever get a DSLR, I will definitely be investing in one of them!

  17. Oh thank you so much for this perfectly timed post. I have a brand new camera winging its way to me right now and I was just about to ask on facebook about these bags... Off to have a good look now <3

  18. That's definitely more fashionable than my camera case messenger bag.

  19. Now that's a camera bag! Love it. Thanks for posting this. I'm going to look for one of my own. ;)

  20. My husband and I share an interest in photography so, as a purse camera bag is not hubby-friendly (lol), we bought a Camera backpack which has worked really well for us. It houses our DSLR, camcorder, three lenses, cords. It also offers a zippered compartment for a laptop. We've attached our tripod to the bag using clips. It has a great feature that allows us to just reach in for the camera while keeping one backpack strap on our shoulder which is wonderful when out hiking or walking. As long as the correct lens is on the camera, it is easy to grab the camera and take a picture.

  21. That is suuuuch a cute bag Jen!!! I love it!!!!

  22. I have been wondering about those. I have almost pulled the trigger and then didn't. You might have pushed me over the edge. My camera is out nonstop but I keep it on our sideboard where it has ZERO protection. Super cute.

  23. I just got my DSLR camera and am finding the same problem of lugging around everything in a small bag! So, this is going on my birthday list....which is coming up soon! Thanks for the great tip!!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  24. I wanted to let you know that I featured your blog on my friday favorites!

  25. Here is my blog post for steps 2 and 3...

    Thanks Jen :)


  26. Hey Jen! Surely but slowly I am keeping up with your challenge and I love the feeling after I have organized just one folder!
    Here are the post I have dedicated on my family blog to the February Challenge!

    step 1-
    step 1 cont'd-
    step 2-

    thanks for the inspiration!

  27. I heart Jo-Totes and have been wanting one for so long, but its just not in the budget.

    My favorite pic I ever took was of a girl sitting on a dock on a river in Guatamala. It was very colorful and completely captures our whole trip.

  28. Love the bag!! I went through 3 'camera' bags and finally found the best bag for me!! A $20 diaper bag from Wal-mart!! Like your purse it has all sorts of great pockets!! And I even found the changing pad comes in super handy when clients need to sit on wet grass or a dirty bench!!


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