Tuesday, June 14, 2011

23 IHeart: A Sweet Lemonade Stand!

As I mentioned yesterday, the kiddos planned a little bake sale/lemonade stand for during the garage sale.  This was a great way to keep them occupied and all week they kept on asking when they were going to get to have "their sale".  I loved how enthusiastic and excited they were about the whole thing, it made it boatloads of fun!

The idea actually sparked awhile back when I saw the cutest "Lemonade" stand items at our Target store.  I could have snagged up everything from the napkins, cups, signs and scoops, however, I just went for one simple $1.50 banner and decided to DIY the rest!  I think I was about as excited about the stand as the kids {or more?!}

We started out by using our outdoor dining table and covering it with a table cloth {on clearance at Target for under $5, which I cut the center out of so we could pop the umbrella inside}, and stringing the "Lemonade" banner across the front with some push pins:

We decided ahead of time the items that the kiddos wanted to include in the sale, so I whipped up a little menu for the customers:

And popped the menu into a frame to keep on the table for reference:

Then we baked and baked and baked some more!  Cookies, cupcakes, muffins galore!

The hardest part was staying away from all the treats while working the garage sale!

A plastic pencil box was their "cash register"

And some drink dispensers we already had on hand were perfect to offer up an ice cold glass of lemonade or water!

The smarties also wanted to sell "Smarties", however, I think they mainly just ate them and gave them away!

The setup made it easy peasy for them to run their little business for the day!

I don't even know how much they made, our oldest, Preston, was in charge of the change and it was so much more about the experience of working together than raking in any money!  The littles were great at eating serving up the treats!

Anyone else planning a lemonade stand with their munchkins this summer?  Any fun stories about having your own lemonade stand as a kid?  I never had one growing up which is why I think I had so much fun with this one!


  1. I've never seen such a beautiful lemonade stand and garage sale! Such style you have! Love it!

  2. That is ADORABLE! Such sweet boys!

    Did your sale attendees just lose their mind over the cuteness? I certainly would've!

  3. You got some fabulous photos of your little lemonade salesmen in action! =) I bet their smiling faces made everything fly off that table and into peoples hands =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. adorable!! I have that same table cloth... thank you target clearance!!! :)

  5. You do everything beautifully, even a garage sale and a lemonade stand! Thank you for sharing!

    Oh, and I love that table cloth. A brand new Target is opening about 3 minutes from my house in July. (Finally! Until now, the closest Target was 45 minutes away!) I think my budget is going to take a big hit!

  6. What a sweet lemonade stand! It's got to be the cutest lemonade stand I've seen; the framed menu was the icing on top. :)

  7. This is adorable! I would love to see that stand on the side of the road :)


  8. What a wonderful job you all did. The boys look like real entrepreneurs. I think you should make it a quarterly event! You could serve hot chocolate (maybe warm) in the colder months.

  9. That is definitely the cutest lemonade stand I have ever seen =) I use to love them as a kid. And those cupcakes look delicious - I think I would have had trouble staying away from them too!

  10. So very adorable! I'm planning on having a garage sale in a couple of weeks and a lemonade stand/sweet stand sounds amazing!

  11. Kids learn a lot of great lessons with a lemonade stand. What a fun opportunity for them.

  12. How sweet! Perfect summertime memories

  13. Your boys are just the cutest in the world! I can't believe you had time to BAKE the week of the garage sale. You amaze me!

  14. seriously... how awesomely cute is that lemonade stand!!! Your kiddos are too cute and LOVE the colorful arrangement of the table, the sign, and the "menu"! NICELY DONE!

    I just posted about my newly aquired Meyer Lemon Tree, so hopefully, I will be lemonade-ing it up in no time!!!


  15. How cute! I would of stopped just because of the lemonade stand! : )
    Where did you get your drink dispensers? I have been looking for some like those but no such luck where I am.

  16. Perfect summer activity for kids! The boys look very happy. Yay for summer! I did a post today on organizing for summer....

    Oksana from www.ordermatters.com/blog

  17. We had a vegetable stand one summer! My dad grew a huge garden, built us a stand, and we would sit at the bottom of the drive (we were country kids) and sell the bounty of our harvest. We made all kinds of money! There was one person in particular. He would stop on his way home from work and buy everything we had and give us extra money. I try to pay that forward.

  18. We are having a lemonade stand at our yard sale in a couple weeks. Will have to look for that sign at Target! Has it been long since you purchased it?

    You make EVERYTHING so cute!!! What do you use to type up all your cute signs?

  19. We bought the lemonade banner too and my kids can't wait to get out there with their stand. I love your framed menu ... not sure our lemonade stand will be that cute! :)

  20. @Alicia, the drink dispensers are Better Homes and Gardens from Walmart for $12 each! They are the best deal I found on dispensers by far!

    @Crystal, I make all my signs in Microsoft Excel! :)


  21. Such a cute lemonade stand! Helps give me ideas for when my boys are little older if they want to have a lemonade stand.

    The first lemonade stand I did as a kid was with my two younger brothers, we worked it for most of the day selling regular and pink lemonade and made $32.00 lol! Pretty good turnout when I look back haha ^^;

  22. How did you make your menu?

  23. Hi Jen. I love your site and all the great ideas you are able to stir up. Do you think this menu will ever be a free printable? If I had your excel talents I would sure do it myself. BTW.. I went to Target yesterday with fingers crossed in finding a similar tablecloth. I noticed you dual purpose it as your beach blanket.. genius! No luck but I'll keep shopping. Thanks for making our lives a bit easier with your posts.


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