Tuesday, March 8, 2011

103 IHeart: Lovely Letters and a Giveaway!

 **  Attention:  This Giveaway has since ended.  Thanks everyone for participating!!  The winner selected was #98, Dawn {wahoo!}, and has been contacted via email! **  

Blogging has so many wonderful benefits, but one of my favorites is the meeting a world full of talented people, that I never would have known about without the help of the internet and even this little blog!

And speaking of meeting talented people, one of my readers, Chelsea, recently offered of the opportunity to review one of her products from her Etsy shop, lovely letters!

I am always a giant fan of having stacks of pretty stationary and note cards on hand, to be ready at the drop of a dime to tell someone I care or to say thank you for an act of kindness!

Chelsea sent me some beautiful blank notecards that I can use for any occasion I please!  L O V E!

They came packaged with care!

And the pattern was so, "me"!

Like what you see?  I do too! :)

Lucky for us, Chelsea has a shop full of lovely cards!  Here are a couple more that had me swooning!

Chelsea also wanted to share the love with all of you!  That's right!  From now through March 20th, when you visit her shop, she is offering 20% off with code IHEART20!  Plus, if you order today, she will change all orders to FREE SHIPPING {today only friends extended through end of day THURSDAY}!  How sweet is she?!

Oh, but that's not all!!  She is also giving a set of pretty Thank You cards away to one lucky reader!

Sound fabulous?  Here is how to enter:

1} Anyone in the US is eligible to enter.  Only one entry per person, duplicate entries will be disqualified.

2} Leave your email or blog address so I have a way to contact you if you win.

3} Leave a comment on the giveaway post stating "IHeart Notes" and for fun, tell me your most fond memory of a thoughtful note given or received!

Giveaway is open from Tuesday, 3/8 through 9 p.m. central time Thursday, 3/10.  One winner will be selected using random.org.

A special thank you to Chelsea!  Good luck everyone!


  1. IHeart Notes! I received wonderful notes at my baby shower for my daughter. Everyone brought books to fill up her book shelf, so I attached the notes in the books. It is wonderful to read them to my daughter whenever I read the book to her!

  2. IHeart Notes!

    The other day I got a "just because" note from my hubby thanking me for all that I do for him and around the house. It made my day.


  3. IHeart Notes!!!! My grandmother right before she passed away wrote a very kind note to each of her grandkids letting them know what her favorite memory of them was. It was very touching and very sweet, now 19 years later I still have mine.

  4. IHeart notes! I love getting handwritten thank you notes at work. It is always nice to have your hard work acknowledged!

  5. "IHeart Notes" My favorite notes to receive were when I was in the Peace Corps. I TREASURED every letter I got from home...and I still have them. Thanks for the chance! nursepaula06 (at) yahoo (dot)com.

  6. I Heart Notes! :)
    Such pretty papers...love Chelsea's designs!
    One of my dearest friends is the best note-writer. She sends me love notes once in a while - unexpectedly - that make me laugh and my eyes well up with tears all at the same time. Sometimes she puts funny comics in them. I really love a handwritten note, especially in these times of email and texting!

  7. IHeart Notes!

    A memorable note was a "just because" from my roommate years ago. I still have it and read it when I need a little boost.

    amandacbradshaw (at) hotmail (dot) com

  8. IHeart Notes!
    I was recently cleaning out/organizing some closets and came across a couple of boxes of cards I've saved through the years - read them all, saved the extra special ones and got rid of the rest - graduation cards, b-day cards, baby cards, etc. - loved reading all the handwritten notes!

  9. IHeart Notes! I received a thank you note years ago from someone I let have some bobby pins at a dance show. I got it when I was maybe in 3rd or 4th grade, and I still remember it today!
    Jennifer B.

  10. IHeart Notes! I kept all the cards that my "boyfriend" gave me throughout high school. They are fun to look at now that we have been married almost 9 years :)

  11. IHeart Notes! I love writing my hubby little notes to stick around the house, or in his bag when he's traveling.

  12. Iheart Notes...and I love any card that someone has taken their time to write to me.

  13. IHeart Notes!

    I recently received a thank you from a friend for throwing her baby shower. It was so heartful and sweet and it made me cry.


