Thursday, March 31, 2011

13 March Challenge: Project "Household Binder" {Taking Note of those we Heart}

All free printables mentioned within the post are now expired and available for sale!  Please check out my Etsy Shop for a large selection of personalized printables to fit all of your household organizing needs!

  Thank you!

Today I am focusing on getting my "sitter" section in my Household Binder prepared.  Why?

Because IHeart my boys:

And IHeart my dog:

Leaving them either for 10 minutes or 10 days, is never an easy thing to do.  And to give myself some peace of mind, I have created some tools that provide the one caring my for loves, the information necessary to be successful and safe.

I have been using this babysitter notesheet for quite awhile when it comes to the little men.... it's worked out really wonderfully thus far!

I also sell customizable options in my Etsy shop:

I decided that the more information we could keep in the binder, the better.  We also needed a pet sitter notesheet for our lovely pooch!

And one for you?

click HERE to download PDF
The pet sitter note sheet will be great when he is in care of another, so they know how much to feed him and when, emergency contacts and that he loves to be scratched behind his ears...

Now, back to the kiddos.  I have found that my guys really thrive off of maintaining a good routine.  So, to make things as easy on them and the sitter, I have created a new sheet, that allows me to place information into time slots for each of the boys.  That way, the one caring for them will be able to have a glance at what to expect and when, and keep them in the norm as much as possible while mom and dad are away!

And the free printable for you:

click HERE to download PDF

And just to ensure that anyone hanging out with the kiddos has an idea of how to handle a scary episode {not to be Debbie downer, but to be prepared}, I found some resources on on CPR, that I printed off and inserted as well.

So there you have it!  Tomorrow I will do a giant celebratory WE DID IT post where I will share the binder from front to back and ask you to do the same!  I am SO giddy excited about this!

And someone asked about the free printables.  I will extend the free PDF's on the sidebar until the end of next week {4/9/11}, to give everyone time to finish up.  After that, I will be offering personalized options in my Etsy shop.

I decided a little challenge would be fun! This month we are creating a Home Management Binder!  Wanna Join in?  Take photos and blog about your awesomeness as you go!  I am hoping to do a giant, "We did it!" celebratory post where we can all link up our binder creating success stories at the end of the month!


  1. I plan on putting one of these together asap! And I want to thank you SO much for putting up the printables! It helps those of us who have no knowledge of how to even start such a thing! :)

  2. I love the first aid info. Even those who have been trained might need help when faced with an emergency. It is very different practicing CPR on a dummy than it is on an actual, living person (especially one you love.) Hopefullly, none of us will need it, but if we do, we will have it.

    I think I'm going to give that its own tab so it will be easy for anyone to find quickly.

  3. Thank you for the pet sitter notes! My cat is only 9 months old and I panic every time I leave him...even with my mom. This will be a great addition to all the other sheets that you've given us, which I really appreciate. It will really help in my binder, which I'll be putting together once I'm done all my assignments and exams for the year.

  4. LOVE my new binder. I show it off to everyone. And when the Mr. thought I was being a tad over zealous with a household binder he sure appreciated being able to find the auto log the other day when he needed to know when the last oil change was. :) He is totally pro-binder now.

    Thanks so much for the challenge and ALL the printables.

    xxoo. J

  5. I don't have kids or a pet yet, but I'm def. saving them for the future. Thank you sooooo much for sharing all of these great printables and ideas for the binder. I'm almost done with mine and then I have to blog about it. OK, I know what I'm finishing up over the weekend. :) Thanks for sharing everything with us are awesome!!!

  6. Ohmygosh I have never seen anything like this! I'm going to pass it along to my friends with kiddoes =) Great idea Jen!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  7. These are so great, thank you!! Would it be way too much to ask if you could possibly create a daily schedule for 4 children, instead of just 3?

  8. I swear, you are THE most organized person I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you become so organized at such a young age???? YOu must have had a very good role model. XO, Pinky

  9. Great ideas Jen! Thank you for the printables. I also started one for my hubby for bill paying, etc., and one for our daughter for her schedule, calendars, invites, etc. I can't wait to complete them!

    It would be great to find a printable guide sheet for common childhood injuries and how to treat them. I know I had a page from a parenting magazine a while back, but since I wasn't organized I don't know what I did with it. It covered burns, scrapes, sprains, etc.....

  10. The Kids Schedule will come in handy for dads who work/travel a lot too!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

  11. You totally and completely blow my mind! <3 Can you start posting like 10 times a day!?! I can't get enough! Thank you so much!

  12. I THINK I LOVE YOU!!!! LOL!!! Seriously, this is the best website I've ever happened upon and will be sharing with all my friends! You are BRILLIANT!!


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