Monday, February 21, 2011

21 Project Teal: Dish it!

Project teal is gonna be fantastic!  Seriously, I am loving the color it's bringing into my home!  I am definitely having fun getting creative with ways to inject the color into my kitchen {and I am thinking living area too!}.

Here is where I am at since I revealed the project...

We went to a local charity dinner at one of the schools here in town, in which students crafted bowls that they sold.  Of course, I chose a certain color when picking out which bowls to bring home....

And I love that the bowls were crafted by students for a good cause!  That's a mega teal SCORE for this gal!

This next one is oddly lame, yet exciting for me.  I always say, "It's the simple things in life..."

I was almost out of dish soap, so when I was grocery shopping and in the dish soap section, I spotted one in a particular color....

I typically use Method, or anything somewhat natural that smells good at the same time.  So this was a no brainer.

And we already know that I said, "Farewell!" to my oil decanter, and just left a previous dish soap bottle out and about.  Because it had green on the label, I decided to stick with it and just pour the new dish soap into the old bottle.

Because I totally dig the green and teal look!

Then, I found a pretty teal bowl from my bedroom {that had some random jewelry and hair ties in it}, and moved it to the kitchen for my dish scrubber...

And last but definitely not least...  the difference a $5 hand towel can make in a kitchen is crazy.  It's like adding a new piece of art....

So now my washing area is a little more bright and cheery!

Anyone else injecting a fun color into their space?  What's your favorite way to add art, in the form of something other than actual art?


  1. Love all the pops of teal! We recently bought this teal pot and it makes me happy every time I use it!

  2. wow. i really love those bowls. like seriously i'm in love with them. they are so cool. and even better that kids made them and the money went to a good cause. awesome. everything you are doing is looking so great! tons of teal in my dining room....hopefully going to post pictures this week sometime. eeeek! have a good week, jen!

  3. I am on the teal kick as well. Just redid our living room with teal colors and it makes me so happy! Have a great day.

  4. too funny, sometimes I think you read my mind! I've been adding some teal accessories to my kitchen too. I use that same little bowl from C&B for garlic. I had a matching vase from C&B but the pugs broke it. I just found a couple of glass vases at Homegoods on Friday in that shade though and picked them up for about $5 each and they match a teal Bell jar I got at a thrift store. I've also been eyeballing that dishtowel and the matching apron at C&B!

  5. How gorgeous! for me it's all about red, I love to see splashes of red here and there about my home.. But I must admit I have the odd teal peice here and there too when I think about it.

  6. Ohmygosh what a great idea to keep the scrubber in a cute little bowl! Love it =) all your new additions are fabulous, as always -- THAT'S a no-brainer! hehe

    JennPeas & Crayons

  7. It's probably just me, but I'd be itching to take the label off that soap dispenser....

    Other than that, I love your ideas. Right now I have my scrubber in a little plastic basket, but I don't love it. May have to look for a bowl that'll work.

  8. I love the teal! I also love that dish soap, we switched to it last year and that is all I will buy now.

  9. I love all the teal. I use Method too. That is some of the best soap ever for dishes, and clothes, and well anything I guess.

  10. love me some teal too! it's just a 'happy' kind of color, isn't it?

  11. We just painted our kitchen in a lighter shade of blueish green, and I accessorized with teal and red. I LOVE it (and surprisingly so did the hubster)! I am working on adding some teal to our living room now (I have the same vase from IKEA!). I am using things I have and love and DIY'ing a few things (like the ball/globe on the shelf from tissue paper and Modge Podge). I uploaded a few pics to my flickr site...

    I am loving how it is coming together.

    I love my blogs, thanks so much for the inspiration!

  12. Love the teal! Those bowls are fantastic in a perfectly imperfect way. Seriously, so cute! And for a great cause!

  13. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Please come to my house and decorate! :)

  14. I am sooo lovin' your "Project Teal". And too am lovin' teal and green together. Love how the kitchen is changing just a little, yet making a bigger statement with the color Teal. And I just bought the same Method hand soap though, but I loved this scent. Really lovin' this scent. Next time I'm in the market for dish soap, I think I will be buying this scent. And I love those bowls....original it.

  15. I love the teal! I love all blues and greens! We are doing our Master Bath in a Mediterranean Spa motif and I can't wait to paint the walls stark stark white and put tons of blue and teal and green in there with lots of glass holders and white & blue candles. I'll post it up on my blog when I fnish it. I found two vases, one tealish color, one navy, at the Goodwill and paid $6 for both - they are living up in that bathroom to inspire me to finish!

  16. Ooh, very nice! As I suspected, the teal looks great with your green counter. And I love those bowls!

  17. I love your set up right there its very sleek, and I love the bowls to pretty

  18. You're so right that it's the simple things in life that sometimes make all the difference. You're kitchen sink area looks so inviting. Makes you wanna do dishes, huh? Okay, maybe not...but it's nice to look at!

  19. Lately orange has been striking me. Check out my kitchen. Orange Le Creuset on my pot rack and I colorful bowl from Cancun.


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