  14. IHeart Notes!

    I would say my favorite notes come when I'm sick and family and friends show they care by sending me a little note.

  15. I Heart Notes!!

    I received a thank you note from an elderly woman that lived next door after my husband and I helped her with her grocery shopping. It was so sweet and so thoughtful of her to go the extra mile in thanking us. She is still a good friend of ours and we LOVE going to visit our Granny Anne!

  16. IHeart Notes!

    Last year for my birthday in March, I received flowers from my sister and brother in law. We'd always acknowledged our birthdays with calls and cards, but not flowers. My brother in law was very ill and in August passed away at 47 years old. I will always remember the flowers they sent me when they were going through such a tough time.


  17. I have so many special memories of notes! My favorite is probably on my first day of work at my first "Big Girl" job, my now fiancée made me lunch and wrote a quick post it note telling how awesome I am going to do and how much he loved me. That note remains on my fridge to this day as a reminder of love and support!


  18. Oh IHeart Notes big time! I still write letters to poeple (the kind with a pen :) ). I love getting little notes from my husband - he leaves them in weird places for me to find and I love it!
    jacobsonbeth at yahoo dot com

  19. I heart notes!
    I keep old love letters in a box, in my dresser drawer.

  20. IHeart Notes!

    My favorite notes are from my dad who really knows how to make me feel treasured. I've saved every note that he's written me in a file and I go back every once in a while to read them again.

  21. IHeart Notes! I don't know I have a favorite memory but I keep every card I'm ever given, and I love to put a lot of thoughts into the cards I buy and make.

  22. I Heart Notes!
    My best friend and I in high school kept Halmark in business because we were always sending each other cards and "thinking of you" notes. One of my faves was right after my Dad had gone into the hospital. Cards are such a personal way to communicate that I think we miss out on now because of the internet.
    Thanks so much for the opportunity to win more cards!
    beckyg3288 @ gmail.com

  23. IHeart Notes! My Grama used to write me notes all the time when I was little. I loved getting them in the mail, even though she only lived down the road! She'd send me thank you notes for making the bed when I spent the night too. It was so sweet. I miss those notes!

  24. IHeart Notes!! I love getting notes and cards. Last year I was able to get letters almost everyday for 3 months while my husband was in basic training. At the end of the 3 months the last day in our home town my friend gave me a card filled with her handwritten note to me.


  25. lHeart Notes! I think the best note I ever received was a homemade valentine card from my 1 month old (aka his father) telling me how great I was at being his mommy.


  26. iHeart Notes! The first Valentine's Day the hubby and I lived together before we got married we both had the exact same idea of leaving each other random "I love you because..." notes around the house. It was really funny seeing how we had the same idea and even some of the notes were the same!


  27. iHeart Notes! My parent's wrote to me EVERYDAY while I was in bootcamp, did I mention English IS NOT their first language? I still have them and it's been 7 years! Every single one!

  28. IHeart Notes!

    These are adorable. My most thoughtful note was from my mom, telling me how much she loved me. Its the best card I have even received and I still have it. I would love to get these thank you cards! I have a birthday party for my baby girl coming soon and these will be perfect!

    Follow my blog at www.nikkilovesbrad.blogspot.com
    email: nikkitesch@gmail.com

  29. I heart notes! I am looking forward to writing one soon to the wonderful lady who made the quilt my baby boy recieved while in the hospital recently! monkeyshinersBaby at yahoo

  30. IHeart Notes!

    The best notes I have ever received are definitely notes from my students saying that I am the best teacher ever :)


  31. I heart notes!
    The best one I got was a note from my now husband the morning of our wedding telling me all the reasons that this was the best day of his life!
    nddalzell at cs dot com

  32. I heart notes!

    One of my fondest memories are receiving letters from my friend Myra in high school. I always knew when the letter was from her because the envelope would be decorated with markters, glitter and whatever else she came up with. Thanks for the giveaway.


  33. Iheart Notes!!

    By far, the best "note" I received was from a couple that my husband and I love. We were going through some really hard times financially and weren't going to be able to pay the full payment for our mortgage. We received a letter in the mail from our friends; inside was a SUPER encouraging note and a check for the exact amount we needed for the rest of our payment. :)
    Such a great memory!


