Thursday, June 23, 2011

18 Apartment Guide “Smart Storage Solutions: Control the Clutter” Blogger Challenge Plan

As I mentioned earlier this week, I was chosen to participate in Apartment Guide's "Smart Storage Solutions: Control the Clutter" Blogger Challenge.  Speaking of, did you go over and enter to win the $50 gift card they are giving away to the Container Store?  Because you totally should!

Anywho, they are supplying me with $150 to get a space uber organized and functional.  I got to pick the zone to tackle, and I instantly knew where I would invest the moola.  

Remember the boy's bedroom I was working on last month?

Well, as we took out the GIANT bunkbeds that contained not only two beds, but a dresser and desk as well, we were left with next to nothing in the "storage" department.

Sure, we are on our way, we already started a great closet install, but there are still toy piles forming around the bedroom, art supplies coming out of our ears and spaces screaming to be utilized {like under those tall beds!}

So how am I going to make the most of storage and clutter control in this itty bitty bedroom space?   Here is my plan:

1.  I am hoping to add one of these skinny bookcases along with the extension to the top, and cap it with some molding, right in-between the two beds.  This will provide floor to ceiling storage {floor for toys and art and ceiling for collectables and figures}

2.  On each side of the bookcase, I would like to install these reading/wall lamps, since we enjoy reading in bed at night, and we will be moving the lamp that is currently bedside.

3.  To utilize the bookshelf for toys and games, I am planning on adding a couple espresso milk crate baskets paired with some chalk board labels.

4.  The kids would absolutely benefit with some sort of art caddy and they can get pretty pricey so I am all about trying to DIY our own.  I am thinking of using a caddy like this one, painting it out and pairing it with some small red buckets like these.  If for some reason the buckets don't fit in the caddy, we will be onto plan B.  I have also seen oodles of cute utensil caddy's that would also double as great art totes for kiddos.

5.  The kid's REALLY need underbed storage.  I am hoping to use these as inspiration to DIY our own out of our leftover dresser drawers from the dresser we removed.  Chalkboard paint plus reinforced drawers plus casters = tons of extra storage!

6.  Back to art storage, these boxes will be a great way to corral drawing pads and coloring books on the new bookcase shelves.

7.  Thank you Pinterest, you have inspired me again!  Spice racks for bookshelves is the cutest book storage solution I have seen.  Can't wait to give it ago!

8.  Stuffies.  We paired them down the best that we could for our garage sale, now we have to store the rest.  Love the idea of using one of these Strapping Totes, in red, exactly for that purpose!

The combination of all these ideas and supplies should stack up to an extremely organized shared bedroom zone, and we couldn't be more excited to get started!  Stay tuned as we put the room together and share the storage solutions as they come to life!

What are you doing to organize and get creative with storage in your little ones bedroom's?

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  1. I love your ideas for the space. Such cute usage of the little buckets. I find storage for kids to be the easiest. I chose cute little baskets, the canvas bins out there, pails, etc. I had a blast when playing out our kids' playroom. We had a whole wall of built-ins that I used PBK baskets and canvas bins to fill up. love it!

  2. Those skinny bookshelves are so so versatile - it will be perfect for adding more storage without taking up a ton of space! =) and the underbed rolly storage? ahhhh in love! I agree! so cute!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  3. Don't forget shoe storage over the door thingies for small toys and art supplies. :)

  4. You'll love the skinny bookshelves. I got 2 earlier this year to go in my home office, just awesome! They are HEAVY though and with boys make sure you secure it to the wall ;) The middle shelf is set and the others are moveable. Really LOVE mine :) They flank my office window/desk perfectly :)

  5. Some great solutions here! I love the idea of the lamps on either side of the shelves. Really smart. I was literally just sitting in my son's room staring at how to accommodate everything. Always a challenge. Really want his closet to magically look like your sons'. Working on it.

  6. LOVE it! You are making me want two little boys of my own!!!!

  7. I have never actually sat down and planned out the storage for my kids room- duh- lightbulb moment!

    I love your boys room, its very cool!

  8. Oooh aaahhh. So many great ideas! I can't wait to see how you use the under bed storage. I think that's the best place to store so many kid items, but it has to stay contained. It should be awesome when you're done. Oh, and the bookshelf is a great idea!

  9. Love this bedroom! Y'know what would look great in there? Some of my vintage airplane prints from my etsy shop all up in a series. Just sayin' :)

  10. Awesome ideas! Can't wait to see it completed. Their room is adorable!!!

  11. Jen, I can't wait to see how your storage overhaul turns out in the boys room! I love your ideas!! I am actually working on using spice racks for books shelves in our nursery. I can't wait to see what you come up with. :)

  12. I can't wait to see how it turns out! I'm so jealous of all your amazing organizing and decorating. I wish my tiny apartment looked even half that nice.

    We actually just reorganized our kids' room. We're in a small 2 bedroom apartment with a 3rd baby on the way. Space and money is super tight. Here's my blog post on what we did:

  13. Can't wait to see what you do. It is looking wonderful already!

  14. you could also use white plastic gutters for books, I have seen this before and it is super, super cute. It is super inexpensive and bonus-you can spray paint them any color you want...all you need is the gutter itself, and two end pieces. Just screw it to the wall, it looks especially cute mounted under windows and it holds a lot of books.

    Toni From

  15. We are big on storage in our home. We have a smaller home so everything has to have a place. We use the Elfa system from The Container Store plus several different items from IKEA for storage.

  16. I LOVE your new style tile for your kids' room! I can't wait to see pics of the finished room.

    I just posted about my kids' room final reveal on my post:

    They are ages 3 & 4 - so I designed it for a "preschooler's room" with storage ideas that will still be used as they grow older.

  17. I am drooling over #5. You DIYed that business!! Wow.

  18. I've said it before and I'll say it again...inspiring! I hope that in a few months when it comes time to create some MAJOR shared space, I can draw from your ideas!


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