Friday, February 25, 2011

22 IHeart Style Tile: Cheerful Play Haven!

I recently had the pleasure of creating a Style Tile for some lucky little kiddos.  That's right, a spare bedroom is being updated into a play haven, and I was chosen to lend a helping hand in providing some inspiration! 

Melinda wrote:

Hi Jen! 

How are you?  I went to your blog this afternoon and upon reading today's post immediately went upstairs to take those measurements !  January just flew by and I am very anxious to get to work on the kids' playroom--really super excited!! 

Here are my thoughts:  The room doesn't have any function as a playroom at the moment. It's a dumping ground. I have slowly started taking toys up there in anticipation of it being transformed.  We have a very old bedroom set in there which does get some use .  My husband works shift work on occasion and needs to sleep up there during the day once every few months.  His ultimate desire would be to keep the mattress up there but I don't think we can swing that.  I'll just throw it out there in case you figure out something that would work.  Truly our ultimate goal is a space for the kids.

Our hope is to provide a place for our kids to play, read, do arts & crafts, puzzles/games, and maybe homework.  We have two children, almost 5 year old boy and almost 8 year old girl.  We want a space to grow with our kids so nothing too age or gender specific.  I was thinking primary colors or maybe neutrals with splashes of color.  My son's favorite color is blue and my daughter's is green {when she isn't given the choice of pink}.  I love navy's and we are also Florida grads so orange and blue works too.

Of course we can't forget TOY storage!  Wow, we have a lot of toys!  I would love it if all of their toys had a home in the playroom.  It would free up so much space in their rooms and closets.  And of course, my room, dining room, living room, office....

Our daughter LOVES to read so a reading nook is a must as well as plenty of storage for books, LOTS of them too.  Maybe a couch so mom and dad can spend time up there with them and seating too.  Another idea that I liked is a place for the kids' artwork to be displayed, where we can switch in and out. 

We have a train table {47" x 33"} that my son still wants included in the playroom for the time being. Not sure how long that phase will last but he has many friends that still love to play trains when they come over.  I would also like some sort of large surface table/area for building legos/blocks and the usual coloring/crafts etc.  Plenty of space for both kids to work without disturbing one another.  They also have table top air hockey and fuseball that they enjoy and need a place to play. 

Like most moms, I have tons of pictures of the kids...would love to find a place for a few of them.  I also like wall quotes. 

So is that it?  What have I missed?  Can you even make heads or tails out of all this?  I have attached some pictures {and I didn't even bother cleaning up the room!}  It is what it is.  My husband also did a quick layout with measurements.  Thank you so much! 

Oh, I almost forgot...we do not want a TV in the least not right now...maybe when they are older.


And here is what I had come up with for Melinda!

1.  The color for the walls is Valspar's Sea Salt Blue.  I chose something in a neutral color so that as the room evolves, it won't be necessary to switch out the wall color, and it's from the gray neutral family which gives it extreme fresh versatility.  The accent colors are intended to be helpful when choosing pops of colors for the room through accessories.  A spring green, bright red and teal are great bold colors for a play space, and also gender neutral for both your boy and girl!

2.  The three white frames pictured, are my absolute favorite frames for displaying photos of kids.  They come with a matted, which is the perfect way to frame out a sweat pea's smile.

3.  When it comes to displaying artwork, I found inspiration in this alphabet cable system.  However, the price is a little steep, if you are up for a DIY project, this could easily be re-created on a budget.  Most local craft stores carry wooden letters {you could even use your munchkin's initials}, which could be painted in a red color and installed on the wall, with a piece of wire or twine strung in between.  Then, these super adorable sparrow bird clips could be used to hold their masterpieces to the twine!

3.  You had mentioned needing a place for your husband to sleep, a place for your daughter to read, and a couch or sitting area for mom and day while the kids play.  Sleep + Reading Nook + Couch = Daybed!  I think this daybed would be the perfect solution to those three needs, plus offer a place for a guest to sleep as well!  I like the idea of finding some bedding in a playful teal color, similar to this.  And adding bright and textural throw pillows to the daybed, such as this shaggy teal one, this multi-tonal one and this plush green one, turn the daybed into a cozy reading nook/sofa!  And check out all that storage below!  That could easily be a place to stash blankets and toys galore!

