Tuesday, May 17, 2011

17 May Challenge: Project "Projects" {Boy's Bedroom - Part 4}

How are you all coming along with your projects this month?  So much fun to be wrapping up unfinished biz around here, that's for sure!  In fact, we have been so crazy busy with family obligations and baseball fields and everything in-between, that taking a minute to work on the kiddos room has been my way of de-stressing.  Yes, I know I am not like most....

Today shows how something simple can make a big impact!  If you recall, I last left you with the finished stripes and bedding in the kiddos new sleep zone:

Lets chat about the bedding for a second since many of you left a comment asking me about that in the last post.

The quilts are actually oldies from Target, {you can spy them in this ancient bedroom pic}.  They still have similar versions here.

The navy stripe European pillows are from HomeGoods and were $9.99 each!  Yep, SCORE!

The toss pillows were from an extremely incredible Etsy shop, and are done in Dwell Studio fabric.  I have plenty of extra pillow inserts laying around from the days before I realized I could just replace pillow covers, vs. just pillows...

I am still strong on the idea of slip-covering the headboards.  Red with white piping will be divine.  It will also break up all the stripes and give the room a little extra softness!  Can't wait to look into that idea more!

Now, back to my weekend project.  Art!

We already had some airplane art in silver frames.... however, with the bed frames being silver, along with the lamp base... I decided to switch things up a bit.

I actually used some old wooden frames from our lower level and removed all of the glass/backing/etc...

I gave the frames two coats of Glidden's Red Delicious.  The paint was a little on the thin side so the wood grain actually still was showing through a bit when the frame dried, and I was VERY happy about that.  It gave it a great touch!

Once the art was inside, it couldn't have looked more perfect!

Showing what an itty bitty teeny weeny art-tastic time investment can make in a space!

The kiddos have been all smiles about their new space!

Which totally makes this mommy giddy with glee!

We are still on the search for some box springs... started on the closet and have some great under bed storage ideas swirling around!  The new light fixture some show up this week {YES!} and I have a map idea or two up my sleeves!

Anyone else hang some new art this weekend that left you feeling all ooey gooey happy inside?  What do you think of the red frames?

I decided a little challenge would be fun! This month we are getting all those projects done!  Any project big or small counts!  Wanna join?  Take photos and blog about your awesomeness as you go!  I am hoping to do a giant, "We did it!" celebratory post where we can all link up our project completing success stories at the end of the month!


  1. love the yummy blue. I could have some serious naps.

  2. I am loving this room... so cute :)

  3. Your artwork project for a boy's bedroom is amazing! So professional looking. You are a talented lady.

  4. Oh, they made such a difference! I wasn't sure about the new stripes at all before (I wanted to tell you to paint a thin red stripe in there somewhere at the top!), but now I am absolutely loving it! Way to go Mom!!

  5. Wow the bedrooms are coming along great! I can't believe you got so much done in what seems to be a short amount of time. Way to go!

  6. Sooooooooooo beautiful!!! I love the new pictures and how classy the room is turning out. You have some incredible talent!

  7. The red packs a nice punch with the decor. I have a brand new wall clock that my boys gave me for mother's day to hang and once I do, there will be very big smile on my face.

  8. Absolutely awesome!!! I love it! You are amazing!!!Since my husband is a pilot, we get a lot of plane pictures, etc, but I was wondering---where did you get these pictures? And in other pictures of your kiddos bedrooms, I noticed a red plane hanging from the ceiling which I love---can you tell me where you got that?

  9. Love those stripes!! Too bad you don't live closer or I would give you the box spring I need to get rid of!

  10. LOVE how the frames turned out. I can't wait to see what else you do with this room. Lovin' it all already. Your boys must be excited to have a new room. ;)

  11. ohmygosh that smile makes me melt =) so cute!!!! I love the airplane art you added and all the little touches in the room! <3

    I've been dying to take some old canvases in my closet and start painting away for the new house! ooh! I didn't tell you yet -- we bought a house!!!! eeeee!!!!! projects are in my future! yay!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  12. I'm not gonna lie. I really wasn't a fan at first of the stripes on the wall. But every time you add a piece to this room I start to swoon more. It looks awesome! Excellent job.

  13. @Anonymous,

    The art was from either allposters.com or art.com, I honestly can't remember it was so long ago, but I would check out both of those places for great airplane art at great prices!


  14. Jen, the room looks great. Love the pops of red. I love your blog... I have to tell you, I love what you did to Preston's closet. My son Sam is the same age and really doesn't use his closet for much, but what you did would be perfect in his room. I am definitely going to use that, along with many other ideas. PS - your son looks so sweet sitting in his jammies with book and teddy bear :-)

  15. I LOVE what you did in your boy's room!! It really looks great.

    P.S. I found your blog maybe a month or two ago, and I love it. Thanks for all the wonderful ideas and inspiration! :-)


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