Thursday, March 3, 2011

6 February Challenge: Project Photography {PARTY!!}

So much to do, so few days to do it!  Seriously, February felt like the shortest month ever!  Weird, it was...

And when you try to squeeze 28 days plus a family getaway in there... that leaves like NO time to finish up a monthly challenge...  wait, what?

For those that did, WOW, go you!  Maybe you were already on the right track before February hit.  Maybe you were determined!  Maybe you are a magician!  However you did it, go ahead and leap excitedly around your current surroundings.  You deserve an award for your awesomeness!!

And you know what?  If you are with me, and are not completely finished with the photography challenge, get off your booties and leap around with me anyway!

That's right!  This is a project that will be ongoing ALL YEAR!  Just like project paper, this one doesn't happen over night.  It's about setting up a system that's easy to maintain {which I did, wahoo!}, and then plugging away at the back-log.  I am still hitting 15 minutes per day, and will be for awhile, until all my photos are purged and in happy correct folders.

And I still have an ongoing "Photography To Do" list, which I will continue to share with you as I go, like coming up with a special way to display our vacation photos {I do have an idea up my sleeve}, and burn files to dvd disc once they are organized {and store a copy of them in a safety deposit box off site}.  Again, I will share as I get there... they are absolutely on my list!

But we are celebrating anyway!  Because we are off to an incredible start!  So far we have:

And getting that much accomplished in 28 quick days is VERY incredible!  And worth celebrating!  We are far further than we were at the beginning of the month!

So, how am I going to stay on task and ensure this gets done?  Well, I have a special bottle of wine I am not touching until I am done, it's my reward {although, preserving memories is award enough right?}

And I am the type that will not sleep well until it's done anyway.... so in the planner there will be time blocked for this project until I am current.  End.  Of.  Story.

Oh, and I wanted to point out, slightly off subject, but with all the recent updates to IHeart Organizing's page, I added a tab to the top of the page that has a link list of all the of projects I have completed.  It should make finding things easier to reference.  It also includes these monthly projects so you can follow along at your own set pace!  Now that's some good thinking right there!

Anywho, this is my favorite part of the whole project venture.  And although there may be some rule about how many link parties you can host in a two week period, call the linky police because I obviously am breaking a linky party rule!  Wahoo!

IHeart Organizing

Congratulations on your accomplishments!  And enjoy that feeling of getting things done! 

Thanks so much everyone, for following along and making another monthly challenge such a success!  I had so much great feedback that individuals would like to continue these challenges, so next month, er, this month, we are doing another!!

Got a photography story to share?  How about "A HA!" moments?  What was your favorite part of this project?  Anyone get tearful looking back on memories of photos past?  My boys sure had fun looking at their baby pictures, made me wonder why I didn't have them out at their finger tips sooner!


  1. I still just LOVE that camera bag! It's on my birthday list! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  2. awwwwwwww love the photo of your boys going through photos!!! <3 they're so adorable =) But you already knew that! hehe

    I'm still trying to get all my photos set up and printed from the wedding so i'm suuuper behind on this challenge but thank you so so much for the inspiration!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. Hello--I love that you put the projects you completed in an easy space to find. I recently stumbled upon your blog when you were in the paper challenge. I too want to do this but haven't started. Now thanks to the project gallery it is right at my fingertips! Thanks so much!! Renea.

  4. I think you inspired everyone to buy those photo cases, because they are out of stock EVERYWHERE! lol I have been trying for weeks to order them! :)

  5. I've been stalking that camera bag and they're still not in stock! AGH!

    And on a side note, I had to award you a stylish blogger award because I adore you and your blog ;) The details are on my last post! Congrats lol!

  6. I just have to tell you that you are one of the prettiest ladies I have ever seen. Oh, and talented also. You go girl!


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