  34. Even more than receiving notes Iheart sending notes! I send cards for many holidays and for all of my friend's birthdays. I love picking them out and thinking about how it will brighten their day to find it in the mailbox.

    I just had my baby shower and would love some beautiful thank you cards to let everyone know how grateful I am for their generosity and friendship.


  35. IHeart Notes

    I loved sending thankyou notes after we got married. Most brides see it as a chore- but I felt like I got to relive the day with each note I wrote. <3


  36. IHeartNotes! My friend and I used to write letters back and forth, two a week sometimes, when we had littlier ones and before facebook. We would decorate the envelopes with stickers or drawings or what not. Great fun!

  37. Iheart notes!!! I've always loved writing notes to people. I know how I love receiving heartfelt notes from people so I love being able to give that to other people. :)


  38. IHEART NOTES!!! what a great giveaway.

    I love when I get little notes from my husband. We work for the same large company and every once in awhile he will leave a little note on my desk under something, so when I move it I find it. Puts a smile on my face each time.


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  40. IHeart notes! My favorite thank you notes are from my man =)


  41. IHeart Notes! My favorite notes were those that people left on our wedding RSVP cards. They were so sweet and heart felt.


  42. I {heart} notes!

    I also love writing them as much as I love receiving them.

  43. IHeart Notes!

    For my wedding I got so many super sweet notes left on the RSVPs that I had to save them all! I want to eventually bind them into a little book so that I can read them whenever I need to smile and remember my friends that are scattered all over the US!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

    peasandcrayons at gmail dot com

  44. IHEART NOTES! I loved receiving notes from friends and family after I graduated from nursing school. There words of congratulations and encouragement helped me during my job hunt.


  45. IHeart notes! I keep all the ones from my hubby and kiddos!

    Andanbre at gmail dot com

  46. I{heart} notes! I am a card-maker myself, and just love the old-fashioned-get-mail-via-snail-mail every once in a while. Share the love, ya know? My momma was always sending me notes in the mail in college...I have them all, and I try to return the favor now that I realize how awesome that was.


  47. IHeart Notes!

    My husband made me a lunch while he took a couple days off to chill after a big project at work and left me sweet notes in my lunch bag.

  48. I Heart Notes!

    Love your blog and all the great ideas! The best notes I receive are usually on post-it notes from my husband!


  49. I Heart Notes!

    I love sending handwritten notes, especially out of the blue. And I've kept every one I ever got from my grandparents, since they're no longer around.

  50. IHeart Notes!
    My hubs n I both save all the notes n cards that are special to us :)

  51. IHeart Notes! My favorite note is a thank you note from a girlfriend that states the top 10 reasons why we're such great friends...IHeart it!!!


  52. IHeart Notes!!! :)

    I love getting love notes from my hubby. It just makes my day/week!!!


  53. IHeart Notes from my little ones. My favorite note was when my son drew a little picture of me and him with little hearts all over.

  54. IHeart Notes! When I was in college, I received a letter from my sorority. My dad had donated money in my name to our philanthropy for Valentine's Day. There was a little note in there written by him that told me how much he loved me and how proud he was of me. It meant a lot to me that he recognized something that meant so much to me!

  55. IHeart Notes!

    My favorite note was left in my workplace from my boyfriend. It read, "I love you monkeybutt!" I don't know why I found that so endearing (perhaps due to my extremely protuding tailbone) but I still have it taped to my wall at work.

    Sorry if that was TMI for all of you :)

  56. IHeart Notes! When we were in college my sister and I received letters from our father written on the back of menus. When he would travel for business it was nice he thought baout us.

  57. I love sending little thank you notes. I think it is an art that is slipping away, unfortunatly. My favorite note that I sent was to my Mother-in-law on my husbands birthday. I sent HER flowers and wrote on the note, "thank you for bringing him into the world foe me to love". She LOVED it.

  58. IHeart Notes. I received a note before leaving the country for a couple of years. Rereading that note was like getting a hug from that friend while being miles away.

    pinkbeary (at) gmail (dot) com

  59. IHeart Notes! I once gave my step mother a mothers day card that promised I would make sure she always had matching socks when she got old and senile! She was very touched by the gesture, and laughed too.

