Monday, March 21, 2011

7 IHeart: Pier 1 for Outdoor Entertaining!

This post brought to you by Pier 1. All opinions are 100% mine.
The sun is shining longer, the weather is getting warmer, and spring is just about HERE!

I am most excited about this time of year, more so than any other time, because I have been cooped up inside for months and can't wait to set up outside and relax in the sun!

And entertain!  Oh to be able to entertain outside again!  It's seriously one of my all time favorite activities!

Because I am feeling so inspired to get out and enjoy the sun with my family and friends, I thought I would do some virtual shopping at Pier 1, and pull together an outdoor entertaining Style Tile!

Why Pier 1?  Why because it's always my go to place for all things bright and cheery, plus, they offer incredible finds and prices and piecing their items together gives such an eclectic built over time feeling!  So many wins!

Ready to feel inspired?  Let's party!

{Source List: Market Umbrella, Beverage Tub, Lanterns, Indoor/Outdoor Pillow, Tea light Holders, Woven Tray, Garden Stools, Punch Bowl Set, Bowl, Condiment Bowls, Coasters, Indoor/Outdoor Flat-weave Rug, Stacking Chairs and Table}

Doesn't seeing a setup like this make you want to come sip some beverages and bask in the sun while snacking on some fresh fruit and ice cream?  And in all honesty, the bright colors are SO me!  Swoon!  It's right now that I wish I my genie would show up, snap his fingers and update my deck accordingly!

The BEST part of all this, is that it's so incredibly versatile!  Aside from the Market Umbrella, each and every item could be pulled to be used inside when not being used outside!  Let me elaborate a bit on that...  I have always spouted about using Indoor/Outdoor pillows as throw pillows in the home.  I find them to be the most durable with little ones running around.  The stackable chairs?  Chic enough for a kitchen table!  Those bird tea-lights?  I am snagging up some of them ASAP for my bookshelves or coffee table.  Speaking of table, those insane garden stools would look so divine next to a sofa or armchair!  And those little condiment dishes are back!  Last year I snagged a bunch up and used them to drop random items from pockets in the laundry room and for my dish scrubber in the kitchen!  And is there really a room that a woven tray wouldn't look fantastic in?  One of the most versatile accessories created!  When investing in items, it's great when they can serve multiple purposes and work in many areas of the home!

Love what you see?  Visit Pier 1 Outdoor newsletter to sign up for a special in-store offers and browse more incredible finds!

And for those in the following areas, make sure to check out the following Pier 1 Tweetups:
Dallas: March 22nd
Atlanta: April 5th
NYC: April 20th

For more info about dates and times, visit:…
March 20th marks the official start to spring! What are some of your spring must haves?

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  1. I love Pier 1 lately. I went through a phase where I hated it and I am happy to say I love it now. Very reasonable prices for great things.

  2. I have been there twice this week! Its a little ridiculous actually but my birthday is friday, and I need a wishlist for hubby right? lol :)

  3. I was just there the other day and it got me in the mood to decorate my back porch!!!

  4. I love the color combination! Mostly because it's almost exactly the colors I picked in Fiestaware on my registry--and I've been a little nervous about it! But seeing the turquoise/green/red together in your style tile here looks great :-)

  5. Love it! I'm completely lovin' Pier 1 lately. You must have been reading my mind Jen, because I just blogged about a similar subject. I'm actually going to Pier 1 this week to do some shopping. Can't wait. Thanks for sharing your inspiration. IHEART the colors!!!

  6. oh also. I dont know if they have a world market in your neck of the woods.... but if they do you should check it out for sure! the colors and cool different stuff that they have would be right up your alley i think! just thought i would share. :)

  7. I just went to Pier 1, my favorite store for cute and functional kitchen items, yesterday and blogged about my cute finds for my kitchen sink. I love discovering new ways to make "function" fun with Pier 1 discoveries!


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