4.  For all those books, I would install some wall book storage, flanking each side of the daybed.

5.  These curtain panels are a fantastic way to bring some whimsical artwork into the space!

6.  Let's talk toy storage and crafting.  This shelving unit comes 16 storage cubbies!  The shelf cubbies could hold these bins {which can corral oodles of toys each}, along with smaller boxes such as these, which a great for stashing away awkward sized craft supplies.  I also thought that you could istall one or two of these rails, along with a bunch of these cheapo buckets, to corral crayons, markers, paint brushes, scissors, glue, etc... for quick and easy access to crafting supplies.  You could also install an open ended rod to hold a role of butcher paper for painting projects as well.  I like the option of installing the rail with buckets vs. splurging on an art caddy up on top of the desk, since you mentioned you have table top items that would be used on this space as well.  By having the rails installed nearby, there would be nothing to clear off of the desk when the table top games come out, however, the buckets easily pop on and off the railing and can be toted anywhere!

7.  This rug would be a great way to visually pull the space together.  I would place it under this table, and pair it with these awesome green chairs!

Because I know how much those bookcases can hold when it comes to toys, plus the additional storage under the day bed, I think you should be set.  But if not, I had asked about that dresser, which I think could serve as even more storage if given a fresh coat of paint in any of the room accent colors and topped with a fun lamp {like this one}.

Melinda is also fortunate enough to have a giant spare walk in, in which we agreed some larger, awkward sized toys could be stashed away.

So there you have it!  A gender neutral room for kiddos to grow into, while getting their play and craft on!  I can't wait to here what you guys think!  Anyone see any ideas they can implement in their own play space?

A style tile is a great way of placing room decor and storage pieces together to snag a feel of how they would look in a given space.  They offer inspiration and guidance for making choices in your updates.  If you are interested in a Style Tile, you can purchase them here!


  1. Wonderful room! I have always loved those green jungle curtains. They have so much life in them. Nice design.

  2. Oh wow! I love it! This is a fabulous plan for Melinda! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. I would love to see the style tile come to life.

  4. such pretty color combo. I hope she sends you some pics of the after. would love to see.

  5. Thank you! You just managed to design my basement remodel. It will also be a kids craft/play area and function as a guest room.

  6. Are we going to see pictures of what she did with your ideas? Really, really hope so!

  7. Beautiful, functional design, Jen. This would make a great play space!!! Love the colors, and I have bookmarked some of the products as possiblities to use in my kids' rooms. I really like those book holders, especially. You are the best shopper and find such cool stuff!


  8. Love it! That is going to be some awesome play-haven for sure!!! Hope we get to see after pictures from Melinda.

  9. That is gorgeous! Those kids will love it, lucky Melinda!

  10. I love it! All excellent choices and really affordable. Fun beautiful colors! I need that ikea expedit system.

  11. Wow.. nice ideas. I really like the colors.
    & the curtians are FUN!

  12. BEAUTIFUL!!! I absolutely love it!! I may be asking you to create me a style tile very soon of our giant rectangle basement that I asked you about. I just cannot wrap my head around how to make it a family room/playroom/office/my craft area. *sigh*

  13. Soooo cute!! Great the colors. I am currently in full progress of making the style tile you made for me come to life!

  14. I love the color combos, so cheerful for kids and for adults!! I want little kids just to copy it;) Our 11 yr old has a bright blue and green bedroom, two walls Little Mermaid Blue (Home D, Disney colors) and two walls Alien green (again, Disney color) and it is so crazy and fun for her! I love that IKEA block shelf, we are getting one in black/brown for our dining/kitchen area!

  15. ohhh my gosh. im OBSESSED with the concept of your blog!!!! i LOVE it!!! come to my house and organize?! :) k thanks.