  60. IHeart Notes!
    The most thoughtful note I received was from my three year old niece with picture of her and I at her brother's birthday party. She even "signed" her name for me.

  61. IHeart notes! The best memory I have of a note is one that my grandma sent to me. It was a "just because" note and she told me how much I mean to her and how much she loves me. She passed away in October and I still have the note and read it whenever I need to have her near me. It's one of my most treasured possessions. Crazy what five minutes of your time can do for someone else, isn't it? I will always write "just because" notes now because of that.

  62. IHeart Notes! My most precious notes were from my boyfriend (now husband) while he was in India doing tsunami disaster relief work after the 2005 tsunami in December. He had limited access to the internet, so all the notes (emails) I got were treasured.

  63. iHeart Notes! Most recently I received a sweet note from the girl I mentor, thanking me for a present, for the dinners we make her and her boyfriend, and for me "just being me". :)

  64. "IHeart Notes"
    My hubby (then boyfriend) left me a Snickers bar and a sweet little note in my pocket for me to find at work when we were dating in college!

  65. IHeart Notes!!!! Those ones are very pretty :)

    My Aunt Lou always included her own poems in cards and notes. I thought that was pretty thoughtful :)

    Also, last year, I received a note from one of the kiddos at the school where I work apologizing for not listening or something. What made it heartfelt was that the teacher did not ask him to write it. He just decided to do it on his own :)

  66. IHeart Notes!
    The best note I ever received was the one my Now husband sent me after he left to go back to MCLB. It was the first time we told me he loved me. (by reflex)


  67. Iheartnotes, too! When my father went on a cross-country bus tour after my parents got divorced, he gave me his itinerary so someone would know where he was. I used to to send him a note that was waiting for him at every stop. He passed away last December and he never forgot it.

  68. IHeart Notes! My favorite handwritten notes are from my grandmother. She had beautiful penmanship, stationery, and lovely things to say. A great combination! hkwhite @ comcast dot net

  69. IHeart Notes! My favorites are the sweet notes my boyfriend writes me inside birthday and valentines day cards :)


  70. IHeart Notes!
    My boyfriend is gone during the week for training. So when he leaves on Sunday, I have been writing him love notes and hiding them in his bag. He has kept every one so far!

    I am a teacher and always cherish all the wonderful notes written to me by my students and their parents!

    Love these notecards!

  72. IHeart Notes
    queenstacey25 @ Gmail .com

    The best note/card I got was a letter my first year of teaching. I had started out the year half way through as the school I was at needed to open another first grade class. Needless to say, all the parents were nervous having their child in my class 1.because it's half way through the year and 2. It was my first teaching job out of college.

    Well by the end of the year, they loved me. One of the parents got together with the other parents and they each wrote me letters out of cards. The notes they wrote touched my heart and made it melt.

    "Since you have been Luie's teacher he comes home and instead of telling me who he played with he tells me what he has learned".

    "You have made reading come alive for my son. Now when we go to Target he asks to go look at the books first, and he'll even ask if I will buy him a book over a toy. Thank you"

    Things like that make me realize that even though I will only be in the lives of these children for a short time, I really am making a difference and helping shape the people of tomorrow.

  73. I have fond memories of getting valentine's day cards from my dad when I was a kid.

  74. Iheart Notes! I love these pretty little cards... how cute are the?!

  75. IHeart Notes.... I think some of the most wonderful notes I have received were during a church retreat. Special notes that I still have.

  76. Iheart Notes!! Cute note cards!! I have kept every note that my husband has given me in the 10 years that we have been married!!

  77. IHEART NOTES! And those are so very cute! I love them!
    Best note memory....almost 2 years ago my family and I moved to MN from CA. My best friend mailed a letter as we left the state and it was waiting for me in MN when I arrived. LOTS of tears as I read that letter and was reminded of great times with her. I still have it and will keep it always.


  78. IHEART NOTES! My husband is a graphic designer and is constantly leaving me little "love" notes around the house:-) If I won these lovelies, I could leave him some of my own!!

