Tuesday, May 10, 2011

18 May Challenge: Project "Projects" {Mother's Day Fun}

Yesterday I gave you a heads up that while my husband was working on the boy's bedroom project as part of his Mother's Day gift for me, I was working on one for my Mother-in-Law with the kiddos.

You see, Pinterest did it to me again.  It gave me an idea.  It gave me some inspiration.  But let me back up a minute...

My second mom, Deb, is getting a special space in her home just for her and her passion to quilt.  She found an incredible quilting machine, and therefore, they wanted to give her a place to feel happy while using it!

They have all sorts of fun plans for the space, from new floors, paint, cabinets, etc... In fact they had let me know they were going with a bright yellow on the walls.  There are no windows in the space, so the fun bright yellow will keep the room feeling open and happy since it is located down in the lower level of their home.

So, while hanging out on Pinterest one day {like I really have all this extra time laying around to be playing on the most addicting website created}, I saw this magical picture...


Genius.  My mind was so happy to see such a fun and colorful project that included fabric that I could actually create!  Since I am deathly afraid of sewing machines, this was the perfect way for me to play with fabrics without getting overwhelmed and hurt!  And knowing that my second mom was getting a fabulous new space AND mother's day was here, the light bulb went off!

I ran to the craft store and snagged a handful of embroidery hoops along with stacks of pretty and colorful fabrics, all in colors that I loved to pair up with yellow {since that was the decided wall color}.

I started by ironing each piece of fabric.

Then popped it into the embroidery hoop and pulled all of the edges tight.

Once the fabric was in, I tightened the outside ring of the hoop as absolutely tight as I could, and pulled on the fabric all the way around the loop one more time.

Next, I just flipped the hoop over and trimmed off all of the excess fabric.

And used some hot glue around the rim to hold the remaining fabric down, so the rings would be flush against the walls.

Then they were done, and ready to be given to Deb!  I actually didn't wrap them, because the hubs and I planned on hanging them for her and letting her be surprised upon walking into her new space.

After the rings were created, we got ready for the day, and headed back to my home town to hang out with my mom for awhile.  The boys picked me some pretty flowers....

Yeah, I know, luckiest mom EVER!

We followed mother's day tradition and headed to a local greenhouse to let my mom pick out a hanging basket and flower box flowers, and the boys picked out a couple of pretty non-dandelion flowers for me too!

It's seriously one of my favorite days of the year!  And the weather treated us well which we were so grateful for!

Then, it was back to my husband's mom's house, so we could surprise her with our craft!  Ready to see the finished project up on her cheerful yellow walls?

We had ZERO method to the madness when hanging the hoops.  Zero.  I wanted something random to go with all the random happy colors.

And random it was.  All of her walls were wide open, empty and bare, so we of course chose the largest focal wall so the grouping would be the first thing she saw upon entering the space.  The hubs and his dad just hung them using some little finishing nails...

The fun colors definitely pop against the yellow!

The best part is that she loved it!  {or else she is an incredible actress!}

I have to say the part that makes me really giddy excited is that she can easily expand upon this whenever she would like, as she has a ton of extra space remaining on the walls.  We talked about having her pop a couple of pieces of fabric from each quilt she completes inside a hoop, as a tribute to all of her incredible work.  That's the lovely part of mixing and matching so many bright and colorful patterns, just about anything will continue to compliment the expanding art!

These are the best gifts.  The hand made ones.  I don't know why I don't do it more, but it was such a fun way to spend the morning with the kiddos and so special to hand over something from the heart.  I have a feeling now that I discovered Pinterest, I will become an insane crafting person!

So how was your mother's day?  Anyone else get spoiled with a bouquet of dandelions?  Who else found inspiration on Pinterest or somewhere else on the web to hand make a gift, and what did you make?  Does anyone else have plans to create this incredibly cute embroidery hoop project for a space in your own home?

I decided a little challenge would be fun! This month we are getting all those projects done!  Any project big or small counts!  Wanna join?  Take photos and blog about your awesomeness as you go!  I am hoping to do a giant, "We did it!" celebratory post where we can all link up our project completing success stories at the end of the month!


  1. You know I have a thing for fabric, so that inspiration image you found just grabbed me. I am so doing this. Somewhere, somehow, in my home. LOVE it!

  2. PS: Let's talk about Pinterest. It's a dangerous thing, that site. Last night I was headed to bed at 12 midnight. I didn't end up in bed until 1:30 am...all because I got distracted on Pinterest. :)

  3. Ohmygosh Jen this is fantastic! Pinterest is ruling my life lately and for good reason - it rocks! <3

    I looooove the fabric you chose! It all pops so nicely against the yellow walls! Gorgeous darling! Hope you and the cuties had a fabulous mother's day weekend! =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. I do love a cute fabric! When I've made these before, I folded the fabric and glued it to the inside of the frame, then took off the outer wood frame. It still holds tight, but then there is no frame and it's just a circle of beauty. yours look great as is, but I have seen some people do it and it looks a little granny-ish (which may just be their choice of fabric), but this gives it that cleaner, more contemporary look.

  5. I like this project a lot because there are some many different versions you can do to suit your style. You could spray paint the circle to match the room or leave it plain for a more natural feel. I like this a lot :) Very fun!

  6. Pinterest, the reason I never sleep!

    What a fabulous gift for your mom. And it looks beautiful :)

  7. I love that idea! I'll have to wait till we get to the new house, & I live with my sewing/craft room for awhile, but it's a definite possibility. Thanks for sharing!

  8. What a fantastic idea!!! You made it happen beautifully! I am sure your MIL DID love it! So glad you had a good Mother's Day!!! XO, Pinky

  9. I have seen these before in nurseries (an easy way to add colour and patterns) and I think it would be a neat thing to do with some of the baby blankets and clothes I have kept from the baby. Some of the smaller hoops would be the right size for the back of baby pajama's or maybe some of the onsies I want to keep: "I love Mum" etc.

  10. I have a bunch of these hoops sitting in a bag (that I bought from goodwill a year and half ago!) Just so I could make these! I still haven't, but the plan is to use them in the girls' room.

  11. Very cute idea! I have had similar ideas saved to my computer for a while now....and then I found Pinterest darn you! At least now when I save my DIY images, I can go back and find the tutorial!

    I too received an impromptu dandelion ;o)

  12. I love this idea... so great for a quilting or craft room.....

  13. I have a dreary basement that I was thinking of doing yellow in...do you know what brand and shade she used?

  14. I'm going to try that Jen when I get my sewing nook up and running. My Mum loves the simple things in life and even though she's a good baker and cook herself, I made her a batch of No Bake Lemon Date Bars and printed up some personalised tea bag tags with a cute poem. Just popped it in a recycle chocolate box. She loved it.

  15. I"m so into quilts right now! This was great inspiration and with the all the colors - I'm so excited. Great gift Mother's Day gift too!

  16. Love!! Been wanting to do some hoop art myself! Great great colors!!

  17. OH my gosh, I LOve this idea! This looks so easy, something I could even do! I have so many blank walls I need to fill- this could go in my living room or bedroom or...

  18. So cute!! Love your creativity! Great job!


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