Monday, April 25, 2011

20 April Challenge: Project "Purge" {Bathroom Purge Part 1}

Happy Monday!  I hope you all had the most wonderful holiday weekend!  I know we were hoppy busy every minute and I am totally coming off of a fun filled weekend and major candy high!  

This month we have been incredible life simplifiers by purging the excess out of our homes.  Thanks again to everyone stopping by facebook or dropping me an email to share your success stories!  I can't wait to see everyone's progress and story at the end up the month during the project link up party!

Here's the plan:

To recap, we started out talking about entries and purging shoes, then moved to the living room, kitchen and bedroom.  I shared tips and went through and purged things with you!

Last week was the bedroom.  What did we end up purging?  Some baby items that we no longer need for the boys.  And entire bin of miscellaneous toys, we went through the boy's drawers and placed their clothes into the correct hand-me-down bin and placed a couple of items in our giant donate pile.  I parted with one of my favorite totes {because at the end of the day, I still have more than I need} and old wallets and accessories, along with recycling some old paperwork.

The hubs and I still have oodles and oodles {multiple bags} of purged clothes in our lower level waiting to be sold/donated as well.  

Back to recap on the kitchen and bedroom selling process:

A friend of mine took a bunch of kitchen items off of my hands for their family cabin.  PERFECT!  I loved how it was going to be reused!

I listed some more items on Craigslist, and ended up selling a total of $125 worth of kitchen items and still have a couple of things listed that haven't sold yet.  I started listing some of the kid's bedroom items, like a rug, toys, etc.. and have made $35 on some toys thus far.  I haven't gone back through the listing process of the smaller items on eBay for either of those spaces as of yet, since I just haven't had the time, and am planning on doing it with the final purges of the bathroom space.  I also have been realizing that location has made Craigslist a bit of a challenge since we are in a small town about 30 minutes away from any major cities.  I get a lot of requests to meet 30+ minutes away from home to exchange $15 worth of items, so it really isn't effective for me at the moment.  We are thinking a garage sale may be in order this spring with the amount of items we are purging, and then the rest will be hauled to a donation location!  More on that as we go, however, I can't complain since thus far, this month's project purge has brought in a grand total of $308.56!

Today, we get to head to the bath.  Not to take a relaxing soak that we all probably need.  But to purge purge purge!

This is actually a bigger one that you may think at first.  Seriously, those toiletries can conquer our itty bitty bathroom spaces!

Some things to consider as you start your purge:
  • Hair products.  Shampoos, styling products, shower potions... how many of these items do you need?  How many half full bottles {I am an optimist}, do you have?  Can you combine multiple half used bottled together to create one bottle instead?
  • First aid and medications.  If you have them in your bath, purge them and move them to your kitchen or hallway linen closet.
  • Hair styling tools.  I know that trends come back every 20 years or so.  Flare jeans, skinny jeans, rolled jeans and big hair {no?!}.  The point is though, not to hold onto to something for 20 years in hopes it becomes relevant again.  My guess, you won't be crimping your hair again. 
  • Makeup is a huge bathroom problem that can quickly get out of hand.  Pair down to one of each product type {with exception of lips and eyes which you may have multiple shades for}.  And remember that most items typically only have a shelf life of 6 months or less, meaning expired items should be disposed of.
  • How about linens?  Old, frayed thinning towels?  Cut them down to rags or donate them.
  • How about cleaning items?  Can they be condensed?  
  • What else do you have cluttering your counters?  Excess accessories and candles?  Perfume bottles?  Close your eyes and think of the typical hotel setting and try to recreate the elegance and simplicity on your own counter?  Corral frequently used items on a tray, roll towels into a basket and tuck away everything else.
 Laundry rooms?  What can be purged there?
  • How many laundry baskets/sorters do you use/need?  Is it effective?  True story, we would sort so many clothes into seperate baskets that it would make catching up on laundry a nightmare.  One basket for delicates, one for whites and that's it.  The rest go straight to the washer, eliminating the need for multiple piles and sorters.
  • Once again, combine half empty bottles and recycle the empties.
  • Does your laundry room also serve as a storage room or mud room?  Do you have additional purging opportunities and ways to streamline the space to be more effective?  Do you avoid your laundry room like the plague, because it's too cluttered to enjoy it?
Ready? Set?  Go!!  Have fun!  I can't wait to see/hear how you do!

What am I forgetting?  I would love for you to leave a comment and share additional benefits to having a clutter free bathroom/laundry space, or other suggestions on where clutter can be cut!  What did I miss?  Did anyone get started on this, this weekend and if so, what did you say goodbye too?