  79. IHeart Notes! I especially love the thank-you cards/notes my nieces and nephews send, after they have received a gift or card from me. They are so sweet and endearing. (And of course, the notes my boys leave me...I have saved so many). Thanks for the chance to win!


  80. IHeart Notes!

    Some of the best notes I have received have come from past students. As a teacher it is also specials to hear that you made a difference in their lives.


    I love every note my mother has written to me. She is awesome!

  82. iHeart Notes!

    I loved finding an old love letter from my husband in our early days of dating, just after I had returned from a semester abroad. He said "If we can make it through this, we can make it through anything," and the timing was impeccable. We were in the middle of some less-than-smooth sailing, and it was exactly the reminder I needed. I framed it and hung it up as my Christmas gift to him.

  83. IHeart Notes! :)

    I have old notes from my now husband from when we were dating and I love reading those and remembering what was going on in our life at the time he wrote those notes.

  84. IHeart Notes!

    My favorite note was a thoughtful card my best friend sent me.


  85. IHeart Notes! A few years ago my pastor's wife sent me the most thoughtful birthday card. She had made it herself and on the inside was a note stating all the things she appreciated about me. The card was so thoughtful and personal on every level. It was one of the best b'day presents I've ever received.
    Leone lionsrrroar@gmail.com

  86. Hi, I just found your blog and wanted to let you know that I am a new follower! :) love your blog!Erin


  87. i heart notes :)
    i write little love notes to my husband, and I love it when he writes them back in surprise places for me around the house :)
    maria_aimen (at) yahoo.com

  88. IHeart Notes! My favorite are from my little nieces. So sweet!

  89. iHEART notes - and office supplies in general! :)


  90. iheart notes...especially from my husband! He is so great about sending them when he travels. My most memorable is from way back when we were engaged and living 5 hours apart - he surprised me by hand delivering fresh baked cookies & a note!

  91. iHeart Notes, when they come from my Navy brother! We keep it traditional and send one another hand written letters when he is deployed. They are a million times more special then a simple email.

    jessywuv@yahoo.com or www.jesssywuv.com :)

    *sorry I had to delete my last comment so I can add my email*

  92. IHeart notes! My favorite notes are the ones unexpected or a "just because" note. My sister in law is great at sending these and IHeart her for it!

    sandra03402 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  93. IHeartnotes!! especially when I was living in China for three months, and I would get handwritten notes from friends and family back in the States. It made my day like nothing else!!


  94. IHeartNotes!!! I loved sending heartfelt thank you notes to family & friends who were so generous after my children were born. These notes are so beautiful!


  95. IHeartNotes! I love to make my own cards to have on hand for any occasion that may come up.

  96. IHeart Notes. Sending and receiving them.

    I have several notes of encouragement from my friend Kristen that I keep in my Bible. Written during time of crisis for me and times of great joy as I served on short-term mission trips.
    Iheart my friend!!

    loridarlin at bresnan dot net

  97. IHeart notes!


  98. IHeart Notes!

    These cards are beautiful - I love the patterns with the circle of bold color!

    I enjoy making handmade cards and sending them to family and friends "just because." Makes me happy! And it's always fun to get mail!

    Thanks for the chance to win.


  99. IHeart Notes!! My favorite thank you card came from my grandparents, thanking me for being their granddaughter after we threw them a surprise party! I would use these notes for my bridal shower!!


  100. Christine christine@westermann.orgMarch 9, 2011 at 8:44 PM

    iHEART Notes!

    I'm secretly a stationary junkie. Didn't realize it until my organizer figured me out. I love to send them, and receive them. My most favorite are from my kindergartner who can now read and write. I love her, "Mommmmy, I Love You!" notes. It's just the sweetest!

    Thank you!

  101. IHEARTNOTES! Probably a good one was from a co-worker/good friend who wrote me a note just to tell me that she loved me and prayed for me. thanks for highlighting this great store.


  102. IHeartNotes!!

    Last summer I made a special cake to donate to our church's cake walk. The following week when I was in service, two elderly couples came up to me with a handwritten note from all 4 of them thanking me for the cake and how much they enjoyed it together. It meant alot to me that they took the time to write me a note.


  103. I love note cards.


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