Friday, April 8, 2011

5 How Are "Shoe" Doing?

Alrighty peeps!

This week I announced an incredible opportunity to snag up some uber chic and stylish shoes courtesy of Report Footwear!

Seriously girls!  Free Shoes!  Who doesn't love shoes?  And who doesn't love free shoes even more?  And they are gorgeous Whether you adore flats or heals or wedges, they have them all!  And you can enter to win yourself a free pair of your choice {up to a $100 smackaroo value}, just by picking a pair and leaving a comment over on the giveaway page!  And a second entry to checking them out on Facebook!  And another for following them on Twitter.  Easy peasy!  Two individuals will be selected to win and add the ultimate accessory to their closet! 

Another individual will also be selected to win TWO pairs of shoes of their choice for participating the in Shoe Organizing challenge {up to $450!}

And WOW, we have an awesome start!  Check out some of the shoe organizing happening {found via the link up here}

Bookcases make great shoe organizers – and fit great in entries!

And WOW!  Look at all the “Purged” shoes!  Round of applause please!

We are off to a great start!  Only 4 days to hop on over to Report Footwear, pick out your dream shoes and head to the giveaway post to enter to WIN!  And I look forward to seeing more of your shoe organizing stories!  You have made me SO proud thus far!

A special THANK YOU goes out to Report Footwear for sponsoring this FANTASTIC giveaway!


  1. Any suggestions on workboots? My hubby works in construction, hunts, and wears boots all.the.time. They are so big and bulky, I have a row at my door AND a huge bin.

  2. Thanks for picturing my shoes! They're so adorable, all lined up in a row, aren't they? *sigh*
    Hopefully some of my followers come your way - I blogged about the giveaway!
    Jennifer B.

  3. This is the one department that I have under control already. I have storage in my closet and I have one of those under the bed storage containers, like the one you feature above. It works for us for right now. I have to get my butt moving with the monthly challenge though. I haven't had time to do anymore purging yet this month. Hopefully I will get done what I wanted to get done, so I can have my garage sale in a few months. ;)

  4. haha...I love the blow up pic of me and my shoe obsession! Totally just left goodwill and didn't hyperventilate. So all is well! Thanks again for the challenge!

  5. VEry nice!

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