  16. I love the room design but STRONGLY RECOMMEND AGAINST the IKEA bed shown on the idea board. At first glance it seems fabulous (yeah, it did to us, too, until we bought it). What's not to love about the trundle drawer AND the three huge toy-storage drawers? Well, this bed is currently (and has for several years been) in our playroom and...
    The three storage drawers go where the trundle mattress is SUPPOSED to go, so the mattress can't go there. It CANNOT be stored in the drawer under the bed.
    When the bed is pulled out to make a king, you need two mattresses.
    IKEA sells these thin little mattresses to stack on top when the trundle isn't in use, but they're always out of stock, and when you do finally get them you'll be shocked at how seriously uncomfortable they are and you'll be embarrassed to have a guest sleep on them.
    You'll give up and get two regular mattresses, and attempt to stack them on top of each other when the trundle drawer is put away. This will render the bed unusable as a place to sit and read, as the stacked mattresses are both too high and too wobbly. Even your dog will refuse to nap up there.
    You'll finally COMPLETELY give up and store the extra mattress behind the bed, with a fitted sheet on it, because your husband now thinks that you've spent too much on the bed AND four mattresses to give the thing up. You will have to live with a room that looks unfinished for years to come because of the dorky mattress shoved behind the bed and peeking over the top of the back of it.
    Please note: most of my furniture and backyard items are free or hand me down or make do with what you have stuff and I am perfectly satisfied with them. That just goes to show you how unusually strong my dislike of this bed is.
    Do with this information what you will when it comes to shopping for your own toy room.

  17. Just a thought from a stranger :) I feel like the person requesting and purchasing this tile from you deserves for you to not post the information on each piece on the internet. If they paid for you to do the work then why should any of your blog readers benefit from it? I suggest posting the tile and describing it without linking or addressing the manufacturer. Just my opinion.

  18. I'm loving the idea's you've come up with it for this room, how I wish I had a room I could use for playroom/reading room, but I don't. My kids have an area under the stairs (it's open plan) where they have a tv and games console, but it doubles up for quiet reading too.
    I love love love the alphabet cable system and I know that a wee art shop where I live sells wooden letter so you just gave me the perfect idea for decorating my launchpad wall, as I have 3 children who bring home pictures I will go for 2 lines connecting the 3 letters :)
    Thanks for the awesome ideas!!!

  19. I didn't realize you deleted comments. I was truly hoping you would reply to my comment about someone paying for the tile, and then you posting it and the details on your blog... but instead you deleted it? I'm shocked. I've always thought you and your blog were wonderful with lots of great ideas and accepting of other ideas as well.

  20. Dear Anonymous,

    I apologize your comment didn't appear right away, I saw it pop into my email, however, blogger tags certain comments as spam and requires me to moderate them. I never delete comments unless they are harsh, malicious or truly spam. In fact, I always read, consider and appreciate each and every comment I receive.

    As far as sharing the customer's style tile on the blog {along with product sources}, I do a couple of things. They are paying for a service tailored to their specific needs and space, and my time that it takes to work with them. We work together until they are happy, and they receive their tile at least a week before it's published on the blog, allowing them time to begin the purchasing process. I always give them a heads up when I am going to publish the information live on the blog.

    I share the information for a couple of reasons, first, it's a great way for me to continue to show my partnership with the readers to create fun, stylish and organized spaces. Second, the times that I haven't posted links or sources, I get inundated with emails asking for the specific details, which becomes much too time consuming. Lastly, the style tile was created for a specific room for a specific client and their personal situation, however, sharing it allows for others to gain ideas and inspiration for their own spaces as well. This is common in the blog and design world. A magazine would source their products just as I do.

    I hope that helps some! I do see where you are coming from and will keep that in mind as things evolve here at IHeart!

    Thanks again!


  21. I've been dreaming of buying this daybed for months. I just cannot justify the cost, however.

    This is such a lovely and bight room. Love it!

  22. I love that look for just remodeling a plain room to a room that others will be really jealous at I also really like the colors that you picked for a room like that


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