I decided a little challenge would be fun! This month we are spending the next thirty days saying goodbye to thirty things!  Wanna Join in?  Take photos and blog about your awesomeness as you go!  I am hoping to do a giant, "We did it!" celebratory post where we can all link up our purging success stories at the end of the month!


  1. I did my bathroom purge a few months ago. Got rid of a lot of hair products that I never used. Gave them to my friends who do use them. I've been packing and getting rid of more things too. I have to go through my makeup soon.

  2. $!! does this mean you're ordering your silhouette????

  3. I just found your blog and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! We are moving to another country in three months and I have been purging for two weeks now. Each day I fill up at least one trash bag for trash, a box for donating, and a pile to give away. I can only take two suitcases per person plus our carry-ons! I have to store the rest! I don't want to store more than I have to...I also don't want to clutter up our new apartment. Thanks so much for a great blog and such great ideas!

  4. I love reading your blog, it is very inspiring and two things have come out of it.

    1) I have now started a money journal and am on top on finances etc..

    2) Once the children go back to school after the holidays we are starting on purging THE HOUSE!!! Starting with our bedroom.

    So Thanks for all your inspiration xxx

  5. I already purged my bathroom weeks ago!!! Felt so good to let things go. And we are still finishing up our Laundry Room remodel, so hopefully we will be done in time for your link up party. Fingers crossed!!!

  6. We are remodeling and had the occasion of moving out of our master bathroom and into the guest bedroom and bath for a while. It was a great opportunity to clean out the cabinets. I took all the mostly used bottles of shampoo, conditioner and shower gels upstairs and have been using the last little bit in each and tossing the bottles into an extra recycle trash can I took upstairs for just this purpose. Of course, hubby just went on using his single bottle of shampoo with conditioner. It felt good to finally use them all up (no waste), but you can bet I won't let so many accumulate again. I also only took up the minimum amount of current makeup and purged all the non-essentials which were out-of-date. I now have extra space in the master bath and it feels great!

  7. I love purging stuff! I had so much fun cleaning out the kids' bathroom and organizing it and I can't wait to do my own!

    I'm working on the 21 Day Challenge on a Bowl Full of Lemons, and my reward to myself when I finish is to paint my living room. I'm hoping grey will be a good color and not look like a prison cell. I would love for you to take a look and let me know what you think! Thanks for writing such a great blog :)


  8. Great way to get rid of the shampoos we collect from hotels is to donate them.

    Clean the World,, is a great organization to send all of those unused bottles of Hotel Shampoos and such.

    Also if you don't want to pay to ship such items many homeless organizations will accept the mini shampoos as well.

  9. I use a 3 mesh sorter for our clothes. Whites, colors, and delicates are all sorted and ready to get washed on Sunday and Wednesday. For the kids clothes, he has a 2 mesh sorter and the bathroom holds only towels. This is the method that I found worked best for our family. No having to sort and washing on 2 days a week makes it easier on folding.

  10. My bathroom is on my summer cleaning list! It and the closet! They need help. Even though I clean it out every so often it's a mess again with new stuff. I have some new ideas for rearranging the closet & cabinets this summer!

    I love your blog! I love to organize and you actually have some ideas for organizing that I haven't always thought about! It's nice because I'm not an organizing beginner! So thank you!

  11. I am loving this idea "The rest go straight to the washer, eliminating the need for multiple piles and sorters." I am lucky as our laundry is on the 2nd floor outside the bedrooms and this would work great. Not sure how it would work though if your laundry was in the basement and not as convenient.

  12. I love your blog!!! It's my new favorite. We totally need to make our laundry room more storage friendly and functional... right now I hate being in there!

  13. Another way I use up shampoo that I don't really like (some store brand that I'm not crazy about and not sure where it came from) is to use it to clean my toilet. I figure soap is soap, and I'm trying hard not to buy a lot of cleaners with harsh chemicals.

  14. Love your blog! I just discovered it last month with your awesome family binder project (on my To Do List), but wanted to jump in to "Project Purge".

    I purged my kitchen recently and wrote about it here:

  15. I have way too many half-full bottles =) I've been working on combining them this week! yay!

    I'm purging even extra since it looks like we will be moving by october or so! eeee!!!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  16. Re: re-purposing shampoo: I read on the board that someone uses cheap shampoo (or whatever shampoo they dislike) to clean the bathtub--just pouring a layer on the bottom of the tub, letting it sit, and then scrubbing away with a brush. I tried this, and it does a decent job of getting out some the layers of soap scum.

  17. Love your blog! Your tips are fabulous. It's nice to see that there are at least 2,497 others who love organizing as much as I do! ;-)

  18. I think "purging in your bathroom" is a terrible name haha not to be rude but it sounds like a post that would show up on a bulimic blog!

  19. you might want to change the blog title... it sounds like tips for throwing up.


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